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Simeon Rice is a former American football defensive end who played in the NFL for 12 seasons. He was drafted in 1996 by the Arizona Cardinals, with whom he spent his first five years before moving to Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he won Super Bowl XXXVII and earned two Second-Team All-Pro selections as well as being selected to three Pro Bowls.

He finished his career playing for Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. Throughout his time in the league, Simeon compiled 475 tackles, 122 sacks, and 25 forced fumbles which rank him 11th all-time according to ESPN’s Pass Rush Index (PRI).

His achievements include NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award (1996), and the First Team All-Pro selection twice (1999 & 2002) among others.

In college, Rice proved himself worthy of such awards too; winning the Big Ten Co-Freshman of The Year Award in 1992, Jack Lambert Trophy in 1995 along with other titles during his stay at Illinois University.

Simeon Rice

Personal Information of Simeon Rice

Real Name/Full NameSimeon James Rice
Birth DateFebruary 24, 1974
Height6′ 5″
Net Worth$22.5 Million



Early years

Simeon Rice was born on February 24, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois. He is the second of five children who grew up in a 5 bedroom house on the south side of Chicago. His father worked for Ford Motor Company and his mother was a Special Education school teacher working with troubled children.

From an early age, he demonstrated great potential as an athlete, especially in football which saw him attend Mount Carmel High School alongside other notable athletes such as Donovan McNabb and Antoine Walker.

At Mount Carmel High School Simeon developed into one of the most renowned high school players in American Football having won multiple awards including being named All-American by USA Today Magazine and Parade Magazine during the 1992 season where he recorded 15 sacks en route to leading his team to their first State Championship game since 1978.

The following year would see him play college football at the University of Illinois where once again his talents shone through recording 41 tackles (15 for loss) along.

With 11 sacks throughout that campaign before deciding to forego senior year and opting instead to join the NFL Draft class of 1996 despite numerous attempts from teams like Miami Hurricanes hoping secure services from this talented young player.

Rice went on to have a successful career playing 12 years within National Football League representing Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts & Atlanta Falcons whilst picking up many accolades including the Super Bowl XLI winner title which capped off a wonderful journeyman story spanning over a decade long period.

College career

Simeon Rice’s college career was nothing short of remarkable. After just three days of practice, the University of Illinois defensive coordinator Denny Marcin told Rice’s parents that their son was destined for greatness.

In his freshman season, he recorded 9 sacks and broke the school record while also being named Big Ten Rookie of the Year. His sophomore year saw him study hard to try to graduate early despite a disappointing team performance.

In his junior year however, everything changed when the team finished 6-5 and Simeon formed part of what many considered to be the best linebacker group in the country alongside Dana Howard (Butkus Award winner) and Kevin Hardy (team MVP).

He had 16 sacks which set another school record as well as being voted 2nd Team All-American due largely in part to an incredible performance against Washington State where he racked up 5 sacks, blocked a field goal, and recovered a fumble – all within one game.

By November teams were having special blocking schemes designed specifically for Simeon alone such was his impact on opposing offenses.

From this, it is clear that during his time at university, Simeon made an indelible mark both individually but also with respect to those around him too culminating in multiple awards recognition before even entering into professional football – truly showing us why Denny Marcin predicted great things from day 1.


Simeon Rice was one of the most highly anticipated prospects for NFL scouts heading into the 1996 Draft. He had a great combination of size, speed, and athleticism that caught everyone’s attention at the Combine. Measuring in at 6’4″ tall and 259 pounds, he also claimed to be able to run a 4.5 40-yard dash – an impressive feat for someone his size.

At the combine, he ran it in 4.66 seconds which still impressed many teams looking to draft him as their pass rusher or outside linebacker prospect due to his long arms and naturally strong frame perfect for getting after quarterbacks or stopping running backs on plays near him.

Before being drafted 3rd overall by Arizona Cardinals in 1996, Simeon Rice worked out privately with various teams including the Bears who were interested but eventually opted against selecting him first because they felt there wasn’t enough value when compared with other potential picks available then like Eddie George (who went 8th).

This didn’t stop them from offering contracts later during free agency however; it was something that showed just how much talent scouts saw within this defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid player coming out of college football powerhouse University Florida Gators program.

Where rice started all four seasons playing alongside fellow future hall Famer Fred Taylor Jr., contributing heavily towards their success over those years scoring double-digit sacks each season – making himself known league-wide before even entering professional ranks.

