The Future of the Tampa Bay Rays Vs. St. Louis Cardinals Rivalry

rays vs cardinals

The Tampa Bay Rays and the St. Louis Cardinals, two distinct franchises with different histories and fan bases, collided in a memorable three-game interleague series in June 2022.

This matchup, played at the iconic Tropicana Field, showcased the unpredictable nature of baseball, where thrilling moments, pitching duels, and offensive explosions can unfold within the span of a few days.

As the Rays and Cardinals locked horns, baseball enthusiasts were treated to a captivating display of skill and determination. The series brought together passionate fan bases and provided a snapshot of the ongoing journeys of these teams in their quest for success in the ever-evolving landscape of Major League Baseball.

History: Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals

Founding and Early Years

  • Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays were established in 1998 as an expansion franchise, originally known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They struggled in their early years and had a difficult time competing in the American League East, which included powerhouse teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

  • St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals, in contrast, have a rich and storied history dating back to the late 19th century. They were founded in 1882 and have consistently been a competitive team in MLB. The Cardinals have won numerous World Series titles and are considered one of the most successful franchises in the history of the sport.

Championship Success

  • Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays reached their first World Series in 2008 but lost to the Philadelphia Phillies. They made a return to the World Series in 2020 but were defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The franchise has consistently been competitive in recent years despite a smaller payroll and market.

  • St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals have won multiple World Series championships, with their most recent titles in 2011 and 2006. They are known for their sustained success and a rich tradition of winning. The Cardinals have a total of 11 World Series championships, ranking second only to the New York Yankees in MLB history.

Key Players

  • Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays have had several standout players in their relatively short history, including Evan Longoria, David Price, Carl Crawford, and recently, Randy Arozarena. Longoria, in particular, is regarded as one of the franchise’s all-time greats.

  • St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals have a long list of Hall of Fame players who have worn their uniform, including Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Ozzie Smith. These players are icons not only for the Cardinals but for baseball as a whole.


  • Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays play their home games at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have faced challenges with attendance and have been involved in discussions about the possibility of building a new stadium.

  • St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals play their home games at Busch Stadium, one of the most iconic ballparks in baseball. The Cardinals have a passionate and loyal fan base that consistently supports the team, resulting in high attendance figures.

Fanbase: Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays boast a passionate and resilient fanbase despite being a smaller-market team. Their supporters, often referred to as the “Rays Republic,” have shown unwavering loyalty through the ups and downs of the franchise.

Rays fans are known for their creative and enthusiastic approach to cheering on their team, even in the face of challenges like attendance issues at Tropicana Field.

The “Rays Up” mantra symbolizes their commitment to rallying behind the team, especially during pivotal moments. While the Rays may not have the largest fanbase in MLB, their dedication and love for the team make them an integral part of the Rays’ identity.

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals enjoy one of the most devoted and storied fanbases in all of baseball. Known as “Cardinal Nation,” these fans are synonymous with loyalty and pride.

They fill Busch Stadium with a sea of red at every game, creating a remarkable and electric atmosphere. The Cardinals’ rich history of success, including multiple World Series championships, has only deepened the bond between the team and its fans.

“The Best Fans in Baseball” is a term often associated with Cardinals fans due to their unwavering support. Their passion for the team extends far beyond St. Louis, making them a cherished and respected community within the baseball world.

Iconic Moments: Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals Rivalry

It has still produced some memorable and iconic moments over the years. Here are a few notable ones:

2008 World Series

The Rays and Cardinals faced off in the 2008 World Series, marking a significant moment for both franchises. The series went the full seven games, and the Rays’ victory in Game 7 was historic as it was their first-ever appearance in the World Series. This dramatic series showcased the competitive spirit of both teams.

2019 Interleague Walk-off Home Run

In a regular-season interleague game in 2019, the Rays hosted the Cardinals at Tropicana Field. The game went into extra innings and featured a thrilling walk-off home run by Tommy Pham, a player who had previously played for the Cardinals. Pham’s dramatic blast secured a win for the Rays and added an extra layer of intensity to the rivalry.

David Price Vs. Albert Pujols

In a 2010 regular-season matchup between the Rays and Cardinals, a marquee pitching duel unfolded between Tampa Bay’s David Price and St. Louis’ Albert Pujols, one of the game’s most feared hitters.

Price struck out Pujols three times in the game, showcasing the battle between elite pitchers and hitters.

