Why Did Trey Sermon Leave Oklahoma?

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Trey Sermon is a talented running back who recently decided to transfer from Oklahoma to Ohio State. After graduating from Oklahoma, Sermon was able to take advantage of a guaranteed transfer setup, meaning he wouldn’t have to sit out a season.

His decision to transfer came at an opportune time for Ohio State, as their starting running back, Master Teague, had suffered a knee injury that may keep him out for up to six months.

Why Did Trey Sermon Leave Oklahoma?
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Why Did Trey Sermon Leave Oklahoma?

Injuries Setting the Stage:

Trey Sermon had a successful college career at Oklahoma, but after suffering a season-ending injury in 2019 and watching his backup, Kennedy Brooks, have a breakout season, he decided to transfer. His timing was advantageous for Ohio State, as Master Teague suffered a knee injury in spring ball, leaving Sermon as the perfect replacement.

The Transfer Process:

Sermon officially announced his intention to transfer in January 2020, and then had to wait for the NCAA to approve his transfer. After receiving approval, he was able to join the Buckeyes for the 2020 season.

This allowed him to play immediately without having to sit out a season, as he had already graduated from Oklahoma.

Impact of Transferring:

Sermon’s transfer had a huge impact on Ohio State’s offense. In his first game with the Buckeyes, he rushed for over 200 yards and three touchdowns. This performance set the tone for the rest of the season, as he went on to become Ohio State’s leading rusher with 870 yards and eight touchdowns.

His presence was crucial to the Buckeyes’ success, as they went 11-1 and made it to the Big Ten title game.

Transferring on Good Terms:

Sermon’s decision to transfer was not taken lightly. He had an excellent relationship with Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley, and the two remained on good terms throughout the process. Riley even said that Sermon was “one of the best players” he had ever coached.

Looking Ahead:

With his transfer complete, Sermon is now preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft. He is projected to be a mid-round pick and could be the first running back selected. He has a great combination of size, speed, and agility that could make him a great asset for any NFL team.

What Happened to Trey Sermon Ohio State?

High School and Early College Career:

Trey Sermon was a five-star recruit out of high school and began his college career at Oklahoma in 2017. He was a standout player for the Sooners, rushing for over 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns in his first two seasons.

He also caught 33 passes for 384 yards and five touchdowns in those two years.

Transfer to Ohio State:

In 2019, Sermon transferred to Ohio State to be closer to his family and to play in a more competitive conference. He had an immediate impact for the Buckeyes, rushing for 870 yards and four touchdowns in his first season.

He also had 11 receptions for 78 yards and two touchdowns.

Injury and Decline:

In 2020, Sermon’s production took a hit as he suffered a season-ending injury in the fourth game of the season. He had only rushed for 256 yards and a touchdown in those four games. Without his production, the Buckeyes struggled throughout the season and eventually finished with a 6-3 record.

Draft Prospect:

Despite his injury, Sermon was still considered a draft prospect due to his impressive performance in the 2019 season. He was eventually selected by the San Francisco 49ers with the 88th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Rookie Season:

In 2021, Sermon played in nine games for the 49ers, including two starts. He finished the season with 167 rushing yards and a touchdown on 41 carries, averaging 4.1 yards per touch. He also caught six passes for 47 yards.

Did Trey Sermon Go to Oklahoma?

Trey Sermon attended Oklahoma from 2017-2020. He was a four-star recruit out of Marietta, Georgia. As a freshman, he appeared in all 13 games for the Sooners. In his sophomore year, he rushed for a career-high 1,072 yards and 12 touchdowns.

As a junior, he had 744 rushing yards and five touchdowns. He also had one receiving touchdown in 2019. He was selected to the All-Big 12 Second Team. In his senior year, he rushed for 947 yards and eight touchdowns.

He also had three receiving touchdowns in 2020. In total, he had 2,941 rushing yards and 33 touchdowns in his four-year career at Oklahoma.

What Oklahoma Player Transferred to Ohio State?

Tanner McCalister is an Oklahoma native who recently transferred to Ohio State. He is a wide receiver and had previously been playing at Oklahoma State University. After entering the transfer portal in December 2020, he announced his commitment to the Buckeyes in March 2021.

