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Sheryl Swoopes is a former American professional basketball player and coach. She was born on March 25, 1971, in Brownfield, Texas. Swoopes has a height of 6 feet and is listed at 145 pounds. She played for Houston Comets from 1997 to 2007, Seattle Storm in 2008 and Tulsa Shock in 2011.

As a player, she won many awards including Honda Sports Award and three WNBA MVP titles. She has also won four Olympic gold medals and four World Championship gold medals as a part of the United States women’s basketball team.

In addition, Swoopes has also worked as a coach for various teams including Loyola-Chicago and Texas Tech.

Personal Information of Sheryl Swoopes

Real Name/Full Name Sheryl Denise Swoopes
Age 51 years old
Birth Date Mar 25, 1971
Birth Place Brownfield, Texas
Height 6′ 0″
Weight 146 pounds
Marital Status Chris Unclesho
Wife/Spouse (Name) Chris Unclesho
Children Jordan
Profession Basketball Player
Net Worth $300 thousand


Regular Season Averages
Regular Season Totals
Regular Season Misc Totals

Early success

Sheryl Swoopes, a basketball superstar, was born and raised in Brownfield, Texas, by her mother, Louise Swoopes. She had a passion for basketball at a young age and started playing in a local children’s league called Little Dribblers when she was only seven.

Swoopes’ talent was undeniable, and she quickly became one of the best players on her team. She trained tirelessly and improved her skills with every game she played. Despite facing many challenges as a young girl growing up in a small town, Swoopes was determined to succeed.

She joined her high school team, Brownfield High School, and worked hard to become one of the best players on the team. Her hard work and dedication paid off in 1988 when she led her team to the state championship, winning the title of Texas Player of the Year.

Swoopes’ early success was just the beginning of an incredible career that would see her become one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

College years

Sheryl Swoopes, a renowned basketball player, started her collegiate career at the University of Texas, but unfortunately did not play a single game before leaving the school. She then enrolled at South Plains College, where she played basketball for two years.

After gaining experience and refining her skills at South Plains, Swoopes decided to transfer to Texas Tech. She chose Texas Tech as it was closer to her hometown, which helped her feel more comfortable and at home while playing for the team.

During her time at college, Swoopes made a significant impact as a player and helped her team win the Women’s NCAA Championship in 1993. Throughout her college years, Swoopes proved to be a confident and vital player, making a name for herself in the basketball world.

Her remarkable talent as a basketball player eventually earned her a spot on the USA women’s national team, and she went on to win three Olympic Gold Medals. With such an impressive career, it’s no surprise that Swoopes went on to be synonymous with women’s basketball, inspiring countless young women to pursue their dreams on the court.

Net Worth

Sheryl Swoopes is a retired American basketball player who has achieved remarkable success in her career. She has a net worth of $300 thousand, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but she also faced financial challenges and filed for bankruptcy in 2004.

Swoopes was the first player to be signed in the WNBA and won four WNBA championships with the Houston Comets. She also earned three WNBA MVP awards, three WNBA Defensive Player of the Year awards, and six WNBA All-Star selections.

Swoopes represented the United States in three Olympic Games, winning gold medals in 1996, 2000, and 2004. She is one of only eleven women’s basketball players to have won an Olympic gold medal, an NCAA championship, and a WNBA title.

Swoopes was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016 and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

USA Basketball

Sheryl Swoopes was an accomplished basketball player in the United States. She got the chance to participate in the USA national team and played in the 1994 World Championships which was held in Sydney, Australia.

The team was under the coaching of Tara VanDerveer. They won the first six games of the tournament until they faced Brazil in a close match. Brazil beat the USA by hitting all their free throws in the final minute with a score of 110-107.

The team managed to win a close game against Australia with a score of 100-95 to secure the bronze medal. Swoopes played a significant role and was able to score an average of 9.1 points per game which was commendable.

She was able to record seven steals throughout the tournament which was the second-highest on the team. Her skills and dedication were a contributing factor in the team’s success. Swoopes was one of the best female basketball players, and her contribution to the sport cannot be overlooked.

She was a true inspiration to athletes across the world.

WNBA career

Sheryl Swoopes made her WNBA debut in the inaugural season with Houston Comets in 1997. Swoopes keened herself to come back to the court only six weeks after giving birth to her son. Later, she proved her mettle by leading the Comets in the 1997 WNBA championship.

During her WNBA career, Swoopes scored over 2,000 career points, grabbed 500 career rebounds besides 300 career assists and 200 career steals.

Her outstanding performance in offense and defence made her the first three-time WNBA MVP (2000, 2002, and 2005) and the first three-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year (2000, 2002, and 2003).

She is also a proud four-time WNBA Champion for the consecutive years 1997-2000. Sheryl Swoopes was an inspiration for many young girls who dreamt of having a career in sports. Her achievements in basketball and contribution to the women’s sports community continue to inspire athletes globally.

International career

Sheryl Swoopes had a successful international basketball career. She played for the United States women’s national basketball team in several events, including the Olympics and the FIBA World Cup. Swoopes helped the team win three Olympic gold medals and two World Cup gold medals.

She was known for her excellent defense and versatile offensive skills, which made her an asset to the team. Swoopes also played professionally overseas, primarily in Europe. She played for several teams in different countries, including Italy, Spain, and France.

Her success in international play helped make her one of the best women’s basketball players in the world. Despite her busy schedule, Swoopes also found time to give back to the basketball community.

One example of this is when she mentored the San Francisco Rockdogs, a gay basketball team, and shared her experiences on basketball, family, faith, and coming out. Swoopes’ impact on the sport of basketball, both domestically and internationally, is significant and she continues to inspire basketball players around the world.

How much money did Sheryl Swoopes make?

Sheryl Swoopes’ earnings and her status in the WNBA:

  • WNBA legend “the Michael Jordan” of the league.
  • Earned more than $50 million throughout her basketball career.
  • Her lucrative earnings were the result of dominating the league.
  • In 1997, she became the first female athlete with a signature shoe.
  • She was a part of the first-ever WNBA team in 1997.
  • She won the league MVP three times and four WNBA Championships.
  • Swoopes also won three Olympic gold medals in basketball.
  • Became known for her exceptional defensive skills on the court.
  • She retired from the WNBA in 2011 after a long career.
  • Continues to inspire young female basketball players to this day.

Who is the MJ of the WNBA?

The MJ of the WNBA is none other than Sheryl Swoopes. She competed in the Olympic games thrice. Won gold medals in all of her Olympic appearances.
She is widely regarded as a basketball legend. Played a massive role in breaking stereotypes. One of the best female athletes of all time.

Her contribution to women’s basketball is immense. Swoopes was a trailblazer for women in sports. She paved the way for future women basketball players.
Sheryl Swoopes will forever be an icon in women’s basketball.

To Recap

Sheryl Swoopes is a former American professional basketball player and coach. She was born on March 25, 1971, in Brownfield, Texas. Swoopes played shooting guard and small forward positions during her career.

She played for Houston Comets, Seattle Storm and Tulsa Shock in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Swoopes won four WNBA championships, three WNBA MVP awards, and she was named to several WNBA All-Star teams.

She is also a medalist in Olympic Games, having won gold medals in 1996, 2000, and 2004. Swoopes is currently a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player.

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