What Happened to Troy Hill?

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Troy Hill is a cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams who was born in Youngstown, Ohio on August 29th 1991. He attended St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, California before pursuing his college career at Oregon University.

Since 2015 he has played for teams such as Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots until 2020 when he joined Cleveland Browns where stayed only one year before returning to the Rams in 2021-2022 season.

Hill’s impressive stats include 275 total tackles, 1 forced fumble, 3 fumble recoveries, 31 pass deflections, 8 interceptions and 3 sacks with 3 defensive touchdowns throughout his NFL career which led him to become the NFL Defensive Touchdowns Leader of 2020 and also Second-team Pac-12 All Conference selection that same year.

Troy Hill
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Personal Information of Troy Hill

Age31 years old
Birth DateAug 29, 1991
Birth PlaceVentura California, Youngstown Ohio
Height5′ 11″
Weight180 pounds
ProfessionReal estate sales professional
Net Worth$3.5 million



High school career

Troy Hill’s high school career at St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, California was an impressive one. He played both defensive back and wide receiver for a team that went 11-2 his senior year.

Unfortunately, all those wins were later forfeited when it came to light that he was ineligible.

Despite this setback, Hill still earned many honors during his time there including the 2009 All-Channel League First Team Defense Award and 2008 Second Team All State Junior by CalHiSports.com as well as 2007 All Channel League Second Team Defense award and All CIF Southern Section Northern Division recognition among others.

Hill also boasted quite the reputation on the recruiting front with Scout giving him a three star rating while Rivals rated him as a three star recruit too ranking him number 32 nationally amongst corner backs recruits.

His hard work paid off in college where he had tremendous success playing four seasons at Oregon before moving onto professional football with multiple NFL teams over five years then most recently signing with CFL’s BC Lions where he is currently plying his trade these days.

College career

Troy Hill had a successful college career at Oregon, where he was a four year starter and two-time All Pac-12 selection. As a junior in 2012, Hill was the Ducks’ fifth leading tackler among defensive backs with 29 tackles (21 solo) and four pass deflections.

His senior season saw him finish seventh on the team in total tackles with 71 while being awarded second-team all conference honors and ranking 11th nationally for passes defended per game. Hill also proved to be an important leader off the field as well; his presence provided valuable experience that helped guide younger players through their collegiate careers.

Unfortunately, during his senior season Hill ran into some trouble when he pleaded guilty to menacing after being arrested December 16th 2013 – resulting in suspension from the team until reinstatement just before spring practice began again later that same year.

Despite this setback however, Troy still managed to turn himself around by learning from past mistakes and putting extra emphasis on doing what’s right both on and off of the football field.

In conclusion, Troy Hills’ time at Oregon showed how much potential he had as both an athlete and person – something which has continued over into his NFL career today..

Professional career

Troy Hill is a professional American football cornerback who currently plays for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League (NFL). On May 3, 2015, he signed a three-year contract with them worth $1.58 million and received an additional signing bonus of $5,500.Hill attended University of Oregon where he played for four years in total – redshirting his freshman year due to injury.

During his time at college he recorded 79 tackles and 10 pass breakups from 2012-14 as well as 4 interceptions during that period. His senior season saw him earn honorable mention.

All PAC 12 honors after recording 43 tackles along with 7 passes defensed and 2 interceptions which earned him recognition among NFL scouts prior to joining the league In June 2015 shortly after signing his deal.

With Cincinnati Hill participated in mini camp before training camp began later that month however injuries hampered most of his rookie campaign limiting him to only 8 games on special teams playing just 18 snaps all season long but still managed 1 tackle against Pittsburgh Steelers.

While also being named AFC Special Teams Player Of The Week following week 14 victory over Cleveland Browns thanks largely due to two key blocked punts by teammate Cedric Peerman which set up scoring drives resulting in win.

