Why Saddiq Bey is Good? [Career, Stats, Salary, Net worth]

Sadiq Bey is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Bey had a successful college career playing for the Villanova Wildcats and was selected 19th overall by the Brooklyn Nets in the 2020 NBA draft.

After being traded to the Detroit Pistons in 2020, Bey made a significant impact in his rookie year, finishing fourth in the Rookie of the Year voting and being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week. In 2023, Bey was traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

In this blog, we will examine Bey’s performance in the NBA to determine whether he is a good player. Through analysis of his career statistics and impact on his team, we will provide a comprehensive evaluation of his abilities and determine his overall value as a player.

Why Saddiq Bey is Good?

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Early Basketball Career

High School Basketball at DeMatha Catholic and Sidwell Friends School

Sadiq Bey’s basketball career started at DeMatha Catholic High School, where he played as a freshman. He then transferred to Sidwell Friends School and continued to develop his basketball skills. Bey was known for his strong athleticism and versatile playing style, which helped him stand out among his peers.

College Basketball at Villanova

Bey continued his basketball career at Villanova, where he played college basketball for the Villanova Wildcats. He quickly made an impact on the team and was recognized for his impressive scoring ability and strong play on both ends of the court. Bey was a key contributor to the team’s success and helped lead the Villanova Wildcats to several victories.

Early Success in College Basketball

In his debut season at Villanova, Bey made a big impression, finishing with 16 points and four rebounds in his first game. He continued to impress throughout his college career, averaging close to 16 points per game in his first six games. Bey recorded his first double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds on January 30, 2019, against DePaul.

His strong play was a key factor in Villanova’s victory in the Big East Tournament and the team’s three consecutive tournament titles. Bey contributed 16 points and 10 rebounds in the championship game, solidifying his status as one of the top players in college basketball.

Performance in the Nba

Games Played and Started

Since being drafted by the Brooklyn Nets in the 2020 NBA draft, Sadiq Bey has played for the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks. Throughout his NBA career, Bey has played in a number of games, both as a starter and as a bench player. The number of games he has played and started in can provide valuable insights into his role on the team and the level of trust and confidence his coaches have in his abilities.

Minutes Per Game

In addition to games played and started, the number of minutes per game is also an important factor to consider when evaluating a player’s performance. Minutes per game can indicate how much playing time a player is receiving, which can affect their ability to contribute to the team and impact their overall statistics. Bey’s minutes per game have varied throughout his career, with some fluctuations in playing time based on his role on the team and his level of performance.

Field Goal Percentage and 3-point Field Goal Percentage

The field goal percentage and 3-point field goal percentage are two of the most important statistics in basketball. They provide an indication of a player’s shooting ability, which is a critical skill for any basketball player. Bey’s field goal percentage and 3-point field goal percentage have fluctuated throughout his career, with some periods of strong shooting and others where his accuracy has been lower. However, overall, Bey has been a consistent scorer and has demonstrated the ability to hit big shots when his team needs them.

Free Throw Percentage

Free throw shooting is another important aspect of a player’s game, and a high free throw percentage can be a sign of a player’s overall shooting ability and confidence. Bey has demonstrated strong free throw shooting throughout his career, with a solid percentage that consistently ranks among the best in the league. This has helped him be a reliable scorer, especially in clutch situations when the game is on the line.

Rebounds, Assists, Steals, and Blocks Per Game

In addition to scoring, a player’s ability to contribute in other areas, such as rebounding, passing, defense, and shot-blocking, is also important. These statistics provide a more complete picture of a player’s overall impact on the game. Bey has demonstrated strong contributions in each of these areas, showing that he is not just a scorer but also a versatile player who can impact the game in a number of ways.

Points Per Game

The final statistic to consider is points per game, which provides an indication of a player’s scoring ability. Bey has been a consistent scorer throughout his career, averaging double-digit points per game. This has helped him be a valuable contributor to his teams, both as a scorer and as a playmaker who can create opportunities for his teammates.

Sadiq Bey is a player with a diverse set of skills and the ability to contribute in multiple areas. Whether it’s scoring, rebounding, passing, defense, or shot-blocking, Bey has shown that he can impact the game in a number of ways. He has been a consistent performer throughout his NBA career, and his overall performance indicates that he is a good player who has the potential to continue to develop and improve.

Comparison to Other Players in the League

In order to determine if Sadiq Bey is a good player, it’s important to compare him to others in the league. When it comes to his field goal percentage and 3-point field goal percentage, it’s important to compare him to players who play a similar role to him. For example, small forwards or shooting guards who play primarily as perimeter shooters.

Bey has a career field goal percentage of 44.2% and a career 3-point field goal percentage of 39.3%. These numbers put him in a similar range to players like Mikal Bridges and Jaylen Brown, who are both considered to be solid contributors on their teams. However, when compared to elite shooters like Stephen Curry or Kyle Lowry, Bey’s percentages are lower, which indicates that he still has room for improvement in these areas.

It’s also important to compare Bey’s rebounding, assists, steals, and blocks per game with those of other players in the league. In this aspect, Bey has shown to be a solid contributor, averaging 5.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.1 steals, and 0.5 blocks per game in his career. These numbers are comparable to players like Danny Green and Marcus Smart, both of whom are known for their versatility and impact on both ends of the court.

