Top 10 Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts: The Game-Changers

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Top 10 Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts

The English Premier League (EPL) is renowned for its thrilling football and competitive nature, attracting top talents from around the globe. In the realm of elite football, midfielders play a pivotal role, acting as the engine room of their respective teams. 

Their passing accuracy, creativity, defensive prowess, and overall contributions to the game make them highly sought-after assets for clubs. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of the Top 10 Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts. 

These contracts are a reflection of the players’ immense value, impact, and significance in their careers and teams’ successes. So, let’s dig deep into the following sections. 

Top 10 Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts

The provided section highlights the strengths and contributions of each midfielder and explains the reasons behind their significant contracts. 

It emphasizes their individual skills and attributes that have made them valuable assets to their respective clubs. Here’s a further elaboration on each player:

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

  • Contact year: 5 Years
  • Contact Money: £400,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2021

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Source: independent

Kevin De Bruyne is widely recognized as one of the best midfielders globally and for good reason. His exceptional passing accuracy, vision, and creativity on the field have been instrumental in Manchester City’s achievements. 

De Bruyne possesses the ability to unlock defenses with his precise through balls and pin-point crosses, making him a constant threat in the attacking third. 

His playmaking skills have led to numerous goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates, contributing significantly to the club’s success over the years. Manchester City’s decision to offer him a lucrative contract reflects his immense value and importance to the team’s style of play.

2. Raheem Starling (Chelsea)

  • Contact year: 5 Year
  • Contact Money: £325,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2022

Raheem Starling (Chelsea)

Source: goal

Raheem Starling is a talented English midfielder, who holds the distinction of being the second-highest-paid midfielder in the English Premier League (EPL). Known for his dynamic playing style, speed, and versatility on the field, Starling has become a key player for his club.

His impressive performances have led to a lucrative contract, making him one of the highest-earning midfielders in the league. With his exceptional ability to create chances, score goals, and provide crucial assists, Starling’s value to his team cannot be overstated.

Off the field, he has also become a sought-after brand ambassador, signing endorsement deals with top companies. With his consistent performances and marketability, Raheem Starling’s status as the second highest-paid EPL midfielder underscores his impact both on and off the pitch.

3. N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea)

  • Contact year: 5 Years
  • Contact Money: £290,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2018

N'Golo Kanté (Chelsea)

Source: theprideoflondon

N’Golo Kanté is a midfield dynamo known for his tireless work rate, ball-winning abilities, and precise passing. His tenacity and defensive contributions have been crucial to Chelsea’s achievements, including winning the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. 

Kanté’s ability to break up opposition attacks and quickly transition into offense makes him a vital cog in Chelsea’s tactical setup. His reported contract highlights his significance as a key figure in the team’s success and the club’s desire to secure his services as a key defensive midfielder.

4. Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

  • Contact year: 5 Years
  • Contact Money: £400,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2022

Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

Source: unitedinfocus

Paul Pogba’s return to Manchester United from Juventus in 2016 was a significant transfer that came with a record-breaking fee. Pogba’s versatility, athleticism, and flair on the ball have made him a dynamic presence in Manchester United’s midfield. 

When at his best, he can dominate games with his combination of skill and physicality. As one of the team’s star players, his performances have justified the club’s decision to offer him a high-earning contract, as they see him as a key player capable of changing the course of matches.

5. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

  • Contact year: 4 Years
  • Contact Money: £240,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2022

Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

Source: livescore

Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United in January 2020 and quickly became a revelation for the team. His attacking prowess, intelligent playmaking, and goal-scoring ability have revitalized the midfield and the overall performance of the team. 

Fernandes’ impact on the pitch has been lauded by fans and pundits alike, and he has been a driving force behind Manchester United’s attacking success. His significant contract is a testament to the club’s recognition of his importance and their desire to build the team around his talents.

6. Kai Havertz (Chelsea)

  • Contact year: 4 Years
  • Contact Money: £280,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2016

Kai Havertz (Chelsea)

Source: theprideoflondon

Kai Havertz’s versatility and ability to play multiple roles in midfield and attack made him a highly sought-after talent. Chelsea secured his signature from Bayer Leverkusen due to his potential and the belief in his ability to become a key player for the club in the future. 

Havertz’s impressive technical skills, composure in front of goal, and intelligent movement on the field made him an exciting prospect for the team, justifying the substantial contract offered to him.

7. Christian Pulisic (Chelsea)

  • Contact year: 4 Years
  • Contact Money: $177,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2021

Christian Pulisic (Chelsea)

Source: nytimes

Christian Pulisic, the young American winger, has garnered attention for his explosive pace, excellent dribbling skills, and goal-scoring ability. His performances have shown promise, and Chelsea sees him as a key player in their long-term plans. 

The reported contract reflects the club’s investment in his talent and potential to become a crucial asset for them in the coming years, both on and off the pitch.

8. Tanguy Ndombele (Tottenham Hotspur )

  • Contact year: 6 Years
  • Contact Money: £200,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2019

Tanguy Ndombele (Tottenham Hotspur )

Source: talksport

Tanguy Ndombele’s technical ability, close ball control, and range of passing earned him a significant contract after he joined Tottenham Hotspur from Lyon. His contributions in midfield have been influential in dictating play and creating chances for his team. 

