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Trace McSorley is a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Ashburn, Virginia, and attended Briar Woods High School before going on to play college football at Penn State from 2014-2018.

During his time there he earned Second-team All-Big Ten honors for three consecutive years. In 2019, he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. After two seasons with them, McSorley joined the Cardinals ahead of 2021 season where he currently remains active on their roster.

As of Week 16 2022, Trace has recorded 473 passing yards along with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions while maintaining an overall passer rating of 51.3 as well as 66 rushing yards over 3 seasons in total so far during his career in NFL

Trace McSorley
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Personal Information of Trace McSorley

Real Name/Full NameRichard Thomas ” Trace ” McSorley III
Age26 years old
Birth DateAugust 23, 1995
Birth PlaceAshburn, Virginia
Height6 feet tall
Marital StatusUnknown
Net WorthAround $5 million



Early years

Trace McSorley is a renowned American football player who attended Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia from 2010 to 2014. He was born on August 23rd 1995 and grew up with an ambition of playing professional football one day.

McSorley started his freshman year at Briar Woods high school by leading the team to a 13–2 record and winning the state championship that same season.

His remarkable performance earned him recognition as he was named First-team All-State by both the Virginia Coaches Association and Virginia Preps, putting him among elite company for such a young age.

His junior year proved even more successful than before as he managed to take his team all way undefeated (15–0) while capturing their third consecutive state title – something rarely seen in any sport let alone high school-level athletics.

This success didn’t go unnoticed; Trace was awarded All-Dulles District First Team honors alongside Dulles District Offensive Player of The Year award and Second-Team All-Region quarterback nomination due to stellar performances throughout that campaign period.

This early success truly highlighted McSorely’s potential within the game of Football which eventually led him towards achieving greater heights later down the line during his college & NFL career span not forgetting the numerous awards picked up along this journey also.

College career

Trace McSorley joined the Penn State Nittany Lions for his college football career in 2014. During his redshirt freshman year, he played a total of six games, five when the game was already decided and he only got to play a few plays.

In 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl against Georgia Bulldogs, McSorley had an opportunity to shine after starter Christian Hackenberg went out with an injury.

Despite starting off 24-3 down on the score board, Trace almost led a comeback as he finished 14/27 passes with 142 yards and two touchdowns; however they fell short at 24-17.

The following year saw him make more appearances including 11 starts for which he completed 209/354 passing attempts for 2 054 yards alongside 15 TDs and 8 INTs earning himself Big Ten Conference honorable mention honors from coaches & media alike that season.

As well as this recognition from outside sources, within team circles, MeSorely also received plaudits for being named Co-Offensive Player Of The Year by coach James Franklin & staff members due to setting new single-season records of 3 154 passing yards alongside 25 TD’s during the 2017 campaign – leading PSU into Fiesta bowl where unfortunately lost 39–38 vs Washington Huskies despite having 19 point lead before half time mark (35–16).

In 2018 Senior Season proved just as successful if not more so than any prior season featuring 12 starts throwing 28 touchdown passes while completing 276/432 pass attempts with 3 001 yards resulting in another Big Ten.

Honourable Mention award – furthermore tying former teammate Saquon Barkley’s record 38 total Touchdowns scored over course of the entire season making them both all-time leaders ahead even legendary players such Joe Paterno or Curt Warner who previously held titles before their tenure.

Overall it can be seen that McGill Sorely enjoyed success throughout various stages pf College Football Career appearing multiple times pitted against some very tough opponents but still managed put up impressive numbers each instance – ultimately establishing himself firmly amongst elite group student-athletes produced by one most indomitable NCAA teams ever known

Professional career

Trace McSorley is an American football quarterback who was automatically eligible for the 2019 NFL Draft as he finished his college career at Penn State University.

After attending Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia, where he was a three-year starter and won two state championships, McSorley signed with Penn State as part of its 2013 recruiting class.

During his collegiate career, Trace set numerous records including becoming one of only four quarterbacks to throw for 8 or more touchdowns in multiple bowl games and owning the school record for most passing yards (9373) and total offense (10583).

Following the 2018 season, during which Trace led Penn State to an 11–2 overall record while throwing 28 touchdown passes against just nine interceptions; he declared himself draft eligible after graduating from college early.

He received invites to both Senior Bowl events along with several pre-draft workouts such as those held by Cleveland Browns’ head coach Freddie Kitchens prior to being selected by the Baltimore Ravens late in round 6 of 2019 NFL Draft.