Impact on Team’s Performance

One of the most important factors in determining if a player is good or not is the impact they have on their team’s performance. In Sadiq Bey’s case, it’s clear that he has had a positive impact on the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks.

During his time with the Pistons, Bey was one of the team’s top contributors and helped them to several key wins. His shooting ability and versatility made him a valuable asset, and his improved play inside the 3-point line was a major factor in the team’s success. Bey was also named Eastern Conference Player of the Week in February 2021, which highlights the impact he had during his time with the team.

Since joining the Atlanta Hawks, Bey has continued to be a key player for the team. His shooting and versatility make him an ideal fit in the Hawks’ system, and his contributions have helped the team to several key wins. As a result, the Hawks’ front office was confident in acquiring him in a trade, and they see him as a valuable piece moving forward.

Sadiq Bey is a good player. When compared to other players in the league, he holds his own in many key categories. Furthermore, his impact on the performance of both the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks highlights his value as a player. While he still has room for improvement in certain areas, such as increasing his 3-point shooting percentage, Bey has already shown that he can be a valuable contributor to any team he plays for.

Net Worth and Salary

Saddiq Bey’s net worth has not been publicly disclosed, but as of the 2023-2024 NBA season, his base salary is reported to be $2,959,080. This is the amount he is guaranteed to earn, regardless of performance or playing time. In terms of his cap hit and dead cap value, both are listed as $2,959,080, meaning that if Bey were to be released or traded, this is the amount that would count against his team’s salary cap.

It is worth noting that NBA players often earn significant income through endorsements and other sources of revenue, so while this is a snapshot of Bey’s on-court earnings, it is not a comprehensive representation of his financial status. Additionally, as he continues to develop as a player and build his brand, it is likely that his earnings will increase in the future.

Is Saddiq Bey a Good Defender?

Sadiq Bey is known to be a solid defender in the league. He has a good combination of size, length, and athleticism, which allows him to defend multiple positions effectively. He has shown a strong ability to contest shots, disrupt passing lanes, and use his instincts to get in the right position. He is also a disciplined defender who does not overcommit and stays in good position to defend the drive.

Bey’s versatility on the defensive end has been a valuable asset for his teams. He can switch onto smaller guards and also hold his own against big men in the post. He has shown the ability to use his length and quickness to disrupt passing lanes and create turnovers.

Additionally, Bey is a smart defender who understands his role and stays within the team’s defensive scheme. He communicates well with his teammates and is a willing help defender who does not hesitate to rotate over and challenge shots. He has a strong basketball IQ and a good understanding of positioning, which allows him to make the right play on defense.

Sadiq Bey is a good defender in the NBA. He has the size, length, athleticism, and basketball IQ to defend multiple positions effectively. He is a versatile defender who has shown the ability to contest shots, disrupt passing lanes, and create turnovers. He is a smart and disciplined defender who stays within his team’s defensive scheme and communicates well with his teammates.

Is Saddiq Bey a Good Fantasy Pick?

Sadiq Bey is a versatile forward who can contribute in multiple categories for fantasy basketball teams. Whether or not he is a good fantasy pick, however, depends on the specific format and scoring system of the league. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating Bey as a fantasy option:


Bey’s scoring ability has been a key component of his fantasy value, as he has averaged double-digit points per game in his NBA career. He is a reliable shooter from the field, and his 3-point shooting has improved over time. He also gets to the free throw line frequently, making him a valuable source of points in leagues that reward free throw attempts.


Bey’s ability to contribute in rebounds is another positive aspect of his fantasy profile. He is a strong and physical player who can be an effective rebounder, especially on the offensive end. He has averaged around 5 rebounds per game in his career, which can be a significant boost to a fantasy team’s rebounding category.

Steals and Blocks

Bey also has the potential to contribute in the steals and blocks categories, though his numbers in these areas have been somewhat inconsistent. He has a solid combination of size, athleticism, and instincts, which can make him a disruptive defender. However, he will need to improve in this area if he wants to become a reliable source of steals and blocks for fantasy teams.


The role that Bey will play on his team will also impact his fantasy value. He has been a consistent starter in his career and has shown the ability to be a primary scoring option for his team. However, if his role changes and his usage decreases, his fantasy value will likely suffer.

Sadiq Bey can be a valuable fantasy pick for teams looking for a versatile forward who can contribute in multiple categories. He has a well-rounded skill set and has shown that he can be productive in the NBA. However, his ultimate fantasy value will depend on his role on his team, his development as a player, and the specific scoring system of the league. Fantasy basketball managers should keep an eye on Bey’s progress and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Final Words

Throughout this blog, we have examined the basketball career of Sadiq Bey, starting from his high school and college basketball days to his performance in the NBA. We took a closer look at his stats and performance in the league, compared him to other players, and evaluated his impact on his team’s performance.

Based on the analysis of Sadiq Bey’s performance in the NBA, it can be concluded that he is a good player. He has consistently shown improvement in his game, particularly in his shooting and ball-handling abilities. Although he has struggled with his 3-point shot this season, his improved play inside the arc and his ability to contribute in other areas make him a valuable asset to any team.

Sadiq Bey has shown that he has the potential to be a valuable player in the league for years to come. He has a strong work ethic and continues to improve in all aspects of his game. As he gains more experience and continues to develop, he has the potential to become one of the top players in the league. It will be interesting to see how he performs with his new team, the Atlanta Hawks, and how he continues to develop in the future.

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