Texas Rangers Best Players of All Time

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The Texas Ranger Division is a legendary law enforcement agency with a long and storied history. Founded in 1823, the Rangers have served to protect and serve the people of Texas for almost two centuries – making them one of the oldest state police forces in America. Often referred to as Los Diablos Tejanos (Spanish for ‘the Texan Devils’), this elite group has become renowned throughout all 50 states due to their bravery and dedication to justice. From solving political corruption cases to investigating murder mysteries, these brave men and women are known for their superior investigative skills that often result in successful convictions or confessions from criminals around the country

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1. Adrián Beltré

Designated hitter

Adrián Beltré Career

  • 4× All-Star (2010–2012, 2014), 5× Gold Glove Award (2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2016), 4× Silver Slugger Award (2004, 2010, 2011, 2014), NL home run leader (2004), Texas Rangers No. 29 retired, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Beltré is a 3-time All-Star and has won three Silver Slugger Awards. Beltré was signed by the Dodgers as an amateur free agent in 1998 and made his MLB debut that same year.

He played for the Rangers from 2010 to 2018, winning two World Series with them (2011 & 2017). In 2011, Beltré became only the second player ever to hit 30 home runs and steal 40 bases in a season; he also led the league in batting average (.328) while finishing 2nd in MVP voting behind Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers.

After playing sparingly towards the end of 2018 due to injury, Beltre announced his retirement on September 30th, ending his 18-year career with 535 home runs and 1,314 RBIs along with 145 stolen bases. 

Adrián Beltré is a three-time MVP, five-time Gold Glove winner, and four-time Silver Slugger recipient. He ranks first all-time in home runs for the Texas Rangers with 487 and third in RBIs (1,707).

Beltré also holds MLB records for the most hits by a catcher (3,166) and most doubles by a catcher (504). In 2018 he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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2. Juan González


Juan González Career

  • 3× All-Star (1993, 1998, 2001), 2× AL MVP (1996, 1998), 6× Silver Slugger Award (1992, 1993, 1996–1998, 2001), 2× AL home run leader (1992, 1993), AL RBI leader (1998), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Juan González was born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico on October 20th, 1969. He made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers in 1989 and played for them until 1999.

After leaving the Rangers he spent four seasons with the Detroit Tigers before finishing his career with Cleveland Indians in 2005. Juan González is a right fielder who has averaged .295 batting average and led the majors with 134 home runs during his career.

His most successful season came in 1997 when he hit 39 home runs and drove in 138 runs which helped him win an American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) award that year as well as being named to both. 

The Sporting News AL All-Star team and Baseball America’s AL All-Star team at second base respectively along with Carlos Santana of the Boston Red Sox, Alex Rodriguez of Seattle Mariners, José Canseco of Oakland Athletics and Ken Griffey Jr., now a commentator for ESPN baseball coverage appearing on their “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasts from time to time).

3. Iván Rodríguez


Iván Rodríguez Career

  • 14× All-Star (1992–2001, 2004–2007), World Series champion (2003), AL MVP (1999), NLCS MVP (2003), 13× Gold Glove Award (1992–2001, 2004, 2006, 2007), 7× Silver Slugger Award (1994–1999, 2004), Texas Rangers No. 7 retired, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Washington Nationals Ring of Honor

Iván Rodríguez was a catcher in the MLB for 13 seasons, most notably with the Texas Rangers. He batted .296 and had 2,844 hits and 311 home runs. Iván Rodríguez also played for the Washington Nationals from 2011 to 2014 before retiring.

In his career he compiled 1,332 RBIs and helped lead his teams to several championships. Iván Rodríguez is currently an analyst for TV Azteca in Mexico City where he provides commentary on baseball games. Iván Rodríguez was a 20-time All-Star and 7x Silver Slugger Award winner with the Texas Rangers.

Iván Rodríguez also won two World Series championships, one in 2003 as part of the Texas Rangers team that went all the way to Game 6 against the New York Yankees. Iván Rodríguez is now retired from baseball after playing for Houston Astros and Washington Nationals in 2010-2011 seasons; he is enshrined into both teams' Hall of Fames.

Iván Rodríguez's career highlights include batting average over .300 (14 times), 2,000 hits (13 times) and 350 home runs (7 times).

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4. Josh Hamilton


Josh Hamilton Career

  • 5× All-Star (2008–2012), AL MVP (2010), ALCS MVP (2010), 3× Silver Slugger Award (2008, 2010, 2012), AL batting champion (2010), AL RBI leader (2008), Hit four home runs in one game on May 8, 2012, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Josh Hamilton is an all-time great MLB hitter and has had a Hall of Fame career. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the first round of the 1999 MLB draft, but did not make his debut until 2007 with the Rangers.

In 2009 he won MVP honors after batting .287 with 53 home runs and 129 RBIs in 162 games played for Texas. Hamilton's 200 homers are eighth most in history behind Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (744), Reggie Jackson (534), Babe Ruth (714) and Stan Musial (609).

On October 4th, 2015 Josh announced that he would be retiring from professional baseball at age 39 due to persistent hip injuries. Hamilton currently serves as an ambassador for Major League Baseball Players Association initiatives such as "Play Ball".

Which encourages children to pursue their love of baseball through fun activities outside of organized leagues or clinics run by professional organizations like MLBPA; and "Hitting For Change. 

Which supports programs aimed at improving youth recreational access to balls and bats across America so they can have healthy outdoor experiences playing ball without risking injury or getting grounded out constantly because there isn't enough equipment available for them in their communities.

5. Michael Young


Michael Young Career

  • 7× All-Star (2004–2009, 2011), Gold Glove Award (2008), AL batting champion (2005), Texas Rangers No. 10 retired, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Michael Young was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 7th round of the 1994 amateur draft. He made his MLB debut with the Rangers on September 29, 2000 and finished his career with them in 2013.

In total, Michael Young played for 10 teams over a 20 year baseball career, batting .290/.371/.437 with 234 home runs and 1,026 RBIs. 

After retiring from playing professionally in 2013, Michael Young became a broadcaster for Fox Sports Southwest covering both baseball and basketball games until he retired at the end of 2017 due to health concerns stemming from surgery performed several years earlier to correct an irregular heartbeat that had been troubling him since childhood.

Michael Young was elected to be part of The Baseball Hall of Fame's inaugural class in 2018 after receiving just under 75% of votes cast by members of the BBWAA (Baseball Writers' Association Of America).

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6. Ian Kinsler


Ian Kinsler Career

  • 4× All-Star (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014), World Series champion (2018), 2× Gold Glove Award (2016, 2018), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Ian Kinsler is a two-time all-star and nine-time Gold Glove Award winner. Ian was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the 2002 amateur draft.

He made his Major League Baseball debut with the Rangers in 2006 and has since played for Detroit, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, and San Diego Padres.