Tottenham rewarded him accordingly, recognizing his potential and the impact he can have in the team’s midfield.

9. Willian (Arsenal)

  • Contact year: 5 Years
  • Contact Money: £240,000
  • Signed on: 2013

Willian (Arsenal)

Source: goal

Willian’s experience, dribbling skills, and expertise in set-pieces made him a valuable asset during his time at Arsenal. The club offered him a notable contract to secure his services and benefit from his versatility in attacking positions. 

However, he later decided to return to Brazil and play for Corinthians, illustrating how players’ career trajectories can impact their contracts and decisions regarding future moves.

10. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

  • Contact year: 4 Years
  • Contact Money: £140,000 per week
  • Signed on: 2022

Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

Source: goal

As Liverpool’s captain, Jordan Henderson’s leadership qualities, work ethic, and passing range have been vital to the team’s success under Jurgen Klopp. 

His ability to control the tempo of the game and provide stability in midfield has been crucial to Liverpool’s achievements, including winning the Premier League and the Champions League. 

His significant contract acknowledges his on-field contributions and the role he plays as a driving force behind the club’s achievements.

It is important to note that player contracts and salaries are subject to changes and can be influenced by various factors, including performance levels, market demand, fan base, club financial situations, and player preferences. 

These top midfielders have proven their worth on the field and have been rewarded accordingly by their respective clubs.

Factors Determining the Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts

The contracts of EPL midfielders are influenced by a multitude of factors that collectively determine their value and earning potential. Here are the key factors that contribute to determining the biggest EPL midfielder contracts:

Performance and Skill Level

One of the most significant factors is a midfielder’s on-field performance and skill level. 

Midfielders who consistently excel in passing accuracy, vision, creativity, goal-scoring ability, defensive contributions, and overall impact on the game tend to command higher contracts. Clubs are willing to invest in players who can make a significant difference in matches.

Market Demand and Competition

The demand for top-quality midfielders in the transfer market plays a crucial role in determining their contracts. If multiple clubs are vying for a specific midfielder’s signature, the competition can drive the player’s price up, leading to a more substantial contract offer.

Reputation and Experience

Established midfielders with a proven track record and international recognition often receive larger contracts due to their reputation and experience. Their presence not only enhances the team’s performance but also adds commercial value to the club.

Potential and Age

Young midfielders with high potential and a promising future may also receive significant contracts. Clubs are willing to invest in young talents with the hope of long-term returns. 

Similarly, experienced midfielders in the latter stages of their careers may still command lucrative contracts if their performance and leadership qualities remain essential to the team.

Club’s Financial Strength

The financial health of the club plays a pivotal role in determining the size of contracts. Clubs with significant financial resources are more likely to offer bigger contracts to retain or secure top midfield talent.

Team’s Ambitions and Project: A club’s sporting project and long-term goals influence their willingness to invest in specific players. If a midfielder aligns with the team’s strategic vision and is seen as a vital component in achieving success, they are likely to receive a substantial contract offer.

Contract Length and Release Clauses

The length of the contract and the presence of release clauses can also impact the value of a midfielder’s contract. Longer-term deals or release clauses with higher buyout amounts may lead to larger contract offers to secure the player’s services for an extended period or deter potential suitors.

Loyalty and Club Icon Status

Midfielders who have displayed loyalty to their club over the years or have become club icons can negotiate more favorable contracts. Such players often hold a special place in the hearts of fans, and their presence both on and off the field holds significant value.

The interplay of these factors contributes to the varying values assigned to midfielders, reflecting their impact and importance in the highly competitive English Premier League.


Who is the highest-paid EPL midfielder?

As of the last update in September 2021, Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City holds the title of the highest-paid EPL midfielder. His exceptional passing accuracy and creativity have made him an invaluable asset to his team, justifying his significant contract.

What makes midfielders such valuable assets in the EPL?

Midfielders play a central role in controlling the game’s tempo, creating scoring opportunities, and providing defensive stability. Their abilities to link the defense and attack, break up opposition plays, and initiate attacks make them indispensable in modern football.

How do contracts for EPL midfielders differ from other positions?

Midfielders often command significant contracts due to their all-around contributions on the field. Their versatility and tactical importance lead clubs to invest heavily in securing their services.

Have any midfielders’ contracts significantly changed due to their performances?

Yes, some midfielders’ contracts have been affected by their performance levels and other factors. For example, Mesut Özil’s contract situation changed, and he later transferred to Fenerbahçe, showcasing how contracts can evolve with a player’s circumstances.

Do these contracts guarantee long-term commitments?

While significant contracts often suggest a long-term commitment, football is dynamic, and various factors can influence a player’s future. Transfers, injuries, and changes in a player’s form may impact the length and terms of contracts.

End Call

The Top 10 Biggest EPL Midfielder Contracts are a testament to the crucial roles these players play in their teams. Their exceptional skills, whether it’s creating goal-scoring opportunities, or providing defensive cover, have earned them well-deserved recognition and lucrative contracts.

As football continues to evolve, these midfield maestros will remain at the heart of the action, mesmerizing fans with their dazzling displays and influencing matches in ways only the best midfielders can. 

Their contracts not only reflect their worth to their clubs but also demonstrate how their talents can shape the landscape of the English Premier League. Thank you so much for your support. 

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