The overall pre-draft process was a very important part of Simeon Rice’s career as it allowed him to show off his skillset while answering questions about character concerns some may have had leading up big day itself – clearing any doubts front office personnel might’ve held onto if not given chance properly display abilities publicly so the whole world could see why would go number three overall shortly afterward becoming cornerstone franchise moving forward.

Professional career

Simeon Rice’s professional career began in 1996 when he was selected third overall by the Arizona Cardinals. He quickly made an impact on his new team, recording 5 sacks and being named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month at the end of September.

At the end of that season, Rice had 12.5 sacks which tied a rookie record and won him NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year honors from the Associated Press.

The following year saw mixed fortunes for both Rice and his team; while he played semi-professional basketball with Philadelphia Power averaging 2.5 points per game, their 4-12 finish led to fan disappointment despite having one more sack than before (10).

However, this changed drastically as they qualified for playoffs the next season due to improved performances such as 16 ½ sacks from Simeon himself resulting in a Pro Bowl selection.

Unfortunately, this didn’t last long as the 2000 season brought injuries along with contract negotiation issues leading them to 3-13 finish but still producing 7 ½ sacks from Simeon. As soon became a free agent afterward, it marked the end of 9 years journey at Arizona where although not playing full seasons oftentimes but managing over 100 tackles & 50+ QB pressures; had earned a defensive player title alongside winning many awards like AP’s All-Pro first Team twice.

NFL career statistics

Simeon Rice was a successful American football player. He played in the National Football League (NFL) for twelve years, from 1996 to 2008.

During his career, he established himself as one of the premier pass rushers in NFL history by registering 122 sacks and making three Pro Bowl appearances with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos.

Rice made an immediate impact upon joining the league when he recorded 11 sacks during his rookie season with Arizona Cardinals which earned him All-rookie honors from multiple publications.

Following that impressive debut season, Rice went on to post double-digit sack numbers five times throughout his career including a personal best 16 1/2 sacks while playing for Bucs in 2002 where he helped lead them to Super Bowl XXXVII victory over Oakland Raiders recording two of those sixteen plus half sack total during that game alone.

Throughout all 12 seasons of Simeon Rice’s tenure at the NFL level, he accumulated 441 tackles along with 5 forced fumbles and 3 interceptions adding up 42 return yards after picking off passes intended for opposing quarterbacks. His consistent production led him to be ranked #39 among the top 100 greatest players ever list compiled by “The Sporting News” back in 1999.

In addition to the above-mentioned accomplishments, Simeon achieved several individual awards such as NFC Defensive Player Of The Week four times between 1997 -2004 alongside getting selected into the NFC Pro Bowl team three consecutive seasons starting 2001 until 2003.

After concluding this illustrious career following the 2008 NFL campaign it is safe to say that Simeon has left behind quite a legacy due to numerous records set both individually & collectively within teams having participated throughout these dozen years spent inside the professional gridiron world.

How Good Was Simeon Rice?

Simeon Rice was a dominant force on the defensive line during his 12-year NFL career. He recorded an impressive 122 sacks, which ranks 20th all-time in the league. Rice was particularly effective in his first eight out of 10 seasons, recording at least 10 sacks in each of those seasons and achieving at least 15 sacks in three of them.

His ability to get to the quarterback was also evident in the playoffs, where he added seven career sacks, including four in the 2002 playoffs.

In addition to his sack total, Rice also forced 25 fumbles and recovered 8, demonstrating his ability to disrupt the opposing offense in a variety of ways. He was also able to drop back in coverage and intercepted 5 passes during his career. His versatility and impact on the field made him one of the most feared defensive ends of his era.

Rice closed his career with the Colts and Broncos in 2007 and was known for his consistency and durability throughout his career. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and was named to the All-Pro team twice. He was a key contributor to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

Overall, Simeon Rice was one of the most dominant defensive ends of his era and his impressive statistics and accolades are a testament to his skill and impact on the field. He is considered as one of the best pass rushers in the NFL history.

His ability to get to the quarterback and his versatility made him a nightmare for opposing offenses and a valuable asset to any team he played for.

Is Simeon Rice a Hall of Famer?