In 2019, he announced his retirement from baseball after 19 seasons in the league. Ian is married to actress Reese Witherspoon and they have one child together - Ava James Kinsler (born March 10th, 2016).

Outside of baseball, Ian is an avid horse rider who won multiple championships on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as well as several world championship events including The Masters Tournament twice (2018 & 2020).

Ian has been involved with various charitable organizations over his career such as pediatric cancer research foundations Walk A Mile In My Shoes and Heads Up. 

Alongside being a successful athlete himself, Ian also coaches young athletes through Tiger Cubs Foundation which helps underprivileged children participate in summer sports camps across. 

Michigan focusing specifically on football/soccer programs to give disadvantaged youth access to elite sporting opportunities while instilling character values that will last a lifetime.

7. Alex Rodriguez


Alex Rodriguez Career

  • 14× All-Star (1996–1998, 2000–2008, 2010, 2011), World Series champion (2009), 3× AL MVP (2003, 2005, 2007), 2× Gold Glove Award (2002, 2003), 10× Silver Slugger Award (1996, 1998–2003, 2005, 2007, 2008), 4× AL Hank Aaron Award (2001–2003, 2007), MLB batting champion (1996), 5× AL home run leader (2001–2003, 2005, 2007), 2× MLB RBI leader (2002, 2007)

Alex Rodriguez is a former MLB player who currently works as an analyst for the Fox Sports broadcast network. Rodriguez played shortstop and third base in his career, but he was most famous for his time with the New York Yankees where he helped lead them to three World Series championships.

In 2015, Rodriguez announced that he would be retiring from baseball at the age of 40 after playing 21 seasons in the majors. Despite announcing his retirement, Rodriguez still plays occasionally for charity events and has been rumored to play again in 2019 or 2020 if he can find a team willing to sign him up.

Alex Rodriquez is one of only two players (the other being Pete Rose) ever to hit 3,000 hits and 600 home runs in their careers. Rodriguez's record-breaking stats have won him numerous awards including five AL MVPs and ten Gold Gloves Award nominations - which makes him arguably one of the best defensive infielders ever.

Even though Rodriguez retired from professional baseball following the 2016 season, many believe that there is still potential for him to come back and win another championship with either the Yankees or another team down the line.

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8. Nolan Ryan


Nolan Ryan Career

  • 8× All-Star (1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1989), World Series champion (1969), 2× NL ERA leader (1981, 1987), 11× Strikeout leader (1972–1974, 1976–1979, 1987–1990), Los Angeles Angels No. 30 retired, Houston Astros No. 34 retired, Texas Rangers No. 34 retired, Angels Hall of Fame, Houston Astros Hall of Fame, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Major League Baseball All-Century Team, , MLB records, , 5,714 career strikeouts, 7 career no-hitters

Nolan Ryan was a dominant pitcher in the MLB for many years and is still considered one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. He led his teams to many championships, including three MVP awards, and holds several records as a result of his impressive pitching performances.

Ryan has also been involved in several controversial moments during his career, but he remains one of baseball's most popular stars. Nolan Ryan is considered one of the greatest pitchers in history and was a six-time all-star. 

He led the league in strikeouts eleven times, including seven consecutive seasons from 1976 to 1980.

His record for most complete games with at least twenty innings pitched stands at 205, which he set in 1984. In 1988, Ryan became only the second pitcher ever to win three Cy Young Awards (the first being Sandy Koufax). 

Ryan retired after winning his sixth Cy Young Award in 1993 and has since been inducted into both the Angels and Astros halls of fame as well as several other Halls of Fame around baseball.

9. Rafael Palmeiro

Rafael Palmeiro Career

  • 4× All-Star (1988, 1991, 1998, 1999), 3× Gold Glove Award (1997–1999), 2× Silver Slugger Award (1998, 1999)

Rafael Palmeiro played in the MLB for over 20 years and was a three-time All-Star. He is most famous for his home run record, which he set with the Baltimore Orioles in 2005.

Palmeiro also had a reputation as one of the best defensive first basemen of his era. After retiring from baseball, Rafael Palmeiro has started coaching and managing in Cuba's professional league.

Rafael Palmeiro was one of the most dominant hitters in baseball during the 1990s. He led the majors in home runs and batting average for three consecutive seasons and won multiple awards, including a Silver Slugger Award.

Palmeiro’s career ended prematurely due to injury but he remains one of the all-time great sluggers.

10. Elvis Andrus


Elvis Andrus Career

  • 2× All-Star (2010, 2012)

Elvis Andrus has been a staple in the Texas Rangers infield since 2009. He is an experienced shortstop with a lot of power and speed. In 2017, Andrus recorded career highs in batting average (.285), home runs (23), and RBIs (86).

At 34 years old, Elvis Andrus still has plenty of baseball left to play. Look for him to continue playing at an high level for years to come. Elvis Andrus has a .270 batting average and 1,997 hits in his career. He's won two All-Star Games and was named to the 2012 team.

Elvis Andrus stole 335 bases in his career, which is fifth all time among third basemen. In 2020, he will be an Oakland A's player for the final season of his contract with Texas Rangers.

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11. Julio Franco

Julio Franco Career

  • 3× All-Star (1989–1991), 5× Silver Slugger Award (1988–1991, 1994), AL batting champion (1991)

Julio Franco is a longtime Major League Infielder and Designated Hitter. He made his MLB debut with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1982 and has spent most of his career with Atlanta Braves, totaling over 2,500 hits and 298 batting average across all levels of play.

Recently he announced his retirement from professional baseball after 18 seasons on the diamond. Julio Franco was an All-Star seven times (1982-87, 1990) including four consecutive selections from 1987 to 1990 as well as being voted NL Most Valuable Player in 1986. 

While playing for Philadelphia Phillies He also won two Silver Slugger Awards (1985–86) and Platinum Glove Award (1992) during his tenure in MLB.

After retiring from playing professionally, he became a broadcaster for Turner Sports covering both Spanish language broadcasts alongside former major league player Tony Gwynn Jr., as well as English broadcasts.

12. Martín Pérez


Martín Pérez Career

  • All-Star (2022)

Pérez made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers in June 2012. He has pitched for the Rangers, Detroit Tigers, and Miami Marlins since then. Pérez is a left-handed pitcher who throws from the sidearm position.

His fastball generally reaches speeds of around 97 mph, but he also has a slider and changeup that can be used to complement it. In 2016, Pérez set career highs in wins (8), innings pitched (132⅓) and strikeouts (134).

In 2017, he was traded to the Colorado Rockies where he finished up his season as their number 3 starter behind Jon Gray and Kyle Freeland. Pérez is a talented pitcher who has had some success in the Major Leagues. He's compiled a win-loss record of 75–77 and an ERA of 4.43, while striking out 909 batters over the course of his career.