He will be eligible to play for Ohio State during the 2021-2022 season. At Oklahoma State, McCalister appeared in 11 games and had 21 receptions for 282 yards and two touchdowns. He also added a rushing touchdown and a kick return for a touchdown.

He was a three-star recruit out of high school and was ranked as the No. 71 wide receiver in the nation. McCalister is the second wide receiver transfer to join the Buckeyes this offseason, joining former Georgia Tech wide receiver Ahmarean Brown.

McCalister is expected to add depth and competition to the Ohio State receiving corps. With the addition of McCalister, the Buckeyes have added another talented player to their roster and look to continue their success in the upcoming season.

What Record Did Trey Sermon Break?

Who is Trey Sermon?

Trey Sermon is a running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was a highly-touted recruit out of high school, and has been a key part of the Buckeyes’ offense since arriving on campus.

Eddie George’s Record

Eddie George set the Ohio State Buckeyes single-game rushing record in 1995, when he ran for 314 yards against Illinois. The record stood for 25 years until it was broken by Trey Sermon in 2020.

Trey Sermon Breaks Record

On November 21, 2020, Trey Sermon broke Eddie George’s 25-year-old record with a 331-yard rushing performance against Michigan State. Sermon ran for 29 times and averaged 11.4 yards per carry in the game.

Reactions to the Record

Sermon’s record-breaking performance was met with much fanfare from the Ohio State fanbase. The media also gave him a lot of attention for his achievement. Eddie George congratulated Sermon on breaking his record and expressed his pride in being a part of Buckeye history.

Legacy of the Record

Trey Sermon’s record-breaking performance will go down in Ohio State Buckeye history. It’s a testament to his hard work and dedication to the team. The record may stand for a long time, as it has lasted 25 years already.

It will be a reminder of the great players that have come through the program and of how far the Buckeyes have come.

Was Trey Sermon a Healthy Scratch?

Trey Sermon’s Absence Streak

Trey Sermon, the second-year running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, will now extend his absence streak to 11 consecutive games after being named a healthy scratch for the New Year’s Day matchup versus New Orleans.

This is a run of missed games that started back in October and has continued through to the present day. Sermon has been on the team’s active roster for all of these games but has not seen any significant playing time.

Reasons for Trey Sermon’s Absence

The main reason for Trey Sermon’s absence from the team’s active roster is the presence of other running backs on the team. Miles Sanders, Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott have been the main three running backs on the team since October, and they have all seen significant playing time.

This has left Sermon as the fourth-string running back, meaning that he has been left as a healthy scratch for most games.

What is a Healthy Scratch?

A healthy scratch is a player who is on the active roster of a team, but is not allowed to play in the game. This is usually done when a team has more players than it can fit into the game, or when a team wants to give certain players more playing time.

In the case of Trey Sermon, he was left as a healthy scratch due to the presence of other running backs on the team who had more experience and were more likely to be successful in the game.

Impact of Trey Sermon’s Absence

Trey Sermon’s absence from the team has had an impact on the team’s performance. Without him in the lineup, the Eagles have struggled to find success on the ground, especially against tougher opponents.

The team has also seen a decrease in its overall rushing yards, as well as a decrease in its overall productivity on offense. This has resulted in the team losing more games than it would have if Sermon had been given more playing time.

Will Trey Sermon See More Playing Time?

At this point, it seems unlikely that Trey Sermon will see more playing time in the near future. The Eagles have been successful with their current trio of running backs, and it does not seem likely that they will make changes to their lineup anytime soon.

However, if any of the other running backs were to miss time due to injury or other factors, then Sermon could see an increase in playing time. Until then, he will likely remain a healthy scratch for most games.

To Recap

In the end, Trey Sermon’s decision to transfer from Oklahoma to Ohio State was a perfect timing for both parties. While Sermon was able to take advantage of the guaranteed transfer setup and avoid having to sit out a season, it also gave Ohio State a much-needed replacement for their injured starting running back.

This is an example of two teams working together to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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