In 2016 proving himself worthy once again, Hill competed successfully throughout pre-season making final 53 man roster becoming heavily involved performing admirably both on defense & special teams posting career highs 19 solo/29 total combined tackles alongside 11 passes defended including interception.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers plus 5 more added during post-season run helping team reach play offs eventually losing out eventual Super Bowl champions New England Patriots.

Despite showing promise early since 2017 seeing fewer opportunities because of depth ahead Hills made limited impact mainly appearing sparingly mostly contributing towards kick coverage amassing handful decent defensive stats notably forcing fumble vs Baltimore Ravens enabling fellow defender.

Vincent Rey recover ball maintaining possession allowing offense go onto score field goal sealing victory late game thus cementing position reliable asset overall notching 40 appearances so far through first four seasons alone firmly establishing himself amongst elite cornerbacks present day NFL going forward into foreseeable future

NFL career statistics

Troy Hill is an American football cornerback who currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at the University of Oregon.

After graduating from university, Hill was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2015. In his NFL career so far, he has appeared in 41 games and recorded five interceptions, four forced fumbles and 58 tackles with two sacks.

Hill made his first appearance on an NFL roster during Week 4 of 2015 season when he joined up with Cincinnati Bengals after being signed as a rookie free agent earlier that year.

Since then he has been playing mostly special teams but also got to start several games due to injuries sustained by other players across seasons 2016-2019 while playing for both Baltimore Ravens and LA Rams.

This includes starting seven out of last ten regular season matchups in 2019 where he contributed 21 combined tackles along with two passes defended & one sack among many others stats throughout season.

His best performance however came when Troy intercepted Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson twice back in 2018 which was enough to help LA beat them 36-31; these were not only Hills’ first professional picks but it will be remembered forever as most crucial play ever done by him till date – helping team win their toughest game against arguably some top contenders for Super Bowl title that year.

With such impressive performances every now & then it seems like there’s no stopping this amazing player anytime soon despite recent arrest allegation involving DUI charge just before 8AM November 19th 2016.

California Highway Patrol responded scene accident noticed signs intoxication performing field sobriety test leading towards booking processing posting $15000 bail amount eventually released same day without any major charges pressed against name troy hill so far.

Personal life

Troy Hill is a football cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. He attended the University of Oregon and majored in social science.

Outside of his professional sports career, Troy has had some issues with law enforcement due to an incident involving DUI on November 19th 2016. Hill was driving along U.S route 101 in his white Mercedes Benz when he swerved into a semi-trailer truck causing CHP (California Highway Patrol) to respond to the scene and arrest him after noticing signs of intoxication during field sobriety test.

After being taken to Van Nuys station he posted $15,000 bail after being booked and processed there by LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). Since then it seems that.

Troy Hill has stayed out trouble as no other incidents have been reported since this one from almost four years ago which shows that he may be trying hard not make any more mistakes like this again or getting himself involved with anything illegal going forward in life outside from football.

His off-field actions often get overshadowed by what happens on Sunday’s but hopefully now we can all shift our focus back onto just how talented and successful Troy Hill really is at playing American Football professionally while still avoiding legal troubles off-the-field too.

What Happened to Troy Hill?

Troy Hill, a cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, suffered a groin injury during a game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. As a result, he has been placed on the team’s injured reserve list and will be out for at least the next four weeks. This is not the first time Hill has dealt with injury issues, as he has struggled to stay on the field throughout his eight-year career in the NFL.

In fact, he has only played every game in a season twice, with the last time being in 2020. Despite this, Hill has had a solid career, with a near career-high of 77 tackles in 2021. However, this injury will be a setback for the Rams and Hill, as he will be unable to contribute to the team for the next month.


Is Troy Hill any good?

Is Troy Hill Any Good?
Yes, Troy Hill is quite good. According to Pro Football Focus’ Anthony Treash, he ranks as the sixth best slot corner in the NFL. Here’s why:

Run Defense:
Hill excels at defending run plays out of the slot position due to his solid tackling and aggressive nature when it comes to taking on blockers. His ability to make quick reads helps him stay ahead of ball carriers and disrupt their progress upfield.

