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Terrell Suggs is a veteran outside linebacker who has played in the NFL for over 15 years. He currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and has previously been with both Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals.

During his career, he’s achieved numerous accolades including two Super Bowl championships, being named Defensive Player of the Year (2011) and Defensive Rookie of the Year (2003). His impressive stats include 886 tackles, 139 sacks, 7 interceptions and 39 forced fumbles throughout his professional career so far.

Additionally, he was awarded college awards such as Unanimous All-American (2002), Pac-10 Freshman of The year(2000) amongst many others during his time at Arizona State University from 2000 to 2002. There’s no doubt that Terrell Suggs will continue to be one of Football’s top players in 2020.

Terrell Suggs

Personal Information of Terrell Suggs

Weight265 pounds
ProfessionOutside linebacker
Net Worth$22 million



Early years

Terrell Suggs was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Laverne Dian (née Kennedy) and Donald Lee Suggs. He spent his early years growing up in Saint Paul where he enjoyed playing youth football with future major league MVP Joe Mauer as a quarterback.

After the 8th grade, Terrell moved to Arizona which marked a new beginning for him. In Chandler High School, Terrell made an impression on those around him due to his great enthusiasm for sports and athleticism.

However, after a while he transferred to Hamilton High School where he set multiple records including one of rushing yards in 5A class against Yuma Kofa during 1999 season as juniors – 367 yards that day.

This performance earned him recognition from many local newspapers at the time. Due to this impressive record-breaking feat by Terrelle back then, it is no surprise that soon enough colleges came calling and offering scholarship programs.

Eventually though, through hard work & dedication toward achieving goals; he went on become one of the most renowned NFL players today.

College career

Terrell Suggs is a professional American football player who attended Arizona State University and played defensive end for the Sun Devils. During his college career, he set records with 24 sacks in one season and 163 tackles overall.

In addition to these impressive accomplishments, he was also awarded multiple awards including the Bronko Nagurski Award, Ted Hendricks Award and Vince Lombardi Award. He was recognized as a unanimous All-American following his junior year in 2002 when he won Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year that same season.

At ASU, Terrell made an impact from day one setting school record after school record over three seasons from 2000 to 2002. With 65 ½ tackles for losses alone he continued breaking records until being named first team all Pac 10 at years end along with Defensive Player of The Year honors.

His stellar performance led him to win major awards such as; the Bronko Nagurski award which recognizes best defender NCAA Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

Ted Hendricks award given annually best collegiate defensive end or linebacker and finally Vince Lombardi trophy awarded those exemplify outstanding character on & off field.

The recognition didn’t stop there however as it earned him national attention becoming only 6th ever unanimously selected All-American amongst many other accolades winning.

Big Ten Conference Defender of Week 5 times during course 3 seasons while attending Arizona State University and showing dedication both mentally and physically throughout duration stay ultimately establishing himself, top tier athlete, within program future NFL Hall Famer without doubt.

Professional career

Terrell Suggs has had an impressive professional career. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2003 as one of the youngest defensive players ever taken, at only 20 years old.

Since then he’s become a force to be reckoned with on defense for the team and is often referred to as “T-Sizzle” or simply “Sizz” due to his explosive style of play. In 2011, Terrell Suggs was honored with being named Defensive Player of the Year after leading all NFL linebackers in sacks that season (14).

He also played a major role in helping lead his team that year to win their second Super Bowl championship against San Francisco 49ers 34–31. In addition, he received four Pro Bowl selections between 2004 and 2014 and earned two All-Pro honors following those seasons respectively.

Throughout 13 regular seasons playing alongside Ray Lewis & Ed Reed, Terrell registered double-digit sack totals seven times including setting a new franchise record back during 2006 when he recorded 15 sacks—a mark which still stands today.

During this span overall he accumulated 126 ½ total tackles along with 7 interceptions while appearing in 209 games—all starts—and making 172 consecutive appearances throughout 10 seasons from 2005 until 2015 before eventually announcing.

his retirement earlier this year via social media platforms such Twitter & Instagram accounts where fans had been able show support over many successful years spent together watching him dominate opposing teams each Sunday.

He ends his illustrious career having tallied up 616 combined tackles (411 solo) along with 132 passes defended/deflected out of 441 pass attempts; 25 forced fumbles; 19 fumble recoveries; 1 interception returned for touchdown plus 16 others intercepted altogether giving him 539 return yards off receptions caught en route earning himself.

Three different AFC Defensive Player Awards too boot becoming arguably one most iconic defenders league history there will never another like Mr Terell Suggs who left lasting legacy behind forever remembered Raven Nation alike.

NFL career statistics

Terrell Suggs is an American football outside linebacker who was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2003. He played college football at Arizona State University and has been a member of the team for 16 seasons, making him one of the longest-tenured players in NFL history.

Over his career with the Ravens, he has accumulated numerous accolades including seven Pro Bowl selections, two All-Pro First Team honors, three Defensive Player of The Year awards and a Super Bowl championship in 2012.

When it comes to statistics Terrell Suggs holds many impressive records such as most sacks (132) since entering league play alongside other franchise leaders like interceptions returned for touchdowns (four), forced fumbles (25), fumble recoveries (17).