Perez was selected to represent the Rangers at All-Star events on two occasions, most recently in 2022 where he pitched four scoreless innings in relief. Pérez also boasts impressive accolades, having been named an AL All-Star twice (2012, 2018) and being voted as one of baseball's best pitchers by fans multiple times during his tenure with Texas thus far.

13. Mark Teixeira


Mark Teixeira Career

  • 3× All-Star (2005, 2009, 2015), World Series champion (2009), 5× Gold Glove Award (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012), 3× Silver Slugger Award (2004, 2005, 2009), AL home run leader (2009), AL RBI leader (2009), Dick Howser Trophy (2000)

Mark Teixeira is a first baseman and right-handed hitter who has played in the MLB for 13 seasons, most recently with the Yankees. He has had success at the major league level, batting over .270 each season.

Mark Teixeira was born on April 11th, 1980 in Annapolis, Maryland. After attending college at Santa Clara University and then playing minor league baseball for several teams before signing with Texas Rangers in 2003, he made his MLB debut that year and became one of their regular players from thereon out.

In 2010 he signed a $180 million dollar contract extension with the Yankees which kept him with them until 2016 when he announced his retirement after being injured during spring training; however he later changed his mind about retiring and decided to sign back up with New York as their DH/first baseman coach instead.

14. Nelson Cruz


Nelson Cruz Career

  • 7× All-Star (2009, 2013–2015, 2017, 2018, 2021), All-MLB First Team (2019), All-MLB Second Team (2020), ALCS MVP (2011), 4× Silver Slugger Award (2015, 2017, 2019, 2020), Roberto Clemente Award (2021), Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award (2020), AL home run leader (2014), AL RBI leader (2017), 2× Edgar Martínez Award (2017, 2019), All-World Baseball Classic Team (2013)

Cruz is a right-handed batter and right fielder who has spent his entire MLB career with the Milwaukee Brewers. Cruz led all NL hitters in home runs in 2017, becoming just the third player ever to lead the league in HRs at any point during a season ( alongside Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth).

As of July 2018, he ranked fifth all-time among active players with 2,018 hits and fourth with 1,302 RBI. He also ranks second among active players with 459 home runs – one behind Barry Bonds for sole possession of third place on that list – as well as first amongst active players with 1,302 runs batted in (RBI).

In addition to being an outstanding hitter on offense, Cruz is also an exceptional defender; according to ESPN Stats & Info's Defensive Runs Saved metric (+839 over 162 games played), he was statistically one of the best defenders at his position throughout his 14-year MLB career.

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15. Shin-Soo Choo

Designated hitter

Shin-Soo Choo Career

  • All-Star (2018), Hit for the cycle on July 21, 2015

Shin-Soo Choo is a left fielder and designated hitter who has played in the MLB for over 10 years. He was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2005, but he spent most of his career with the Texas Rangers.

Choo is known for his power, as he has hit 218 home runs throughout his career. He also boasts a batting average of .275, which makes him one of the best hitters in baseball. Choo is an excellent defender, having won three Gold Gloves Awards during his playing days.

His speed on the field means that he can steal bases and score runs quickly when needed; this attribute has made him an integral part of many successful teams over the course of his career.

 One downside to Choo's game is that he strikes out often – averaging about 33 strikeouts per 162 games played – which can be frustrating for fans watching him play live or on TV.

However, when all things are considered, Shin-Soo Choo remains one of the top players in baseball.

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16. Nathaniel Lowe


Nathaniel Lowe Career

  • Silver Slugger Award (2022)

Lowe was drafted in the first round (27th overall) of the 2014 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers. Lowe made his MLB debut with the Rangers in 2019 and hit .268/.343/.459 with 10 home runs and 41 RBIs over 116 games.

Lowe spent most of 2018 with Triple-A Oklahoma City, where he hit .295/.353/.504 with 31 home runs and 111 RBIs in 134 games. Lowe has experience both at first base and as a designated hitter, which gives him versatility on your roster if needed.

Lowe was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2nd round of the 2019 MLB Draft. Lowe is a right-handed hitter who stands at 6'1" and weighs 190 pounds. Nathaniel has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old and attended college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo before being drafted by the Rays.

In his rookie season with Tampa Bay, Lowe hit .278 with 56 home runs and 178 RBIs - earning him a spot on the American League All-Star team along with teammates such as Freddie Freeman, Alex Bregman, José Altuve, and George Springer. 

Nathaniel is considered to be an extremely durable player; he has only missed 10 games in his 3 seasons so far. He also possesses great speed which helps him get on base often (he's stolen 66 bases during that time). With another strong year in 2020.

potentially even better than his Rookie campaign due to increased power potential - it's safe to say that Nathaniel Lowe could easily become one of today's top hitters in Major League Baseball.

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17. Brett Martin


Brett Martin is a right-handed pitcher and left fielder for the Texas Rangers. He was drafted by the team in the 4th round of the 2013 MLB Draft. In 2016, he had a breakout season with the rookie ball affiliate Hickory Crawdads where he posted a 2.15 ERA over 37 innings pitched, striking out 43 batters while walking only 5.

Brett made his debut with the big league club in 2017 and finished up 2018 with Triple-A Round Rock where he compiled an impressive 3b record of 25-11 (.681), ranking 4th among all minor leaguers in wins and 7th in strikeouts (144). 

He has shown great potential as both a starting pitcher and outfielder and is expected to continue developing throughout his career with Texas' organization Brett Martin was drafted in the 4th round of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

He made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers on April 19, 2019. Brett has played in 8 games for the Rangers this season and has a record of 0-8 with an earned run average of 3.85. 

In 152 strikeouts, he is one of only two players on the team who have struck out more than 150 times in their career (the other being Rougned Odor). Brett's wife gave birth to their first child earlier this year and they are now expecting their second child later this year.

18. Matt Bush


Matt Bush

Matt Bush was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2nd round of the 2006 MLB Draft. He made his major league debut with the Rangers on June 6, 2009 and appeared in 24 games that season.

In 2010, he pitched for both Triple-A Round Rock and the Rangers, splitting time between starting and relieving roles. The Brewers acquired him from Texas in a trade on July 31, 2011 and he spent three seasons with Milwaukee before being traded to San Diego on December 10, 2013 for cash considerations.

Bush finished second in National League Rookie of Year voting behind Philadelphia's Roy Halladay in 2008 despite appearing only 11 times during the regular season due to injury (he threw 7 innings once). 

After going 5–11 with a 4 ER/13 BB ratio over 20 appearances as a Brewer beginning in 2014 (his final year with Milwaukee), Bush was designated for assignment on August 1st.

But cleared waivers two days later and elected free agency rather than accept an outright assignment to Triple-A Nashville; he subsequently signed with independent Lancaster County Blue Crabs of Atlantic League Baseball where he is currently pitching.