Simeon Rice is an American former professional football player who enjoyed a successful 12-year career in the National Football League (NFL). Despite his impressive credentials, he has yet to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

During his time playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other teams, Rice was one of only four players to record double-digit sacks every season from 1999–2006. He also ranks fourth all-time among defensive ends with 122 career sacks.

Despite these feats, Rice still hasn’t been elected into the Hall of Fame by either fans or pro football writers. His chances have not been helped by allegations that he got involved in off-field incidents throughout his NFL tenure which resulted in suspensions and fines on multiple occasions over various issues ranging from gambling to drug offenses.

This could explain why there are some people within NFL circles who feel as though it would be wrong to put someone like him into such a prestigious hallowed ground where integrity matters most despite their undeniable talents on the field.

Rice himself believes that if you look at stats alone then he should already have received induction however many disagree because they believe character counts when considering somebody’s candidacy for entry into this exclusive club reserved exclusively for those considered “the best” of their profession – something which may prove difficult given previous indiscretions both on and off the field during his active years playing professional football.

In conclusion, Simeon Rice’s status as a potential member of The Pro Football Hall Of Fame remains up in midair due largely to questions about conduct outside respective team lines while actively playing professional football; hence leaving us unsure whether or not this will ever change anytime soon so we can honor one more great talent alongside others enshrined therein forevermore.

Who did Simeon Rice play for?

Simeon Rice was an American football player who had a successful career in the NFL. He played for four teams throughout his professional career: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and New York Sentinels.

Rice began his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their first-round pick in 1996. During his time there he earned three Pro Bowl selections and won Super Bowl XXXVII against Oakland Raiders – earning himself a Super Bowl ring.

In 2006, Rice was signed by Denver Broncos to help fill their need of pass rushers but after only one season with them, he decided to move on from Colorado and join Indianapolis Colts where he ended up being released due to salary cap restrictions before even playing single regular season game there.

After leaving Indy without playing any games Rice joined forces with New York Sentinels for another stint at pro football which also turned out quite short-lived since this team ultimately folded during preseason warm-ups right when it looked like Simeon would finally have a chance to showcase abilities once again on the big stage of the professional sports world.

His last stop came back around full circle when Bucs signed him in late 2008 as they were looking into adding some more experienced players onto the defense side despite already having a dominant unit that year – unfortunately, though injury ultimately prevented him from making much impact here either so eventually retired a few months later while still under contract same organization where all started off nearly decade prior.

What college did Simeon Rice go to?

Simeon Rice is a former American football defensive end who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL). He attended college at Illinois where he was an All-American and first-team All-Big Ten selection as a senior. During his three years with the Fighting Illini, Rice recorded 191 tackles, 31 sacks, and 13 forced fumbles.

Rice’s success on the field earned him many accolades including being named to Sports Illustrated’s College Football All-Century Team in 1999.

After completing his degree from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Simeon went on to have an illustrious 11-year career playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, and Indianapolis Colts before retiring in 2007.

During his time at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC), Simeon excelled both academically and athletically earning himself several honors including Big Ten Defensive Player Of The Year 1995 & 1996; First Team Academic All America 1998; Lombardi Watch List 1998; First Team Coaches’All America 1997 &1996.

Second Team Associated Press All America 1996 &1995 etcetera. He also won two bowl games while with UIUC – Motor City Bowl vs BYU in 1994 and Carquest Bowl vs Virginia Tech in 1995 respectively.

In addition to all these accomplishments, in 2008, Simeon became the only second player ever inducted into the UIUC Athletics Hall of Fame joining Red Grange who had done so earlier that same year. To this day he remains one of few players to be honored twice by the school.

Once during the 2002 ceremony when jersey number 95 was retired alongside fellow teammate Kevin Hardy‘s 96; secondly upon induction into the hall itself six years later. This just goes to show how much the university appreciates its past great athletes such as rice whose legacy will live forever amongst fighting Illini fans everywhere

What year did Simeon Rice retire?

Simeon Rice’s Retirement:

Year: 2007

Simeon Rice retired in 2007 after a long and successful career as an NFL defensive end. He had spent the previous three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, respectively.