His 132 sacks place him 22nd all time on NFL’s list while his 17 fumble recoveries put him 13th among active players. He also ranks 14th all time amongst linebackers with 34 passes defended during regular season games. In addition to that impressive resume.

he also holds several single-game records; 3 quarterback takedowns against Pittsburgh Steelers being one them which occurred back 2011 when he became only second player after Lawrence Taylor to record those numbers within 60 minutes or less playing time window frame.

On top of this feat Terrell set a single-season mark when it came down pass deflections recording 11 total throughout 2005 campaign period making it into first-ever defensive linemen producing double-digit figures over a span 12 months duration timeline.

Furthermore from 2010 up until current day year 2020, no player managed to exceed 10 1/2 sack statistic figures establishing a new personal best record that stands still today.

Personal life

Terrell Suggs is an American professional football player who has had a tumultuous personal life. In December 2003, he was charged with felony aggravated assault stemming from a March 2003 incident in Arizona where it allegedly started as a verbal altercation after a basketball tournament between him and another man.

It was claimed that Suggs assaulted the other person with some kind of reinforcement rod which broke his nose and cheekbone. However, in June 2005, these charges were dropped due to lack of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

The allegations didn’t stop there; Terrell faced further legal trouble when he got into an altercation at the Steelers-Ravens game on October 1st 2006 in Baltimore during which two people sustained minor injuries.

He turned himself into authorities later that month but all criminal charges against him were eventually dropped because those involved declined to press any charges against him or testify about the incident in court.

Suggs also made headlines for being arrested for driving under influence (DUI) back in 2008 following an accident involving three cars near the downtown Phoenix area.

Charges related to this case were dismissed by prosecutors as they did not have enough evidence linking Terrell directly to DUI charge specifically.

His license however remained suspended until early 2009 since per law enforcement regulations even if you are acquitted or released from any criminal offenses relating to motor vehicle accidents your license will remain suspended till investigations come up clear regarding the negligence aspect connected with it so no one else can be held responsible for same offense again down line.

Despite all these issues happening throughout his career, Terrell remains successful both personally and professionally; having been married twice already – once before his wedding to model Candace Williams whom he tied knot 2018 – along with welcoming multiple kids among them including a son Tazmial born 2019 making sure family comes first amid everything going around outside the home.

How Tall is Terrell Suggs?

Terrell Suggs, also known as “T-Sizzle,” is a professional football player who is known for his impressive height and strength on the field. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall, Suggs is a formidable presence on the defensive line.

His height, combined with his weight of 120 kg, makes him a formidable force to be reckoned with on the field. Not only is he physically imposing, but Suggs is also a skilled and experienced player.

Suggs was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft and has been a key player for the team throughout his career. He has been selected for the Pro Bowl multiple times, and his impressive statistics have earned him a reputation as one of the best defensive players in the league.

Suggs’ height and weight make him an intimidating player to face on the field, but he is also known for his quickness and agility. He is able to move quickly and easily around the field, making it difficult for offensive players to get past him. He is also known for his ability to read plays and anticipate the movements of the opposing team.

Overall, Terrell Suggs is a remarkable player known for his imposing height, strength, and skill. He has been an essential player for the Baltimore Ravens and his impressive career has earned him a reputation as one of the best defensive players in the league.

It is expected that he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible in 2025.

Did Terrell Suggs retire from the NFL?

Yes, after 16 years in the league, former Ravens defensive end and linebacker Terrell Suggs officially retired from professional football following his brief stint with the Cardinals and Chiefs in 2019

Career Highlights

Suggs spent most of his career playing for Baltimore’s team where he won a Super Bowl title and earned seven Pro Bowl selections. He also holds several franchise records including sacks (132) and forced fumbles (30).

Post-Retirement Plans

Since retiring from the NFL, Suggs has made appearances on television shows such as The Rich Eisen Show to discuss life post-football. He will be attending an upcoming Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium this week which marks his first time back since leaving the organization last year.


It is clear that Did Terrell Suggs retired from pro football due to ending his tenure with two teams during 2019 season before finally deciding to hang up his cleats permanently. Despite no longer being an active player, he still remains involved in sports by making tv show appearances discussing retirement life.

Is Terrell Suggs a Hall of Famer?

Yes, without a doubt. After spending three seasons at Arizona State University and being drafted tenth overall by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2002 NFL Draft, Suggs’ career trajectory is undoubtedly pointing towards him being enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible in 2025.

Career Accomplishments

• 7x Pro Bowl Selection (2003-2009) • 2x All-Pro selection (2004 & 2008) • Defensive Player of The Year award winner (2011) • 4th all time with 132 sacks • 1 Super Bowl ring

Playing Style

• Incredibly relentless pass rusher • Quick off the snap • Great ability to read offensive plays • Incredible vision for finding holes on defense

Conclusion: With his impressive list of accolades and dynamic playing style it’s no wonder why many people believe Suggs deserves to be named among some of football’s greatest players in Canton come 2025.

To Recap

Terrell Suggs is a professional American football outside linebacker who currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. He played college football at Arizona State and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2003 with their first-round pick (the tenth overall).

Throughout his career he has achieved numerous individual accolades; these include being named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2011 and Super Bowl Champion twice – once with the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 and again more recently with Kansas City Chiefs this year.

His impressive statistics are a testament to his success as an athlete: 886 tackles, 139 sacks, 7 interceptions, 39 forced fumbles, 15 fumble recoveries, and 3 touchdowns. Terrell Suggs is clearly one of America’s most talented players on both collegiate & professional levels.

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