Matt has had some difficulty staying healthy throughout his career – including missing significant time due to Tommy John surgery – but when he’s been at his best, he’s shown significant upside as a potential No1 pitcher or capable middle reliever. 

His fastball routinely reaches 95 mph thanks to its tight spin axis which makes it difficult for hitters to pick up , while also possessing good secondary offerings including an improving slider that can be used against lefties (.269/.338/.471 vs LHB) or righties (.248/.329/.449).

19. Buddy Bell

Buddy Bell Career

  • 5× All-Star (1973, 1980–1982, 1984), 6× Gold Glove Award (1979–1984), Silver Slugger Award (1984), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Buddy Bell spent his entire 19-year career with the Cleveland Indians. In 1989, he was traded to the Texas Rangers and ended up playing in only three seasons for them before retiring at the end of the 1990 season.

He finished with a batting average of .279 and hit 202 home runs during his career. Buddy Bell also had 1,106 RBIs and was a solid fielder at third base as well, managing an overall record of 519–724 from his nine years as a manager in the majors.

Bell is currently a Manager for Triple-A Round Rock Express where he has led them to back-to-back playoff appearances since joining their organization in 2016 Bell played a pivotal role on both the player and manager side of the ball. 

He was an All-Star outfielder for Cleveland Indians in the 1970s and 1980s, winning several awards including three Gold Gloves. Bell also managed Detroit Tigers from 1996 to 1998 before taking over as hitting coach with Colorado Rockies in 2000 where he remained until 2002.

20. Dane Dunning


Dane Dunning

Dunning was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the second round of the 2014 MLB Draft. He made his professional debut with the Hickory Crawdads in 2015 and spent 2016 with their Advanced-A affiliate, Frisco RoughRiders.

Dunning pitched for Class A Kane County (Cubs) in 2017 before joining Double-A Tulsa in 2018. In 26 games (24 starts), Dunning had a 9-13 record and a 3.96 ERA while striking out 169 batters over 173 innings pitched.

The righty has split time between starting and relief roles throughout his career, but is expected to take on a more starter role with Texas next season. Dane Dunning was born on August 19, 2020 in Illinois. In 2021, Dane made his MLB debut for the Texas Rangers.

He has played for the Chicago White Sox (2020-present), and is 11–18 with a 4.43 ERA in 206 innings pitched. Dane struck out 286 batters while walking only 36 during his time in the majors thus far.

21. Josh Jung

Third baseman

Josh Jung is a third baseman for the Texas Rangers and was drafted in the first round of the 2016 MLB draft. He made his debut with the Rangers in 2018 and has since been hitting well, batting .266 with 10 home runs and 43 RBIs overall.

Jung has also shown great defensive skills at third base, making many highlight reel catches that have drawn attention from scouts around baseball. 

With continued success on the field, it's likely that Jung will be rewarded with a big contract as he nears completion of his 21st season in professional baseball Jung was drafted in the first round of the 2022 MLB draft by the Texas Rangers.

Jung is a left-handed hitter and has spent most of his professional career with the Rangers' minor league affiliate, the Spokane Indians. In 92 games with Spokane this season, Jung has hit .271 with six home runs and 21 RBIs. 

The 22-year old Korean native made his major league debut on September 9th against the Kansas City Royals and went 1 for 4 at bat.

22. Jeff Burroughs


Jeff Burroughs Career

  • 2× All-Star (1974, 1978), AL MVP (1974), AL RBI leader (1974)

Jeff Burroughs was a right-handed outfielder who played in the Majors from 1970 to 1985. He had an unremarkable batting average, but he did hit 26 home runs and steal 66 bases over that span of time.

Jeff retired after the 1985 season, having spent most of his career with the Toronto Blue Jays organization. After retiring from baseball, Jeff became a broadcaster for both MLB and Minor League teams across North America.

Jeff Burroughs was a key player on the 1970 Senators / Rangers team that won the World Series. He also had an MVP season in 1974 with Seattle and hit for over .300 each year from 1978-1980 while playing for Atlanta, Toronto, and Oakland.

After his playing career he became a manager in the minors and then served as bench coach for Texas before being fired after one season there. In 2001 he was hired as hitting coach by Kansas City where he remained until 2009 when he was let go following their poor performance that year.

He has since been out of coaching job but is currently working as a scout with another team in baseball.

23. C. J. Wilson


C. J. Wilson Career

  • 2× All-Star (2011, 2012)

Wilson was drafted by the Rangers in the fourth round of the 2003 MLB Draft. He made his big league debut with Texas on June 10, 2005 and has since pitched for seven other teams.

Wilson is a left-handed pitcher who throws in the range of 95-97 mph. His specialty is inducing ground balls which leads to high batting averages against him (.226 career average).

Wilson is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of this season and there are no indications that he will re-sign with any team before then. Wilson was a standout pitcher in college, and the Rangers selected him with the ninth overall pick of the 2005 MLB Draft.

Wilson made his big league debut in 2006 and went on to become one of Texas' most reliable starters. He led the Rangers to their first playoff appearance in 2011, but they were unable to advance past the Division Series that year. 

In 2012, Wilson helped lead the Angels to an AL West title and an appearance in the ALCS, where they lost to Kansas City Royals. The following season saw Wilson post career highs with 18 wins and 3 shutouts en route to another All-Star selection. 

Wilson experienced more struggles during 2016 (10-12 record, 4 ERs) than he had during previous years as he turned 33 years old; however,he surprisingly opted out of his contract after being non-tendered by Anaheim at Season's end. 

Wilson signed a 2-year deal worth $24 million with Seattle Mariners on January 10th 2020.

24. Leody Taveras


Leody Taveras

Leody Taveras was born on September 8, 1998 in Tenares, Dominican Republic. Taveras is an outfielder for the Texas Rangers and played with the Round Rock Express in 2022.

He hit .232 with six home runs and 37 RBIs that season. In 2024, Taveras had a breakout year as he hit .316 with 18 home runs and 83 RBIs while leading the American League in batting average (.370).

The following year, he again led the league in batting average (a career-high .381), but also led all batters in strikeouts (187) and walks (115). 

After two consecutive seasons of being among the leaders of both leagues' offensive categories, Leody Taveras was traded to Houston Astros during the offseason of 2018 for starting pitcher Justin Verlander and three prospects.

With his new team, Taveras finished second behind Mookie Betts of Boston Red Soxin voting for AL MVP award after hitting 47 home runs with 130 RBIs across 159 games played - becoming only player ever to lead both leagues' OPS twice consecutively – en route to winning Silver Slugger Award at first base.

25. Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown Career

  • 6× All-Star (1992, 1996–1998, 2000, 2003), World Series champion (1997), MLB wins leader (1992), 2× NL ERA leader (1996, 2000), Pitched a no-hitter on June 10, 1997

Brown was a two-time All-Star and won 104 games in his career. Brown made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers in 1986 and went on to play for the Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox.

In 2004, Brown had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his neck. After this he retired from baseball but returned to make one last appearance with the Yankees in 2005. 

Brown is currently an analyst for ESPNBoston TV broadcasts alongside John Smoltz and Rick Porcello during Red Sox home games Brown was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball during the 1990s.

He won several awards, including an MVP and a World Series championship, while compiling career numbers that are still unmatched by any pitcher in history. Brown's success can be attributed to his unique delivery and devastating slider. 

With 627 strikeouts over 792 innings pitched, he is clearly one of the greatest pitchers ever.

26. Frank Howard

Frank Howard Career

  • 4× All-Star (1968–1971), World Series champion (1963), NL Rookie of the Year (1960), 2× AL home run leader (1968, 1970), AL RBI leader (1970), Washington Nationals Ring of Honor

Frank Howard was a popular player in the late 1960s and early 1970s, playing for teams like the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers. He had a strong batting average and home run total during his career, but he is perhaps best known for his role as an outfielder on some of those teams.

Frank Howard retired from baseball in 1973 after several seasons with the Detroit Tigers. He later served as mayor of Columbus, Ohio before passing away in 2014 at the age of 86. 

Frank Howard was a three-time All-Star and five-time Silver Slugger as an outfielder for the Detroit Tigers. He also played nine seasons as manager of the San Diego Padres, leading them to two playoff appearances.

After coaching in MLB, Howard entered into managing roles in Japan with the Taiheiyo Club Lions and then Korea with the Samsung Lions before returning to MLB with the Seattle Mariners in 1997. 

In 1998 he took over as manager of Tampa Bay Devil Rays where he led them to their only World Series appearance until they were eliminated by the New York Yankees in 1999. 

Howard retired from active management after his second season at Yankee Stadium but continued working with team owner George Steinbrenner as special assistant to baseball operations until his death on November 25th, 2009 at age 73.

27. Adolis García


Adolis García Career

  • All-Star (2021)

Garcia played for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball League from 2016-2018. He made his MLB debut with St. Louis Cardinals on August 8, 2018 and hit .236/.296/.434 with 7 home runs in 90 games.

Garcia has been impressive offensively throughout his NPB career, posting a slash line of .285/.362/.536 over 357 plate appearances (1,782 total) while mainly hitting right-handed (.349 wOBA). 

In 2017 he won the Pacific League MVP Award after batting .348 with 36 home runs and 118 RBIs en route to leading the league in slugging percentage (.607), OPS (1.049), and Total Bases (496).

Garcia was traded to Memphis Redbirds prior to the 2019 season and is expected to help improve their offense as they near contention for a playoff spot this year - though there have been some injury concerns along the way which could affect his performance at any given time.

A Cuba native who defected from Cuba as a teenager, Garcia became one of just eight players born outside of North America or South America currently playing Major League Baseball - joining Venezuelans Francisco Lindor Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Gerardo Parra Jr., Carlos Correa, Jose Abreu Sr., Corey Seager, Maikel Franco, among others.

After defecting from Cuba during its baseball amateur program "La Liga de Batting" where he starred alongside future major leaguer Yoan Moncada amongst others; García's first love had always been professional baseball despite failing to qualify for either Cuban National Team or senior team trials due to being too young when trying out.

Currently, Adonis' wife Lauryn is pregnant with their first child together and expecting.

28. Toby Harrah

Toby Harrah Career

  • 4× All-Star (1972, 1975, 1976, 1982), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Toby Harrah was a third baseman and shortstop who played in the MLB for 17 seasons. He had an impressive batting average, hitting over .264 at times throughout his career.

His best season came in 1979 when he hit .300 with 19 home runs and 92 RBIs. After playing for the Washington Senators from 1969 to 1986, Harrah finished his career with the Texas Rangers where he played until 1988.

Toby Harrah is currently retired but continues to be involved in baseball as a coach or broadcaster for various teams around the league. 

Toby Harrah was a prolific home run hitter in his career, hitting 195 homers. He also had an impressive batting average of .285, and helped lead the Texas Rangers to two World Series championships during his playing days.

After retiring from baseball, Toby became a manager for the Texas Rangers in 1992. In 2001, he was inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame as part of their inaugural class. Toby currently resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and children.

29. Marcus Semien

Second baseman

Marcus Semien Career

  • All-Star (2021), All-MLB First Team (2021), All-MLB Second Team (2019), Gold Glove Award (2021), Silver Slugger Award (2021), , MLB records, , Most home runs by second baseman, single season (45)

Marcus Semien is a shortstop and second baseman for the Texas Rangers. He was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft, and made his debut with them that year.

In 2018, he won his first Gold Glove award after leading all American shortstops in fielding percentage (.996). Semien has also been nominated for three other gold glove awards, including twice as runner up (2015 & 2017).

Marcus Semien is married to Adriana Lopez-Semien, who he met while they both played college baseball at UC Santa Barbara together. 

The couple have one child together - a daughter named Lila Rose born in November of 2018.. Semien signed a $60 million contract with the Oakland Athletics ahead of the 2019 season but struggled during his time there and was traded to Texas later that year.

30. Corey Seager


Corey Seager Career

  • 3× All-Star (2016, 2017, 2022), World Series champion (2020), World Series MVP (2020), All-MLB Second Team (2020), NL Rookie of the Year (2016), NLCS MVP (2020), 2× Silver Slugger Award (2016, 2017)

Corey Seager is a shortstop and one of the top prospects in all of baseball. He has prodigious power and speed, making him difficult to double up. 

Corey Seager made his MLB debut with the Dodgers in 2015 and has been a key part of their lineup ever since.

In 2018 he led the majors in hits (239) and was third in batting average (.331). 

Corey Seager is not only an outstanding hitter but also makes tremendous plays at shortstop, often robbing opposing baserunners of extra bases or making spectacular diving grabs on balls hit near the ground that would have gone for homers otherwise.

Due to his excellent defensive skills as well as his promising bat-speed, many pundits believe that Seager could be one of the best hitters ever to play shortstop – if not THE best. 

Corey Seager is a superstar shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has won multiple awards, including 3 All-Star appearances and 2 Silver Slugger Awards.

Corey is known as one of the best defensive shortstops in all of baseball, and he has also hit for a high batting average throughout his career. Corey's impressive stats have led to him being named captain of the Texas Rangers for the next few seasons.

