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A glimpse of the dynamic relationship between the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Mariners in the world of Major League Baseball. While not traditionally known for a fierce rivalry, these two teams have shared moments of competition, camaraderie, and history over the years.

From thrilling playoff matchups to the emergence of iconic players, their interactions have contributed to the rich tapestry of baseball lore. Join us as we delve into their past encounters, explore memorable highlights, and contemplate the potential for a future rivalry to emerge.

Discover the unique stories that have shaped the Royals-Mariners connection and celebrate the enduring spirit of the game.

History: Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners

Founding and Early Years

  • Kansas City Royals: The Royals were established in 1969 as an expansion team, alongside the Seattle Pilots (who later became the Milwaukee Brewers). Led by manager Bob Lemon, the Royals began their journey in the American League.

  • Seattle Mariners: The Mariners came into existence in 1977 as an expansion team. They were formed to replace the Seattle Pilots, who had relocated to Milwaukee after just one season. The Mariners joined the American League as well.

Cultural Impact

  • Kansas City Royals: The Royals’ fanbase is known for its loyalty and passion. The team’s success in the 1980s solidified its place in the hearts of Kansas City residents, creating a strong connection between the team and the community.

  • Seattle Mariners: Mariners fans, often referred to as the “Mariner Moose” faithful, have demonstrated unwavering support for the team despite periods of struggle. The team’s cultural impact extends to the iconic “King’s Court” section at T-Mobile Park, where fans celebrated star pitcher Felix Hernandez.

Fanbase: Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals boast a passionate and dedicated fanbase that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of the city. Known for their unwavering support, Royals fans fill Kauffman Stadium with a sea of “Royal Blue” during home games, creating an electric atmosphere.

From the team’s triumphant 1985 World Series victory to moments of rebuilding, these loyal fans have stood by their team through thick and thin.

Their devotion transcends the ballpark, uniting generations and fostering a sense of community pride as they cheer for the Royals’ success on and off the field.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners’ fanbase, affectionately known as the “Mariner Moose” faithful, represents a resilient and passionate community of baseball enthusiasts.

Through seasons of both triumph and challenge, these fans fill T-Mobile Park with unwavering support, creating a vibrant sea of blue and green. From celebrating Ken Griffey Jr.’s iconic swings to rallying behind modern-day stars, the fans’ dedication is palpable.

The “King’s Court” adds a unique touch, passionately supporting the team’s pitching staff. Rain or shine, the Mariners’ loyal following continues to uplift the team, making their presence felt as they chant, cheer, and embody the spirit of Seattle baseball.

Iconic Moments: Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners Rivalry

Kansas City Royals

  • 1985 World Series Victory: The Royals’ dramatic come-from-behind victory in the 1985 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, including the “Don Denkinger Call” controversy, remains one of the most iconic moments in franchise history.

  • George Brett’s Pine Tar Incident: In 1983, George Brett’s infamous “Pine Tar Incident” occurred during a game against the New York Yankees, resulting in one of the most memorable arguments and ejections in baseball history.

  • Billy Butler’s Walk-Off Hit in 2014 AL Wild Card Game: In the 2014 American League Wild Card Game, Billy Butler’s walk-off hit helped propel the Royals to a thrilling victory over the Oakland Athletics, marking their return to the postseason after a long drought.

Seattle Mariners

  • Ken Griffey Jr.’s 500th Home Run: In 2004, Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 500th career home run while playing for the Cincinnati Reds against the St. Louis Cardinals. Griffey’s status as a Mariners legend made this achievement especially meaningful for Seattle fans.

  • Randy Johnson’s Perfect Game: In 2004, Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Atlanta Braves. While Johnson had stints with various teams, including the Mariners, his dominance on the mound was celebrated by Mariners fans.

  • Ichiro Suzuki’s Debut and Record-Breaking Seasons: Ichiro Suzuki’s debut with the Mariners in 2001 marked the beginning of a historic career. He set the single-season record for hits with 262 in 2004 and became a beloved figure in Seattle and beyond.

