What Age Does The Senior Golf Tour Start?

What Age Does The Senior Golf Tour Start?

Retired professional golfer Arnold Palmer said that age is just a number when it comes to golf, and many great champions have proved this statement over the years.

Siegel won two U.S. Amateurs at 50 years old, something that most top PGA Tour players would be hard-pressed to do even if they started playing professionally later in life.

Despite his late start into professional golfing, Siegel managed to become a successful player on the Champions Tour where he has racked up several wins and titles over the years – including one as recently as 2018.

Although you might not see him competing against the younger generation very often any more, don’t forget about Arnold Palmer – who was also a champion on the older circuit of golf tours

What Age Does The Senior Golf Tour Start?

Retired professional golfer Billy Horschel is best known for his successful career on the Champions Tour, which dates back to 1978. At 50 years old, Horschel became one of the older golfers to turn professional on the PGA Tour and still managed to achieve some success.

Despite being a bit later in his career than most top players, Horschel was still able to compete successfully on the older tour – winning two U.S Amateurs titles along the way. Even though he retired from professional golfing many years ago, Billy Horschel remains an active member of The Presidents Cup team and ambassador for Bridgestone Golf Company products worldwide.

Age doesn’t seem to be a factor when it comes to playing at your best; as long as you put in effort and stay focused, anything is possible.

The Champions Tour is an older golf tour

The Champions Tour began in 1978 and is for senior golfers over 50 years old. There are 54 tournaments on the tour, with a total prize purse of $27 million.

Top players can earn up to $8 million in one season, making it one of the most lucrative tours in professional golfing. The Champions Tour has produced many top-level professionals including Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson among others who have won multiple championships on this tour

The Champions Tour is an older golf tour

Sigel won two U.S. Amateurs at 50 years old

The Senior Golf Tour does not start until the age of 50 years old. Bobby Sigel became an American Amateur Champion at the age of 50 years old when he defeated Hale Irwin in a playoff match.

Raymond Floyd is another well-known golfer who won two U.S Amateurs (at 49 and 51 year olds) and has competed on the PGA Tour since turning 50 years old in 2006 Steve Elkington, who turned 50 this year, was runner up at both. The Masters Tournament and British Open Championship this season At only 47 years old. Bubba Watson became one of golf’s most popular players with his victory in the 2010 UBS Byron Nelson Classic.

He turned professional later than most top PGA Tour players

When most golfers turn professional, they are in their early to mid-20s. However, He turned pro later than many top PGA Tour players and is now in his 30s.

This has given him several years of experience that he can bring to the table when playing on the Senior Golf Tour circuit. Additionally, He’s also one of the few players with experience winning major championships on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tours (the senior tour).

As a result, expect He to contend for numerous titles during his career on the Senior Golf Tour

Becoming a successful golfer

At the ripe age of 65, Arnold Palmer became a successful golfer on the Champions Tour. The senior golf tour starts at different ages for men and women, but it’s never too late to start playing the game that you love.

There are many benefits to joining a senior golf tour like socialization, exercise, and finding new friends in your community. Joining an age-appropriate seniors’ group can also help you improve your game quickly while having fun together.

No matter what your skill level or experience is when it comes to golfing, there’s always room for improvement with the right instruction and support from others in our community.”

To Recap

The Senior Golf Tour starts at the age of 70 for men and 55 for women.

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