Also Played For: los angeles dodgers, mlb

31. Ferguson Jenkins

Ferguson Jenkins Career

  • 3× All-Star (1967, 1971, 1972), NL Cy Young Award (1971), 2× Wins leader (1971, 1974), NL strikeout leader (1969), Chicago Cubs No. 31 retired, Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Ferguson Jenkins pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1965 to 1983. He had a career win-loss record of 284–226 and an earned run average of 3.34. Ferguson Jenkins was one of the most successful pitchers in MLB history, with 3,192 strikeouts over his career.

After playing 16 seasons in the majors, Jenkins retired at the age of 41 after having surgery on his throwing arm which ended his baseball career prematurely. Today, Ferguson Jenkins is a popular speaker and consultant who helps other professional athletes achieve their goals both on and off the field.

Ferguson Jenkins was a dominant pitcher in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He won two Cy Young Awards and led his team to three pennants. Ferguson Jenkins had a sharp curveball that made him tough to hit, while also possessing a quality fastball. 

In 1981, he became the first player in baseball history to pitch 1,000 innings with four different teams over six seasons.

Also Played For: chicago cubs

32. Joe Barlow

Joe Barlow is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the 2017 MLB Draft out of Riverton High School in Utah.

Joe made his professional debut with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, where he posted a 2-0 record and 0.89 ERA over 23 innings pitched between rookie ball and short season A ball before being called up to AA Frisco late in 2018.

In 2019, Joe has been impressive enough to earn an invite to spring training with the big league club and will compete for one of two spots on their pitching staff along side veterans Cole Hamels and Andrew Cashner this year.

Joe Barlow was born and raised in Texas. Joe began his MLB career with the Rangers in 2021. He has been a consistent performer for the team, posting a 3-3 record and an ERA of 2.81 through 22 games this season. 

Joe is known for his strong work ethic, which has led to him being one of the most durable pitchers in baseball over the past few years. In addition to his pitching skills, Joe is also known for his passion for playing defense; he has recorded 55 strikeouts throughout his career so far (including playoffs). 

Joe is set to become a free agent at the end of next season; whether or not he re-signs with the Rangers remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that he'll always be remembered as one of their greatest players - past or present.

33. Jonah Heim


Jonah Heim

Jonah Heim is a catcher for the Texas Rangers and was drafted in the first round of the 2017 MLB draft. Jonah Heim has played in 81 games over three seasons with the Rangers, batting .261 with one home run and 32 RBIs.

Jonah Heim will be entering his fourth season with the Rangers in 2021 and is expected to compete for playing time at catcher alongside veteran Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Jonah Heim is a 22-year old right-handed pitcher who made his MLB debut with the Oakland Athletics in 2020.

Jonah has been very successful in minor league baseball, posting an ERA of 2.06 and 173 strikeouts over 220 innings pitched between the Double-A Midland RockHounds and Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers. 

Jonah was drafted by Texas in the 3rd round of the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft but elected to sign with Oakland instead.

Jonah made his professional debut for the AZL Rangers on July 12th, pitching 5 innings without surrendering a run while striking out seven batters. In his MLB debut against Seattle Mariners on August 25th, Jonah surrendered 4 runs (all earned) on 7 hits over just 1 inning pitched - being pulled from what would have been his final pitch after giving up back-to-back home runs.

34. Brock Burke


Brock Burke

Brock Burke was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 4th 1996. After attending a local Catholic school for his early years, Brock attended Arizona State University and played baseball there before being drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2016 MLB Draft.

In 2017, Brock made his professional debut with the Hickory Crawdads of the Class A-Short Season South Atlantic League and went 2-1 with a 3.27 ERA in 16 games (14 starts). 

In 2018, Brock spent time with both the High Desert Mavericks of the Class AA California League and Frisco RoughRiders of Double-A Corpus Christi where he posted an 8-5 record with a 3 1/3 ERA over 23 games (22 starts).

As of July 24th 2019, Burke has pitched to a 10-6 record with a 3.92 ERA across all levels of baseball including 11 starts for Triple-A Round Rock this season which has led to him receiving consideration for Major League Baseball's 2020 All-Star Game Selection alongside fellow Ranger Rougned Odor as starters at first base and second base respectively.

35. Rubén Sierra

Rubén Sierra Career

  • 4× All-Star (1989, 1991, 1992, 1994), Silver Slugger Award (1989), AL RBI leader (1989), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Rubén Sierra is a switch hitter and right fielder who played in Major League Baseball for the Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, and Philadelphia Phillies.

He was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico on October 6th, 1965 and debuted with the Rangers on June 1st of that year. His last season was in 2006 with the Twins where he hit .268 with 2152 hits, 306 home runs and 1322 RBIs across all teams he has played for during his career.

Rubén Sierra won two Silver Slugger Awards (in 1996 as an outfielder for Texas and in 2000 as a designated hitter for Philadelphia) and three Gold Glove Awards (with Texas in 1986-1989-2000). 

Currently, Rubén Sierra works as a broadcaster for Fox Sports Caribbean alongside former teammate Miguel Tejada after retiring from playing baseball at the end of 2006 season aged 38 years old due to recurring neck problems stemming from multiple concussions suffered throughout his 20 year MLB career.

36. José Leclerc


José Leclerc

José Leclerc is a relief pitcher for the Texas Rangers. He was born in Esperanza, Dominican Republic and has played baseball there since he was young. Leclerc signed with the Rangers as an undrafted free agent in 2013 and made his major league debut that year.

He has been a mainstay on the team's bullpen ever since, recording 73 saves along with 231 strikeouts in 329 innings pitched over 4 seasons (2017-2020). In 2020, he won his first career Cy Young Award after going 19-6 with a 2.51 ERA and 234 strikeouts in 246 innings pitched for Texas .

Outside of baseball, Leclerc is also active on social media , where he regularly posts about various sports topics or interacts with fans online José Leclerc made his MLB debut for the Texas Rangers on July 6, 2016. José Leclerc had a 6-13 record with 3.12 ERA in 36 appearances as of 2022 season.

José Leclerc was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in 2015 but he did not sign and played college baseball at Florida State University instead. José Leclerc was selected 10th overall in 2017 Major League Baseball draft by the Texas Rangers, who traded up to get him. 

In 2018 season, Jose Leclercer started off well pitching 16 scoreless innings in his first start but suffered an injury that caused him to miss rest of the season and part of 2019 campaign too.

37. Charlie Hough

Charlie Hough Career

  • All-Star (1986), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Hough was a pitcher for 14 seasons in the MLB, from 1970 to 1994. He pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Florida Marlins over that time period. Hough had a respectable record of 203-225 with an ERA of 3.90 to 4.03 overall in his career.

After retiring from baseball, Hough became a coach with the Texas Rangers organization from 1995 until 2000, when he retired completely after being diagnosed with throat cancer.. Charlie Hough was a pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers (1970-1980), Texas Rangers (1980-1990), and Chicago White Sox (1991-1992).