During his time in the league, he compiled seven career playoff sacks – four of which came during a remarkable 2002 postseason run that included two Super Bowl appearances. At the time of retirement, he was one of only nine players to have earned multiple Pro Bowl nods during their careers.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Two-time Pro Bowler (2000 & 2003)
  • Seven career playoff sacks
  • Four postseason sacks in the 2002 playoffs
  • Member of both Super Bowl XXXVIII & XLI champion teams

Rice’s Impact on Football Legacy:

By retiring from professional football at age 33, Simeon Rice left behind not just stats but also a lasting legacy for future generations of athletes to aspire towards. He demonstrated how hard work can lead to success regardless if you are coming out undrafted or being drafted late into your rookie season.

His ability to make it all happen despite such odds has been inspirational for many aspiring professionals looking for role models within sports culture today.

Additionally, thanks largely due to his efforts, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to clinch their first-ever championship title back in 2002 under head coach Jon Gruden – something they hadn’t achieved since entering the NFL ranks the prior decade.

Is Drew Bledsoe a Hall of Famer?

Drew Bledsoe has been voted by Patriots fans into the Patriots Hall of Fame, making him a member of one of football’s highest honors. This achievement is especially impressive considering that he only spent nine seasons with New England before retiring in 2005.

During his time as quarterback for the team, Bledsoe helped bring them to four division titles and two Super Bowl appearances during which they had an overall record close to 0.500. His performance alludes to why many consider him a hall-of-fame-worthy player despite not winning any championships or individual awards throughout his career.

Bledsoe was formally inducted into the Patriots Hall Of Fame on September 17th, 2011, where he gave an emotional speech thanking family members and supporters who have stood behind him since day one when he started playing football at age 6 all way until today as part of this special honor from Pat’s community and organization alike.

The voting process for induction into The Hall usually considers stats like passing yards touchdown passes interceptions etc., but it also takes other things such as leadership attitude field contributions character work outside the game dedication respect among peers plus more are factored in too – something that makes Drew deserving amongst those ranks no doubt.

He certainly earned recognition beyond just numbers alone due to these qualities mentioned above which could be seen clearly while watching play over years both good and bad times equally well respected every step along the journey towards becoming a HOF candidate now officially accepted within its walls permanently enshrined forevermore.

While there’s obviously debate about whether or not someone should qualify for being called “Hall Of Famer” depending on criteria used most would agree based on what we know and facts presented here that yes indeed Drew Bledsoe belongs rightfully so among the greatest players ever donned uniform blue red white silver black gold stripes helmet proudly represented city Foxborough Massachusetts entire region nationwide (even worldwide.) – congratulations Mr. President your place history secure unquestioned fully deserved.

Will Aaron Donald be a Hall of Famer?

Will Aaron Donald be a Hall of Famer? Absolutely. Already having been inducted into the Pro Football Focus (PFF) Hall of Fame, it’s hard to argue against this Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle being an eventual NFL Hall of Famer too.

Aaron Donald is one of the most dominant players in all football today and has consistently produced at an elite level since entering the league in 2014 as a first-round draft pick out of Pittsburg University. He was named Defensive Player Of The Year twice and is widely considered by many experts as one the best defenders ever to play for any team.

Donald’s incredible work ethic, combined with his natural gifts have made him virtually unblockable on passing downs over his six-year career so far – recording 113 sacks, 18 forced fumbles, 10 fumble recoveries, and three interceptions thus far – making him a worthy candidate for induction into Canton someday soon. In addition to his stats.

He also provides invaluable leadership within the locker room that epitomizes what true professionalism looks like both on and off the field which carries through every member of LA’s defense when they take the field each Sunday or Monday night game during regular season playtime.

His ability to stay healthy throughout this period while continuing to produce outstanding results under pressure will certainly help bolster his already impressive case even further if he can keep up such performances going forward until retirement age arrives – something that would make him almost certain bet become enshrined there eventually once eligibility criteria are met down the line later years ahead.

To Recap

Simeon Rice is a former defensive end who played for several NFL teams during his career, including the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. He was drafted in 1996 with the third overall pick by the Cardinals and went on to become one of their most successful players.

During his time in Arizona, he earned NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors as well as two Pro Bowl selections. In 2002 he moved to Tampa Bay where he set an impressive record for sacks made over four consecutive seasons.

He then spent 2007 playing for both Denver and Indianapolis before retiring from football after 2009 season. His accolades include Super Bowl champion (XXXVII), First-team All-Pro selection (2002), three Pro Bowls appearances (1999, 2002 & 2003) and Big Ten Co-Freshman of The Year award (1992).

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