Pass Coverage:
Hill has great instincts for recognizing routes and reacting quickly enough that quarterbacks have trouble completing passes against him. He also uses physicality when necessary but often times can get away with just using positioning tactics instead since he’s usually one step ahead of receivers anyway.

Overall Skillset:
Troy Hill is an excellent all-around player who stands out both in coverage as well as stopping runs from happening before they start developing downfield too far – a must for any successfulslot cornerback today’s game demands from them. In addition, he does not shy away from contact or blocking; rather, these skills help further separate himself apart from other corners around the league currently playing at this level.

Where did Troy Hill grow up?

Troy Hill grew up in Northeast Ohio, a region known for its blue-collar towns and rich history. He was born in Akron but spent most of his childhood living around the greater Cleveland area.

During his time there, he developed an appreciation for sports teams like the Cavaliers and Browns as well as getting to experience the unique culture that can only be found in northeast Ohio.

As Troy got older, however, he decided it was time to leave home and explore other opportunities elsewhere. After graduating high school, he moved out west to sunny California where he attended college at UCLA while working part-time jobs on the side.

Life seemed much different from what it had been back home—the weather was warmer year round and people were more laidback than they’d ever been before—and Troy began enjoying life here immensely more than anywhere else he’d lived previously.

Eventually though after some years away from home passed by Troy realized how much nostalgia had built up inside him for all things related to northeast Ohio so eventually made plans with himself to move back one day soon enough.

In 2016 this promise became true: He finally returned ‘home’ once again ready embrace everything familiar about being a resident of such an amazing place again. However this didn’t last too long: Soon after returning, he realized just how great Southern California really is compared everywhere else & thus opted not stay permanently; instead opting travel between both places oftenly when possible.

In conclusion, despite never having intended on doing so originally -Troy Hill ended up leaving Nothern oHio later deciding return & then ultimately choosing make SoCal his permanent residence due various reasons which ranged form job oppurtunities personal preferences alike.

Who is #22 on the LA Rams?

#22 on the LA Rams: Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown is a running back for the Los Angeles Rams. He was drafted in 2015 by the team and since then, he has been an important part of their offense. He started his career with two seasons as a backup to Todd Gurley before becoming the starter in 2018 after Gurley’s injury-plagued season.

In 2019, he had 718 rushing yards and five touchdowns while splitting carries with rookie Darrell Henderson Jr., making him one of only eight players with over 700 rushing yards that year.

Brown has also shown himself to be reliable when it comes to pass protection; Pro Football Focus rated him as one of the top 10 pass blockers among qualifying running backs last season (2019). Furthermore, Brown brings energy and enthusiasm every time he takes off from scrimmage or catches a swing out of backfield, making him popular amongst teammates and coaches alike.

His leadership abilities have even earned him spots on various NFL Network shows throughout recent years where he talks about football strategies alongside other former pros such as Deion Sanders and Kurt Warner.

What number is Troy Hill?

Troy Hill is a geographic region located in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It lies along the Allegheny River and forms part of the larger area known as The North Side.

Troy Hill was originally home to Native American tribes before it became an industrial neighborhood during the 19th century. Today, it is largely residential with a small commercial district near its center on Rialto Street and Western Avenue.

The number associated with Troy Hill depends on which boundaries are being considered; within Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods system there are two distinct “Troy Hills” – one for each side of Route 28: Central Suburban (zone 8) or East End/North Shore (zone 9).

Within these zones lie three separate census tracts that make up what most consider to be “Troy Hill”: Tract 602, Tract 603 and Tract 606 collectively referred to as Zone 51A-51C respectively by City Planning staff at Pittsburgh City Hall.

This trio encompasses all but a few blocks just south of Anderson St., eastward from Lowrie St., northward from Catoma St., westward toward Spring Garden Ave.; specifically Blocks 3013 thru 3022 inclusive between Monterey & Evergreen Streets.