He finished his career with an ERA of 3.75, 2,362 strikeouts, and 362 wins. In 1986, he became the first player ever to be named an All Star both as a starting pitcher and relief pitcher. He is also a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and has been posthumously inducted into the Florida Marlins' Hall of Fame in 2003.

38. Ezequiel Durán


Durán was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft. He is a switch hitter and has played both shortstop and second base in his career to date.

Durán has drawn comparisons to José Altuve due to his ability to hit for average, power, and speed. Durán made his professional debut with the AZL Rangers in 2017 but spent most of that season with Class A Short Season Spokane before being promoted to Class AA Frisco at the end of the year.

In 129 games between those two levels, he slashed .278/.362/.506 with 24 home runs and 95 RBIs over 622 plate appearances. The 23-year old underwent surgery on his right thumb during Spring Training this year but should be ready for Opening Day 2019 barring any further setbacks. 

Durán is a right-handed hitter and thrower who was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

Durán made his MLB debut on June 4, 2022, with the Rangers. In his rookie season, he batted .236 with 5 home runs and 25 RBIs. Durán has shown great potential as a pitcher in minor league baseball, posting a 2.98 ERA over 63 innings pitched between Class A Hickory and Double-A Round Rock in 2019. 

Durán is considered to be one of the top young players in baseball and should continue to improve as he advances through the ranks of professional baseball.

39. Rusty Greer

Rusty Greer Career

  • Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Greer played 11 seasons in the majors, including a stint with the Texas Rangers in 1994. Greer had an inconsistent career, but he was known for his speed and defense in left field.

Greer is now retired from baseball and lives near Fort Rucker, Alabama. Rusty Greer was a highly productive player in his career, batting over .300 with 119 home runs and 614 RBIs. He played for the Rangers from 1994 to 2002 and is currently a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

Rusty Greer was known as an outstanding defensive player and helped lead Texas to two World Series appearances during his tenure with the team. Rusty Greer retired after the 2002 season, at which point he held numerous Ranger records including most hits (1,737), doubles (523), home runs (119) and RBIs (614).

40. Kenny Rogers


  • 4× All-Star (1995, 2004–2006), World Series champion (1996), 5× Gold Glove Award (2000, 2002, 2004–2006), Pitched a perfect game on July 28, 1994, Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Kenny Rogers was born in Savannah, Georgia on November 10, 1964. After playing college baseball at the University of Texas-Austin and then making his MLB debut with the Rangers in 1989, Kenny would go on to have an illustrious career spanning 19 seasons.

His 219 wins are tied for second all time behind only Roger Clemens, while his 156 losses trail only Whitey Ford among active pitchers with over 1,000 innings pitched. The left-handed pitcher is also third all time in strikeouts (1,968) and fourth in ERA (4.27).

In 2003 Kenny retired from MLB after a season with the Tigers where he posted a record of 3–8 before coming back as a player/coach for the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks campaign which ended tragically due to cancer treatment complications; Rogers passed away just days after conclusion of that season at age 57. 

Outside of baseball Kenny enjoyed spending quality time with his wife Tammy and their three children along with fishing trips near his home in Florida; he remains deeply respected by many within the sport despite having retired several years prior.

41. Taylor Hearn


Taylor Hearn

Taylor Hearn is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. He was drafted by the Rangers in the second round of the 2016 MLB Draft. He made his professional debut with short-season A ball affiliate, Hickory Crawdads in 2017.

In 2018, he pitched for AA Frisco and AAA Round Rock before making his MLB debut with the Rangers on September 1st against Oakland Athletics . Hearn has appeared in 49 games (48 starts) for Texas over two seasons, posting a 17-10 record with a 3.43 ERA and 269 strikeouts over 251 2/3 innings pitched..

Hearn made his MLB debut for the Rangers on April 25th. The 23-year old had a record of 12-15 with an ERA of 4.95 and 212 strikeouts in just over two seasons in the minors. Hearn has always shown great potential and is looking to prove himself at the big league level this season.

42. Jim Sundberg

Jim Sundberg Career

  • 3× All-Star (1974, 1978, 1984), World Series champion (1985), 6× Gold Glove Award (1976–1981), Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

Sundberg was a catcher in the MLB for 14 seasons, from 1974 to 1989. He had a .252 batting average with 112 home runs and 549 RBIs in 1,379 games. Sundberg played on several championship teams during his career, including Texas Rangers (1974-1989) and Oakland Athletics (1980).

After retiring as a player, Sundberg served as an assistant coach for the Seattle Mariners from 1990 to 1998 before becoming their manager from 1999 to 2002. In 2003, Sundberg became the bench coach for the Chicago Cubs where he remained until being fired after the 2016 season.

JimSundberg was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015 Sundberg played for the Texas Rangers from 1974-1983. He was a three time allstar, and won a World Series with the team in 1985. Sundberg had an excellent batting average (.248) throughout his career and was known as one of the best defensive first basemen of all time.

After playing his final season with the Texas Rangers, he retired in 1986 and later became a baseball analyst on television broadcasts.

43. Josh Sborz


Josh Sborz

Josh Sborz was drafted in the third round of the 2012 amateur draft by the Washington Nationals. He made his professional debut with short-season Vermont in 2014 and pitched to a 2.30 ERA before being called up to Class A Hagerstown that summer.

In 2015, he had an 8-4 record with a 3.02 ERA in 20 starts between Hagerstown and Double-A Harrisburg, earning him a promotion to Triple-A Syracuse late in the season.

Where he finished 9-5 with a 3.28 ERA over 18 starts en route to being named Eastern League Pitcher of The Year Award recipient for 2016...

Sborz spent all of 2017 pitching for Texas across four different levels (High Single A Hickory, Low Single A Myrtle Beach, High AA Frisco, MLB) but struggled mightily posting an 11 - 21 record with 4 complete games and 5 saves while averaging 6 innings per start.

Round Rock as part of their major league roster out of spring training 2018 and has been successful posting an 0 – 1 record with 1 save while averaging 7 innings per start

Also Played For: oklahoma city dodgers, virginia cavaliers baseball

44. Spencer Howard


Spencer Howard

Howard made his debut in the majors with the Texas Rangers in 2017. He has a 2-1 record and a 3.76 ERA in 10 games (eight starts) this season. Howard is known for his fastball and slider, which he throws 88-91 mph and 74-77 mph respectively.

Howard graduated from San Luis Obispo High School in 2014 where he was teammates with current New York Mets pitcher Steven Matz He played college ball at Cal State Fullerton before being drafted by the Houston Astros in the second round of the 2016 MLB Draft Howard was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2020 MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Howard made his MLB debut for the Phillies on August 9, 2020. In his debut game, he pitched 5 innings and allowed 4 earned runs but also struck out 7 batters. Howard has had a rough start to his career with an ERA of 7.09 and 107 strikeouts in only 11 games played so far this season.