Future Outlook: Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are positioned for an exciting future as they continue to invest in player development and cultivate young talent. With a renewed focus on building a competitive roster, the Royals aim to regain their winning tradition.

Strong leadership and strategic player acquisitions bode well for their growth. The team’s commitment to fostering a winning culture, combined with a dedicated fanbase, creates a promising path forward.

As they harness their prospects’ potential and integrate them with experienced players, the Royals are on a trajectory to return to prominence in the baseball landscape.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are charting a promising course toward sustained success. Emphasizing player development and a dynamic approach, the Mariners are building a strong foundation for future achievements.

With a blend of emerging talents and established contributors, the team is poised to make significant strides. Mariners fans, renowned for their unwavering support, are likely to witness the growth of young stars and the evolution of team dynamics.

As the Mariners continue to evolve strategically, their commitment to excellence and a vibrant fanbase positions them for a compelling future in the realm of baseball competition.

Recent Performance: Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners

Game 1: Royals 5-6 Mariners (Sep 22, 2022)

  • The Mariners secured a close victory, overcoming an early lead by the Royals.

  • Key moments included a solo home run by Edward Olivares (Royals), a two-run double by Jarred Kelenic (Mariners), and a walk-off single by Mason McCoy (Mariners).

Game 2: Royals 5-6 Mariners (Sep 24, 2022)

  • Another closely contested game, with both teams scoring five runs in regulation.

  • Highlights included a solo homer by Salvador Perez (Royals) and a two-run homer by Tom Murphy (Mariners).

  • Cal Raleigh’s sacrifice fly in the tenth inning sealed the Mariners’ win.

Game 3: Royals 8-6 Mariners (Sep 25, 2022)

  • The Royals staged a comeback, fueled by strong offensive performances.

  • Notable plays featured a grand slam by Evan White (Mariners) and a three-run blast by Carlos Santana (Royals).

Game 4: Royals 6-8 Mariners (Mar 15, 2023 – Spring Training)

  • The Mariners emerged victorious in a high-scoring spring training game.

  • Jacob Nottingham, Mike Ford, and Randall Bednar each hit homers for the Mariners, contributing to their offensive power.

Kansas City Royals Vs Seattle Mariners Rivalry

198009/15/1980KCKansas City4 – 2
198009/16/1980KCKansas City5 – 3
198009/17/1980KCKansas City3 – 1
199510/02/1995SeattleSeattle7 – 6
200306/20/2003SeattleKansas City2 – 0
200306/21/2003SeattleSeattle6 – 4
200306/22/2003SeattleKansas City5 – 3
201410/01/2014Kansas CityKansas City9 – 6


Are the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners considered rivals?

The Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners are not widely recognized as historical rivals in Major League Baseball. However, they have faced each other in significant games and series over the years.

Have the Royals and Mariners met in the playoffs before?

Yes, they have. The Royals and Mariners have faced each other in postseason matchups, including the 1977 ALCS and the 1980 ALCS. These series provided memorable moments in their respective histories.

What is the significance of the 1995 AL West tiebreaker game?

The 1995 AL West tiebreaker game was a dramatic contest that decided the division winner. Both teams finished with identical records, and the Mariners won the tiebreaker game to secure the AL West title.

Who are some notable players from both teams’ histories?

The Royals boast legends like George Brett, while the Mariners are known for stars like Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, and Ichiro Suzuki. These players have left lasting impacts on their franchises.

To Recap

While the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners may not have traditionally stood as fierce rivals in the realm of Major League Baseball, their history of facing off in pivotal moments adds depth to their interactions.

From notable postseason matchups to iconic players who have graced their respective rosters, both teams have left their marks on the baseball landscape. As they each navigate their unique paths toward future success, the potential for an evolving rivalry or memorable clashes remains intriguing.

Whether through friendly competition or newfound contention, the ongoing narrative between the Royals and Mariners serves as a reminder of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of sports, keeping fans engaged and eager to witness what future seasons may hold.

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