What Flex Golf Shaft Do I Need?

Flex Golf Shaft Do I Need

To choose the right flex for your swing, you need to look at how often you’ll be using it and what type of swings you’re most comfortable with. There are three types of flex shafts: regularflex, soft-mediumflex, and hard-mediumflex.

Regularflex shafts offer more power, control, and durability than soft-medium or hard-mediumflexes. They’re in the middle between stiffness and flexibility. If you want a softer flex that’s less stiff than regularshafts but offers more power and control versus the soft-medium flex option, go with a hard- mediumflex shaft.

You can find flexible golf club shafts at most sporting goods stores or online retailers like Amazon

What Flex Golf Shaft Do I Need?

To Choose The Right Flex For You, Look At Your Swing Regularflex Shafts Are Stiffer And Offer More Power, Control, and Durability Soft-Mediumflex shafts Are In The Middle Between stiffness and flexibility Hard-Mediumflex shafts Are Less stiff Than Regularshafts And offer a compromise in power and control versus the soft-medium flex

What golf shaft flex is right for me?

If you’re between 97 and 104 mph with the driver, a stiff flex will work best for you. For recreational golfers between 84 and 96 mph, regular is the most forgiving shaft flex.

If your swing speed falls within the range of our recommendations, choosing a regular flex can be beneficial to your gameplan. Remember that everyone’s swing is different, so what might feel right for one person may not work well for another – always listen to your own body.

When it comes to selecting golf equipment, there’s no wrong or right answer – just find what works best for you.

What flex should I use with a 90 mph swing speed?

When you have a fast swing speed, it is important to use the right flex on your club. There is a general guideline that states if your swing speed is around 100 mph or more, then you will need a stiffer shaft.

If your average swing speed falls between 75 and 90 mph, an A-shaft (senior) may be best for you. However, if youswing faster than this range R-shafts might be better suited for you because they are easier to hit with consistent power throughout the entire shot sequence).

To ensure the correct flex for YOUR golf club choose from one of our many selections below. Be sure to try out different shafts in order to find what feels best on YOUR game – there’s no wrong answer when it comes to finding the right flex..

What happens if you use the wrong flex shaft?

When choosing a flex shaft for your golf club, make sure to select one that is appropriate for the type of ball you are using and the level of difficulty you are attempting to achieve.

If an incorrect flex shaft is used, it can result in inconsistent shots, high ball flights, and spin that is off-balance. Always double check the flex shaft before each use in order to avoid any potential mishaps on the green.

Be sure to have replacement parts available if needed so you can keep playing without any delays or problems. Make sure yourflex shaft fits correctly by checking its specifications against what you need before making your purchase

What happens if a shaft is too stiff?

If you notice that your shots are ending up on the wrong side of the court, it may be time to have your shafts adjusted or replaced. There are a few tell tale signs that your shafts are too stiff, firstly you will lose the ball to the right, because the shaft is to stiff it will be hard to square up at impact, causing the face to be open when you hit the ball, this is going to produce a fade or slice shot, generally ending up on …

Will a stiffer shaft help my slice?

Make sure your club shaft is stiff enough to allow for a full swing. If the shaft isn’t stiff, you might not be able to load it properly and cause a slice.

A slightly open face can result in a slice, so make sure your club shaft is stiffer if you want to avoid this situation. There are many different types of shafts on the market today, so find one that’s suited for your game and hit with consistency.

Be prepared for any shots by making sure your club has the stiffness needed to deliver an accurate shot every time

Will I lose distance with a stiff shaft?

If the shaft flex is too stiff, you will not receive a high average distance due to the low flexibility of the shaft. A flexible shaft will give you a higher average distance because it allows for more control while aiming and swinging your golf club.

It is important to get a shaft that has good flex if you want to achieve better distances on the green. There are many types of flexible golf shafts available on the market today so be sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly. If you have any questions about which type of flexible golf shaft would work best for you, please don’t hesitate to ask your favorite retailer or tour professional.

Do any pros use regular flex shafts?

Many professional golfers use a stiff or extra-flexible shaft in their driver, as 90% of the top 100 players on the PGA Tour do. The only elite group of golfers not using regular or regular+ shafts is made up of Brian Harman and Jason Day – two very skilled competitors.

Professional golfers have different needs for drivers depending on their playing level; those at the higher levels typically prefer a stiffer shaft while amateurs might opt for a more flexible option to save clubface wear and tear. Regular flex shafts are most commonly used by professionals due to their ability to deliver consistent ball flight regardless of player skill level or course conditions.

When shopping for a driver, it’s important to consider what type of shaft will work best for your game; don’t be afraid to try out several options until you find one that feels right

Frequently Asked Questions

What shaft is best for my swing speed?

In general, golfers with a fast swing should use a stiff shaft and slowed swings should use a regular flex shaft. To check your swing speed ask an instructor or club tech.

How far is 90 mph swing speed?

The swing speed of a golfer with a driver swing speed of 90 mph can generate about 3,017 rpm of spin and 203 yards of carry distance.

Can regular flex cause a slice?

It can be difficult to get your swing down into the correct position when you are using a regular flex shaft. Try tightening up your grip and swinging with a more flexible clubface.

What shaft is best for a slice?

Look for shafts with weak tip sections that allow for more release of the club head as it comes into impact. A more active tip section will generally allow for a faster rate of closure, which is beneficial to golfers suffering from a slice.

How do I know if my shaft is too weak?

One way to determine if your golf shaft is too weak is by watching it in use. If the shaft begins to flex excessively during the swing, you may need to replace it.

Will stiffer shaft lower ball flight?

The ball flight is lower with a higher bend point.

To Recap

. There are a few different types of golf shafts and each one will fit a different type of club. You’ll need to experiment with the type you have before finding the right flex for it.

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