Why Did Trevon Diggs Change Numbers? 5 Reasons Explained

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Why Did Trevon Diggs Change Numbers? 5 Reasons Explained

Trevon Diggs, the talented cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, recently made headlines by changing his jersey number from 27 to 7. 

This decision has sparked curiosity among fans and analysts alike. Diggs, known for his exceptional skills on the field, has a compelling rationale behind this jersey number switch. 

Whether driven by personal ties to his college success, strategic adaptation to NFL rule changes, or a desire for individuality, each aspect contributes to the narrative of why Diggs opted for the iconic number 7. 

In exploring the motivations behind this change, we gain insights into the mindset and intentions of a rising star in the NFL.

5 Reasons Why Did Trevon Diggs Change Numbers?

Trevon Diggs is a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, who recently changed his jersey number from 27 to 7.

Here are some of the reasons why he did that:

1. College Connection

Trevon Diggs’s recent switch from jersey number 27 to 7 is a nod to his illustrious college football career at the University of Alabama. 

The number 7 represents a link to when Diggs played a pivotal role in Alabama’s triumph, securing a national championship. 

Diggs aims to carry the spirit of success and achievement from his college days into his professional journey with the Dallas Cowboys by choosing this number.

2. NFL Rule Change

The adoption of jersey number 7 also aligns strategically with a significant NFL rule change implemented in April 2021.

The league revised its rules to allow defensive backs, like Diggs, to wear single-digit numbers, opening up new possibilities for personal expression on the field. 

Diggs seizes this opportunity to stand out and showcase his individuality, embodying the spirit of change and evolution in the game.

3. Personal Confidence

Beyond rule adjustments, Diggs’s decision to wear the number 7 is deeply personal. 

Athletes often ascribe emotional and psychological significance to their jersey numbers, and in this case, the number 7 serves as a source of confidence and empowerment for Diggs. 

This choice reflects his belief that the number contributes positively to his on-field performance, creating a mindset toward success.

4. Individuality and Statement

Choosing the number 7 is more than a numerical switch; it’s a deliberate statement of individuality. Diggs recognizes the importance of standing out as a cornerback in a competitive field. 

The iconic nature of the number 7 allows him to make a visual statement about his distinctive style of play. It reinforces his commitment to being a standout player in his position.

5. Honoring Icons

Furthermore, Diggs’s selection of the number 7 could also be a homage to football legends who previously wore that number. 

Whether inspired by the quarterback prowess of John Elway, the electrifying playmaking of Michael Vick, or the resilience of Ben Roethlisberger, Diggs pays tribute to those who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

This connection to football history adds a layer of respect and reverence to his choice.

What Are the Benefits of Changing Jersey Numbers?

Changing his jersey number from 27 to 7 offers Trevon Diggs several notable benefits, both personal and strategic:

College Connection and Motivation

By switching to the number 7, which he wore during his successful college career at the University of Alabama, Diggs maintains a solid connection for a period of triumph and achievement. 

This continuity is a decisive motivational factor, reminding him of past success and inspiring confidence on the field.

Adaptation to NFL Rule Changes

The NFL’s rule change allows defensive backs to wear single-digit numbers, which allows Diggs to express his individuality.

By embracing this change and choosing the iconic number 7, he stands out among his peers, aligning himself with a new era in the league and emphasizing his adaptability.

Psychological Empowerment

Athletes often attribute psychological importance to their jersey numbers. For Diggs, the number 7 is more than just a numerical identifier; it is a source of confidence and empowerment. 

This psychological boost can positively impact his mindset, influencing his on-field performance and decision-making.

Distinctive Identity on the Field

The number 7 is inherently iconic, and by choosing it, Diggs establishes a distinctive identity on the field. 

Standing out is crucial as a cornerback, and selecting a single-digit number makes him visually memorable. This individuality can enhance his marketability and recognition among fans.

Tribute to Football Icons

If Diggs chose the number 7 as a homage to football legends who wore it before him, such as John Elway, Michael Vick, or Ben Roethlisberger, he pays tribute to the sport’s history. 

This connection to iconic players adds a layer of significance to his jersey choice, fostering a sense of respect and continuity within the football community.

Marketability and Merchandising

A jersey number change can have positive implications for a player’s marketability. Switching to the number 7 may attract fans who are eager to own the latest jersey and merchandise. 

This can increase sales and visibility for Diggs, benefiting his personal brand and the Dallas Cowboys organization.


Did Trevon Diggs switch numbers?

Yes, he changed his jersey number from 27 to 7.

What number is Trevon Diggs now?

Trevon Diggs’s jersey number is seven now.

What was Trevon Diggs’s previous number, and what is his current number?

Trevon Diggs wore the number 27 in his rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. He changed his number to 7 in 2021.

Why did Trevon Diggs choose the number 7?

Trevon Diggs chose the number 7 because it was the same number he wore at Alabama, where he had a successful college career and won a national championship.

How did Trevon Diggs get the permission to change his number?

Trevon Diggs was able to change his number because of a new rule that allowed defensive backs to wear single-digit numbers, which the NFL approved in April 2021.

To Recap

Trevon Diggs’s decision to change his jersey number from 27 to 7 transcends a mere numerical switch; it symbolizes a strategic and personal evolution in his football journey. 

Diggs draws inspiration and motivation from past triumphs by reconnecting with the number that adorned his successful college career.

Embracing the NFL’s rule change, he leverages the opportunity to express individuality, adapting seamlessly to the evolving landscape of the league.

The number 7 becomes a source of psychological empowerment, influencing his on-field confidence. 

Additionally, Diggs pays homage to football icons, creating a narrative that extends beyond the gridiron. This jersey change is a statement of identity, resilience and a nod to the sport’s rich history.

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