McSorley entered training camp competing against Robert Griffin III & Lamar Jackson for the backup role behind Pro Bowler Joe Flacco but failed to make 53 man roster following the preseason finale against Washington Redskins due mainly poor showings throughout the exhibition schedule.


Though initially added practice squad, he made the active roster on October 26th when the team waived fellow QB Griffin; however, did not appear field rest regular season even after Flacco suffered a hip injury in week 9 vs Steelers.

As 2020 offseason began, Ravens traded the incumbent leader away Jacksonville Jaguars leaving door open rookie to take starting job under new offensive coordinator Greg Roman alongside Tyler Huntly & Josh Woodrum before eventually signing journeyman RG3 to finalize.

the depth chart entering summer practices amongst COVID pandemic protocols. On August 7th it announced that undrafted free agent Huntly had won the battle become the primary reserve signal-caller relegating Mcsorey back to the inactive status now 3 years removed from initial selection out of Happy Valley

NFL career statistics

Trace McSorley is a professional American football player who has made an impressive impact on the field. As of October 2020, he was part of a viral trend on TikTok which generated over 4,000 videos including one from the official NFL account.

McSorley played college football at Penn State University before being drafted by Baltimore Ravens in 2019. He had 3 seasons as starting quarterback for Penn State and threw for 9,899 yards along with 77 touchdowns and 25 interceptions during his collegiate career.

He also rushed for 1,697 yards while scoring 29 rushing touchdowns becoming only the sixth Division-I FBS Quarterback to do so since 2000. His efforts helped him earn Big Ten Championship Game MVP honors twice (2016 & 2017).

In the 2019 season McSorley appeared in four games mostly playing special teams role while throwing just three passes all year long without any completions or attempts respectively although he added another 10 rushes under his belt that same year accumulating 21 total yards with one touchdown scored against Cincinnati Bengals Week 6 game back then.

In 2020 Trace got promoted to the backup QB position after Lamar Jackson’s injury but unfortunately never took any snaps throughout whole regular season due to pandemic limitations imposed by the COVID-19 situation going around the entire league eventually forcing more precautionary measures across its member clubs hence sidelining him until end of this current campaign.

Overall, Trace Macsorely managed to make quite an impression among fans so far despite a lack of proper gameplay opportunities given out there leading up to 2021 offseason where we expect to see much more action coming from his side once a new team announcement comes out later down these upcoming months ahead.

In popular culture

Trace McSorley recently became the subject of a viral trend on TikTok in October 2020. The original video, created by “@sorley_yt”, was used in over 4,000 videos and even shared by the official NFL account.

It featured the song Trace McSorley by Matty Fresh which has been viewed more than 7.5 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube back in 2018.

McSorley’s popularity is only growing as his fame continues to spread across social media platforms like TikTok and Youtube where users can create fun content related to him while enjoying listening to or watching his music or highlights from games he played with Baltimore Ravens and Penn State Nittany Lions football teams throughout college career.

Recently many popular sports personalities have paid tribute to Trace’s success both on-field and off through various clips they post online including Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner who posted an Instagram story about how much respect he has for McSorely saying “he embodies what hard work looks like”.

Other well-known athletes such as Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes II also show their support for trace via twitter when congratulating him after being drafted into NFL last year (2019).

The appreciation extended beyond professional players too; fans everywhere are showing their love for this young athlete by taking part in creating funny TikTok videos using some of his quotes along with different sound effects that make them humorous yet memorable at the same time.

This type of recognition demonstrates just how far reach Trace’s influence really goes – making him one most recognizable names among current generation athletes today.

Overall, whether you’re a fan or not there no denying the fact that Trace McSorely had become a major figure in modern-day sport culture thanks largely due the immense amount of support received both within the industry its followers worldwide – something truly remarkable.

Where is trace mcsorley now?

Trace McSorley is currently a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He was originally drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. 

McSorley had a successful college career at Penn State, setting multiple records and leading the team to several bowl games.

He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2019, but was unable to secure a starting position and mostly played as a backup. In 2020, he was signed to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad but was released by the team in September.

In January 2021, McSorley was signed by the Arizona Cardinals. He is currently competing for a backup quarterback position on the team, behind Kyler Murray. He has yet to see significant playing time, but continues to work hard and improve his skills in hopes of getting a chance to prove himself on the field.

McSorley has not yet had a long enough career to be considered for the Hall of Fame, but his college career was successful enough that he was inducted into the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame in 2018.