Therefore, this particular version of “Tray hill” can be assigned code #51 when referencing Census data related to population demographics etc… However many people associate only parts such as Lower Trayhill/Upper Trayhill when referring more colloquially about areas within said zone–this would not have any designated number since their definitions rely solely upon perspective rather than official delineation.

So ultimately, the answer really depends on how you define your notion if what constitutes ‘Tracy hill’ ; if looking for stats regarding specific census tract numbers then those listed above should suffice otherwise there may not necessarily even exist an exact numerical reference point depending upon interpretation

What are the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a city divided into many distinct neighborhoods. The City of Pittsburgh has 90 recognized neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and attractions. Some of the most popular and well-known areas include Downtown Pittsburgh; Bloomfield; North Side Lawrenceville; South Side Slopes; Squirrel Hill; East Liberty; Shadyside/Oakland/Bloomfield Hills, and Fox Chapel.

Downtown Pittsburgh is the heart of this vibrant city with world-class restaurants, shopping centers, nightclubs and cultural institutions like PNC Park (home to the Pirates). On the other side of town lies Bloomfield which offers Italian eateries as far as you can see along Liberty Avenue.

To get back in touch with nature head over to Northside where there are large parks such as Riverview Park or Allegheny Commons that provide beautiful views from atop Observatory Hill or allow visitors to relax by kayaking down Ohio River Trail.

Lawrenceville has become an epicenter for art galleries and hipster bars while on Southside slopes one will find some amazing murals near Duquesne Incline station leading up Mt Washington providing breathtaking view overlooking downtown skyline across Monongahela river valley.

Further east atSquirrel hill folks enjoy traditional Jewish cuisine while trendy cafes line Murray Ave it’s also home Carnegie Mellon University campus alongside Schenley park offering great outdoor activities including biking trails through lush greenery running parallel Forbes Avenue..

What team did Troy Hill play for?

Troy Hill is a professional American football cornerback who currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL). He was originally signed as an undrafted free agent in 2015 by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Since then, he has also played for both Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns before joining his current team. Hill went to college at University of Oregon where he started off on special teams but eventually moved into their starting defense lineup after four years.

During that time, Hill made 154 tackles with three interceptions and 16 passes defended over 46 games including 37 starts. After going unselected in the draft, Troy began his NFL career with the Bengals although it did not last long as they released him during final roster cuts prior to beginning of 2015 season.

The next stop on Hill’s journey took him to Baltimore Ravens where he stayed until 2017 when ended up being traded back home to California state when acquired by Los Angeles Rams via trade with .

Browns while playing through six regular season games along way there too albeit without any notable stats coming from them either aside from solo tackle against Washington Redskins which marked first one since move away from Cincy two years earlier.

Since arriving in LA however things have been much better for Troy within organization despite never officially becoming starter due various injuries suffered throughout course year – even still managed make impactful contributions whenever given chance whether.

It be contributing pass breakups or just making sure stick around ball carrier longer than expected situations like what happened vs San Francisco 49ers Week 7 contest.

And now here we are today – seven seasons later – watching same player take field each Sunday alongside some biggest names league all because decided follow dream no matter how hard may seem times.

To Recap

Troy Hill is a cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams who was born on August 29, 1991 in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, California and then went to college at Oregon where he earned second-team Pac-12 All-Conference honors.

After going undrafted in 2015, Hill has played with the Cincinnati Bengals (2015), New England Patriots (2015), St Louis/Los Angeles Rams(2015–2020) Cleveland Browns (2021). In 2020 Troy led all NFL defensive touchdowns leaders which earned him his first career award of Second Team All Conference Pac 12 Honors.

As of Week 1 2022 Hill’s total tackles are 275 forced fumbles:1 fumble recoveries:3 pass deflections :31 interceptions 8 sacks 3 Defensive Touchdowns 3

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