However, despite these struggles, Howard is still looking to improve as a pitcher in the majors and hopes to stay there for many years to come.

45. Sam Huff


Sam Huff

Sam Huff is a 24-year old catcher who was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2018 MLB Draft. Huff made his professional debut with the Round Rock Express in 2019 and has since hit .236/.313/.397 with 10 home runs and 36 RBIs in 116 games.

The Arizona native was named to both Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects list and their Midseason All-Star Team for 2020, after batting .296 with 25 homers and 78 RBIs between High Class A Myrtle Beach (Carolina) and Double-A Frisco (Texas).

In addition to catching, Huff also played left field for Frisco during the 2019 season while Adrian Beltre recovered from an ACL tear he finished second on the team with 5 triples despite only playing 58 games at that position as well. 

The 6'1", 215-pounder has spent most of his career playing shortstop but converted to catcher full-time following high school due to concerns about his throwing arm. 

Huff had Tommy John surgery on June 26th, 2017 but returned to action just over a year later appearing in 31 games for Triple-A Fresno before being recalled by Texas on May 16th of this year when Max Muncy went down with an injury.

46. Mitch Garver


Mitch Garver Career

  • Silver Slugger Award (2019)

Mitch Garver was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 8th round of the 2009 MLB Draft. In 2018, he hit .266/.337/.469 with 14 home runs and 53 RBI for the Texas Rangers.

He made his MLB debut for Texas on July 5th, 2018 against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Garver played in a total of 100 games for Texas over two seasons (2018-2019). 

On August 30th, 2019, it was announced that Garver had been traded to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for Richard Urena and $500K cash considerations.

Mitch Garver is a switch-hitting third baseman for the Minnesota Twins. He made his MLB debut in 2017 and has since batted .248 with 63 home runs and 178 RBIs. Garver was named to the 2019 All-Star Game but did not play due to injury. In 2020, he set career highs in batting average (.269), home runs (74) and RBIs (208). 

Garver was traded to the Texas Rangers prior to the 2021 season and has continued his dominant play at the plate, posting an impressive .291 batting average with 47 home runs and 166 RBIs through 2023 campaign so far.

47. Eli White


Eli White

Eli White was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 2nd round of the 2013 MLB Draft. White made his professional debut with the Danville Braves in 2014 and spent 2015 to 2018 with Double-A Mississippi, posting a combined batting average of .288/.349/.527 (119 OPS+) with 48 HRs and 116 RBIs in 191 games.

In 2019, he was called up to the Nashville Sounds where he hit .269/.331/.481 (118 OPS+) with 10 HRs and 49 RBIs over 59 games before being traded to the Colorado Rockies on July 25th. 

As of September 9th, Eli White has played in 117 games across all levels of baseball and is currently slashing .284/.351/.516 (120 OPS+).

He has also recorded 36 doubles, 17 triples, 7 home runs and 101 RBIs during that time frame. Eli White is considered one of best young outfielders in baseball due to his elite bat control as well as power potential; however, many experts believe that refinement may be necessary for him to reach his full potential offensively given his relatively low strikeout rate (~25%).

Defensively he's been rated as an above average fielder who can contribute significantly at both corner positions or center field due to his speed/range combination (.988 fielding percentage).

After finishing out this season strong with Colorado (@Rockies), many expect Eli White will enter Spring Training competing for a spot on next year's Braves roster alongside Ronald Acuna Jr., Ender Inciarte & Dansby Swanson - making him one of most highly anticipated players heading into 2020.

48. John King

John King is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. He was drafted by the Rangers in the third round of the 2016 MLB Draft. John made his debut with the team in 2018, pitching to a 3-4 record and 4.72 ERA in 16 games (15 starts).

In 2019, he has pitched to a 5-5 record and 2.75 ERA in 19 games (18 starts). John is known for his strong fastball which can reach speeds up to 100 mph . He also has an excellent slider and changeup which allow him to keep hitters off balance .

John King was born on September 4, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. John King made his MLB debut for the Texas Rangers on September 4, 2020. In 9 seasons with the Rangers, he has a record of 9-9 and an ERA of 4.01. He has struck out 79 batters in that time frame.

John is currently playing for the Texas Rangers in 2020 season and is expected to continue performing at a high level into future years.

49. Glenn Otto


Glenn Otto was born on March 11, 1996 in Spring, Texas. He is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers and made his MLB debut in 2017. Otto has a fastball that can reach speeds of over 100 mph and a slider that he uses to complement his fastball.

In 2016, Otto had an excellent season with the Oklahoma City Dodgers where he went 10-5 with a 2.89 ERA in 23 games (19 starts). Glenn Otto is considered one of baseball's top young pitchers and should continue to improve as he advances in his career Glenn Otto made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers in 2021.

Glenn Otto has a win-loss record of 7-13, and an ERA of 5.32. He is 135 strikeouts away from passing Nolan Ryan for 10th place on the all-time strikeout list. Glenn Otto also bats left-handed, which could be beneficial to him down the road as he continues to develop as a pitcher in the majors.

50. Cole Ragans

Ragans was drafted in the third round of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers. He made his professional debut with the AZL Rangers and then spent time with both Class A Hickory and High-A Downeast before being promoted to Double-A Frisco in 2018.

Ragans is currently pitching for Triple-A Round Rock, where he has a 4–5 record and 3.89 ERA in 14 games (11 starts). The lefty has good control and one of the better sliders in baseball, which makes him tough on righties as well as lefties (.252/.332/.496 career batting average against for righties, .236/.310/.443 against lefties).

Ragans is eligible for arbitration for the first time this offseason and could see his salary jump from around $1 million to upwards of $2 million if he doesn't settle on a contract extension beforehand.

However, even if he does reach arbitration eligibility next year there's no guarantee that Texas will give him an offer sheet since they have so many other high-priced pitchers under team control (eighth overall pick Brady Singer also comes off of their books after 2020).

51. Jon Gray


Jon Gray

Gray was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the first round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Gray made his Major League Baseball debut with the Rockies in 2013, and has since played for three other teams including the Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles.

Gray is a right-handed pitcher who throws four pitches: a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup. In 2018, Gray had an excellent season with the Colorado Rockies pitching to a 2.52 ERA in 206 innings pitched while striking out 281 batters. 

Gray is considered to be one of best pitchers in baseball today and is expected to have another outstanding year in 2019.

Gray made his MLB debut for the Colorado Rockies in 2015. Gray is a left-handed pitcher who has had success with the Rangers in recent years. Gray has racked up over 1000 strikeouts during his career and is one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball. 

Gray will be an important part of any team he joins next season, as he brings plenty of experience to the table.

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They are some of the best police officers in the world, and they deserve all the respect we can give them.

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