Wrigley Field’s Secrets Revealed: What Are Some Interesting Facts About The Chicago Cubs?

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The Chicago Cubs, often called the “Cubs,” are one of the most storied and beloved franchises in Major League Baseball. With a rich history spanning over a century, the Cubs have captivated fans with their triumphs, challenges, and enduring legacy. 

In this article, we will explore what are some interesting facts about the Chicago Cubs, shedding light on the team’s iconic moments, legendary players, and the unique aspects that make them a beloved institution in baseball.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About The Chicago Cubs?

Here are some interesting facts about the Chicago Cubs-

Historic World Series Victory

One of the most notable facts about the Chicago Cubs is their 2016 World Series victory. It ended a 108-year championship drought, making it one of the longest in professional sports history. 

The team’s thrilling comeback from a 3-1 deficit against the Cleveland Indians in the series captured the attention and hearts of fans worldwide. This historic win brought immense joy and relief to Cubs fans, solidifying the team’s place in baseball history.

Wrigley Field

The Cubs’ home stadium, Wrigley Field, is a legendary landmark in Major League Baseball. Built in 1914, it is the second-oldest active ballpark in the league, surpassed only by Fenway Park. 

Wrigley Field is known for its unique features, such as the ivy-covered outfield walls and the iconic manual scoreboard. The stadium’s rich history and timeless charm contribute to the unique atmosphere experienced by players and fans.

The Curse of the Billy Goat

A fascinating and infamous part of Cubs lore is the Curse of the Billy Goat. Legend has it that in the 1945 World Series, a tavern owner named Billy Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field due to the odor of his pet goat. 

Angered by the incident, Sianis allegedly declared, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” Following that declaration, the Cubs experienced decades of misfortune, leading to their prolonged championship drought. 

The curse became deeply embedded in Cubs’ folklore until the 2016 World Series victory finally broke the curse’s hold on the team.

Loyalty and Passionate Fanbase

Cubs fans are renowned for their loyalty and passion for the team. Despite the team’s struggles over the years, the Cubs consistently have one of baseball’s most dedicated fanbases. 

This devotion is evident in the team’s home games at Wrigley Field, where fans fill the stands and create an electric atmosphere. The team’s rich history, close connection to the city of Chicago, and the “Cubs culture” passed down through generations have forged an unbreakable bond between the fans and the team.

Legendary Players

The Chicago Cubs have been home to several legendary players throughout history. One of the most iconic figures associated with the Cubs is Ernie Banks, known as “Mr. Cub.” 

Banks, a Hall of Fame shortstop and first baseman played his entire 19-year career with the Cubs and was a two-time National League Most Valuable Player. Other notable players include Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg, and recent stars such as Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. 

These players have left an indelible mark on the team’s history and have become beloved figures in Cubs lore.

The Chicago Cubs’ rich history, including their 2016 World Series victory, iconic stadium, enduring curses and legends, passionate fanbase, and legendary players, has solidified their status as one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball.

Chicago Cubs History

Chicago Cubs History

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The history of the Chicago Cubs spans over a century and is filled with both triumphs and challenges.

Here is an overview of the significant moments and eras in the team’s history:

Formation and Early Years

The Chicago Cubs were founded in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings and were one of the charter franchises of the newly formed National League. They quickly became a powerhouse in the league, winning the inaugural NL pennant in 1876 and six more pennants by 1886.

The Tinker-Evers-Chance Era

In the early 1900s, the Cubs experienced success under the leadership of manager Frank Chance and the legendary infield trio of Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance (often referred to as Tinker-Evers-Chance). 

They won four National League pennants from 1906 to 1910 and captured back-to-back World Series titles in 1907 and 1908, establishing themselves as one of the dominant teams of the era.

The Curse of the Billy Goat

The Cubs’ fortunes took a turn in 1945 when they reached the World Series for the first time since their back-to-back championships. As mentioned, the infamous Curse of the Billy Goat emerged during this series, and the Cubs lost to the Detroit Tigers. 

This marked the beginning of a prolonged championship drought and a period of struggles for the team.

Long Championship Drought

Following their World Series appearance in 1945, the Cubs experienced decades of frustration. Despite notable players like Ernie Banks, who became a Cubs legend, the team struggled to reach the postseason and endured numerous losing seasons. 

The Cubs’ championship drought became a focal point of the team’s history, creating a sense of longing and anticipation among fans.

The Ricketts Era and the 2016 World Series 

In 2009, the Ricketts family purchased the Cubs and revitalized the franchise. Under their ownership, the team made significant investments, including renovating Wrigley Field and enhancing the farm system. 

These efforts culminated in 2016 when the Cubs broke their 108-year championship drought by defeating the Cleveland Indians in a thrilling seven-game World Series. 

The victory brought immense joy to Cubs fans and etched a new chapter in the team’s history.


Following their championship win, the Cubs remained competitive and reached the postseason in subsequent years. However, they faced early playoff exits in 2017, 2018, and 2020, failing to recapture the World Series title. 

The team underwent some roster changes and transitions in recent years, with key players departing or retiring. Nevertheless, the Cubs continue to strive for success and maintain a dedicated fanbase.

The Chicago Cubs have left an indelible mark on baseball throughout their storied history. From their early dominance to enduring curses and legendary players to the jubilation of their 2016 World Series victory, the Cubs’ history is a testament to the passion and resilience of the team and their fans.

Why Is It Called Chicago Cubs?

Why Is It Called Chicago Cubs

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The name “Chicago Cubs” has a significant historical background that reflects the team’s origins and evolution. Here’s a breakdown of the name’s origins:

Association with the White Stockings

The Chicago Cubs trace their roots back to 1870 when they were established as the Chicago White Stockings. The name “White Stockings” was a common moniker used by baseball teams in that era. 