What is Trace McSorley doing now?

Trace McSorley: A Rising Star in the NFL

Trace McSorley is an American football quarterback who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by them in 2019 and has since been making a name for himself as one of their most promising young players.

After spending his college career at Penn State, where he won numerous awards, Trace is now focusing on taking his game to another level with the help of Baltimore’s veteran-laden team.

What Is Trace McSorley Doing Now?
Currently, Trace is working hard to compete against other quarterbacks during training camp while learning from some of the best veterans in the league like Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson.

In addition to honing his skills on and off the field, Trace is also getting used to life as a professional athlete both physically and emotionally through intense conditioning sessions as well as mental exercises that involve understanding opposing defenses better than ever before.

As part of this process, Trace travels across America attending various events related directly or indirectly to football such as combined workouts or celebrity appearances which are often sponsored by big companies looking for potential stars like him.

Recently he even appeared alongside superstars Cam Newton and Antonio Brown when they visited Washington DC’s Children’s Hospital Center together. Finally, it looks like all these efforts have paid off; just recently ESPN named him one out five upcoming QBs fans should keep an eye on next year.

What team is Trace McSorley on in 2022?

Heading: Trace McSorley with the Cardinals in 2022

In September of 2022, quarterback Trace McSorley will be joining the Arizona Cardinals. He signed a contract to join this team after spending his previous years in college and then playing for the Baltimore Ravens. This is an exciting opportunity for him as he looks forward to being part of one of the most successful teams in football history.

McSorely has been working hard all off-season preparing himself physically and mentally so that he can perform at his best when it comes time for game-day action. With such talented players already on their rosters like Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenyan Drake, Budda Baker and more; there’s no doubt that they are going to have one stellar offense heading into next season.

The addition of McSorley gives them another dangerous weapon who can not only run but also throw effectively if needed – something they didn’t really have last year with Josh Rosen under center.

The coaching staff believes that having two quarterbacks capable of doing both tasks is a huge advantage over other teams which could give them an edge come playoff time or even just regular season games against tough opponents like Seattle or San Francisco where their defense needs some extra help from whoever plays QB spot.

Moreover, bringing someone new onto any team always brings about excitement within the locker room as well – especially when it’s someone with experience like what McSorely provides too.

All these pieces together should create a very powerful equation where winning becomes inevitable throughout 2021/22 campaign period regardless of how difficult the schedule may look at first glance. Ultimately, it would appear safe to say trace mc stories arrival certainly bodes well future success Cardinals organization.

Why isn t Trace McSorley playing?

Trace McSorley Not Playing

Trace McSorley, the former Penn State quarterback and Baltimore Ravens backup, is not playing in 2020 due to a knee injury. He suffered from an ACL tear during the preseason of 2019 which required him to undergo reconstructive surgery on his right knee.

As a result of this injury, Trace was placed on injured reserve for the entire season last year and has yet to be cleared medically by team doctors.

Injury Recovery Timeline

The timeline for recovery from such an injury can vary depending upon each individual’s body type but typically requires at least 8-10 months or more before returning back to full health and strength levels that are necessary in order to compete with other NFL players.

While it is possible that Trace could return later in the year if he makes significant progress over time there are no guarantees as of now when this might happen so teams have begun making contingency plans without him being available until then.

Impact On The Ravens

Although they drafted Lamar Jackson first overall prior to Trace’s injury having another experienced QB behind their starter would certainly provide some much-needed depth should something unfortunate occur with their star player again like what had happened throughout last season while Joe Flacco was out due to injuries sustained himself earlier than expected forcing them into starting rookie Robert Griffin III instead.

Who did perform admirably under pressure given his limited experience level thus far still within professional football ranks though ultimately just falling short against Chargers during wild-card playoff round ending 2018 campaign prematurely afterward despite valiant efforts displayed all around leading up till then unfortunately enough now looking back at it retrospectively speaking here today.

To Recap

Trace McSorley is a quarterback who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Ashburn, Virginia and attended Briar Woods High School before going on to play college football at Penn State from 2014-2018.

During his collegiate career, he earned three Second-team All-Big Ten selections (2016-2018). In 2019, McSorley was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in Round 6 of the NFL Draft with pick 197. From there he went on to spend two seasons with them until being picked up by the Cardinals prior to the 2021 season where he has been ever since.

Through 16 weeks of regular season action during 2022, Trace has thrown 473 passing yards along with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions while also having 66 rushing yards under his belt so far this year.

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