The team was a charter member of the National League in 1876, and during their early years, they became known as the “Chicago Base Ball Club” or “Chicago White Stockings.”

Transition to the Colts

In the 1890s, the team underwent a name change and became known as the Chicago Colts. This change coincided with new ownership and a team roster shift. During this period, future Hall of Famers such as Cap Anson and King Kelly were prominent figures on the team.

Adoption of the Cubs: 

In 1902, the team again changed its name to the Chicago Cubs. The name change was primarily influenced by the arrival of manager Frank Selee, known for his work with young players. 

The team’s roster at the time featured several talented and promising young players, leading local newspapers to refer to them as the “Cubs.”

Enduring Popularity: 

The name “Cubs” resonated with fans, gaining popularity as a reference to the team’s youthful energy and potential. It also aligned with the team’s association with the city of Chicago, colloquially known as the “Windy City” or the “Second City.” 

The name “Cubs” became officially adopted and has remained the team’s identity ever since.

Cubs as a Symbol

The name “Cubs” reflects the team’s history and symbolizes hope, growth, and the future. It signifies the development of young talent and the belief in building a successful team over time. 

The name embodies the optimism and anticipation fans share as they hope to witness the team’s success and championship aspirations.

Today, the Chicago Cubs’ name has become synonymous with the team’s rich history, passionate fanbase, and enduring legacy in Major League Baseball. 

It represents the team’s identity and serves as a reminder of the historical context and evolution of the franchise over its long-standing presence in Chicago.

Who Is The Most Famous Chicago Cub? 

The Chicago Cubs have had many famous and iconic players throughout their history. 

Here are three individuals who are widely regarded as some of the most prominent Chicago Cubs:

Ernie Banks

Known as “Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks is arguably the most famous Chicago Cub of all time. He played his entire 19-year career (1953-1971) with the Cubs and became a beloved figure in Chicago and baseball. 

Banks was a two-time National League Most Valuable Player (1958 and 1959) and a 14-time All-Star. His positive attitude and love for the game endeared him to fans, and his famous catchphrase, “Let’s play two,” became synonymous with his infectious enthusiasm for baseball. 

Banks was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1977 and remains iconic in Cubs history.

Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg is another legendary Cubs player and one of the greatest second basemen in MLB history. He played for the Cubs from 1982 to 1994 and again in 1996-1997. 

Sandberg was known for his exceptional defensive skills and his prowess as a hitter. He won nine Gold Glove Awards and was a 10-time All-Star. Sandberg had a career batting average of .285 and hit 282 home runs, impressive numbers for a middle infielder. 

His impact on the field, leadership qualities, and consistency made him a fan favorite and a revered figure in Cubs lore. Sandberg was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa had a tremendous impact on the Cubs during his time with the team from 1992 to 2004. Known for his prodigious home run power and charismatic personality, Sosa became one of the most popular players in baseball during the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

He hit 545 home runs as a Cub, including three seasons with over 60 homers (1998, 1999, and 2001). Sosa’s thrilling home run battles with Mark McGwire captivated fans during the “Steroid Era” and helped rejuvenate interest in the game. 

While his career has been marred by controversy, Sosa’s impact on the Cubs and his ability to bring excitement to the field make him one of the most famous Cubs players in recent memory.

These players, Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, and Sammy Sosa, have left an indelible mark on the Chicago Cubs and have become iconic figures in the team’s history. 

Their contributions on and off the field and their individual achievements have solidified their status as some of the most famous and celebrated Cubs players of all time.


What is the significance of the Curse of the Billy Goat on the Chicago Cubs?

The Curse of the Billy Goat is a legendary curse that allegedly afflicted the Cubs for several decades. It originated in the 1945 World Series when a tavern owner named Billy Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field because of the odor of his pet goat. 

How old is Wrigley Field, the home stadium of the Chicago Cubs?

Wrigley Field, located on the North Side of Chicago, is one of the oldest ballparks in Major League Baseball. It was built in 1914, making it currently over a century old. Wrigley Field has become an iconic landmark known for its ivy-covered outfield walls, historic ambiance, and unique features like the manually operated scoreboard.

Who is “Mr. Cub,” and why is he famous?

“Mr. Cub” is the nickname for Ernie Banks, a legendary player who spent his 19-year career with the Chicago Cubs from 1953 to 1971. Banks was a two-time National League Most Valuable Player (1958 and 1959) and a 14-time All-Star. 

How long was the Chicago Cubs’ championship drought before their 2016 World Series victory?

The Chicago Cubs experienced a 108-year championship drought, one of the longest in professional sports history, before winning the World Series 2016. The drought began after their last championship in 1908. It became a prominent narrative in Cubs history until they finally ended it by defeating the Cleveland Indians in a thrilling seven-game series.

Who are some other notable players associated with the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs have had several notable players throughout their history. Some include Ryne Sandberg, a Hall of Fame second baseman known for his exceptional defensive skills and offensive prowess, and Sammy Sosa, a charismatic slugger who hit over 600 home runs during his time with the Cubs.


As we delve into the interesting facts about the Chicago Cubs, it becomes evident why this team holds a special place in the hearts of baseball fans. 

From the legendary Curse of the Billy Goat to the thrilling 2016 World Series victory that ended a 108-year championship drought, the Cubs’ journey is filled with compelling narratives and unforgettable moments. 

With iconic figures like “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks, the historic Wrigley Field as their home, and a passionate fanbase that has stood by them through thick and thin, the Chicago Cubs continue to make their mark in baseball history. 

The Cubs’ enduring popularity and timeless allure ensure that they will forever remain a fascinating and integral part of the fabric of American sports.