Evan Longoria’s Historic Night

In August 2017, Evan Longoria, a beloved figure in Rays history, had a historic night against the Cardinals. Longoria became the first player in Rays history to hit for the cycle (a single, double, triple, and home run in a single game) in a thrilling performance that showcased his talent and connection to the franchise.

Future Outlook: Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have established themselves as a model of success despite budget constraints. With a focus on analytics and player development, they consistently field competitive teams.

The future looks promising as their young talent, like Wander Franco, continues to develop. The Rays’ innovative approach and strong farm system should help them remain competitive in the highly competitive American League East.

Challenges, such as their stadium situation, remain, but the Rays have shown resilience. As they continue to make shrewd moves and nurture talent, they’re poised for continued relevance and potential postseason success in the years to come.

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals, with their rich history and passionate fan base, are likely to remain a competitive force in MLB. While they’ve faced challenges in recent years, including postseason absences, their commitment to player development and roster upgrades keeps them in contention.

The Cardinals have a strong foundation in their farm system and a reputation for making strategic moves. With a core of talented players and experienced leadership, including manager Mike Shildt, the Cards are well-positioned to compete in the National League Central and aim for more postseason glory.

The future appears bright for a franchise steeped in tradition and success.

Recent Performance: Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals

Game 1 (June 7, 2022)

  • Rays 4, Cardinals 2 (10 innings).

  • The Rays won a thrilling extra-inning game thanks to a walk-off three-run homer by Taylor Walls in the bottom of the tenth inning. Colin Poche earned the win for the Rays.

Game 2 (June 8, 2022)

  • Cardinals 1, Rays 0.

  • The Cardinals won a low-scoring affair, with Jordan Montgomery hitting a solo homer in the ninth inning for the game’s only run. Domingo German pitched well but suffered the loss for the Rays.

Game 3 (June 9, 2022)

  • Rays 9, Cardinals 1.

  • The Rays dominated the Cardinals in the series finale, scoring early and often. Yandy Diaz was the offensive star, driving in four runs and hitting a three-run homer.

    Garrett Hill earned the win for the Rays.

Tampa Bay Rays Vs St Louis Cardinals Rivalry

Season Date Venue Winner Score
2008 October 27 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 4-2
2008 October 26 Tropicana Field Philadelphia Phillies 4-3
2008 October 25 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 5-4
2008 October 23 Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia Phillies 10-2
2008 October 22 Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia Phillies 5-4
2008 October 20 Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia Phillies 3-2
2008 October 19 Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia Phillies 10-2
2008 October 18 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 4-2
2019 June 25 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 1-0
2019 June 23 Tropicana Field St. Louis Cardinals 4-3
2010 June 27 Busch Stadium St. Louis Cardinals 8-0
2010 June 26 Busch Stadium St. Louis Cardinals 9-8
2010 June 25 Busch Stadium Tampa Bay Rays 5-1
2010 June 24 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 6-5
2017 August 1 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 3-2
2017 July 31 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 7-3
2017 July 29 Tropicana Field St. Louis Cardinals 6-4
2017 July 28 Tropicana Field Tampa Bay Rays 3-2


What was the outcome of the 2022 series between the Rays and Cardinals?

The Rays won two out of three games in the 2022 series, with a thrilling walk-off victory in Game 1.

Do the Rays and Cardinals have a long-standing rivalry in MLB?

No, the Rays vs. Cardinals rivalry is not considered one of the historic rivalries in baseball. It’s a relatively infrequent interleague matchup.

Which ballpark hosted the June 2022 series between the Rays and Cardinals?

The series was played at Tropicana Field, the home stadium of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Who were some standout players from the 2022 series between the Rays and Cardinals?

Notable performances included Taylor Walls’ walk-off homer for the Rays and Jordan Montgomery’s strong pitching for the Cardinals.

How did the Rays and Cardinals perform in their respective divisions during the 2022 season?

The Rays had a strong record and were positioned near the top of the AL East, while the Cardinals faced challenges and struggled in the NL Central.

To Recap

The three-game series between the Tampa Bay Rays and St. Louis Cardinals in June 2022 provided an intriguing mix of baseball moments. The Rays displayed their resilience and ability to win tight contests with a dramatic walk-off victory in Game 1 and an offensive explosion in Game 3.

However, the Cardinals showcased their pitching prowess, particularly with Jordan Montgomery’s brilliant performance in Game 2. This series highlighted the unpredictability of baseball and the dynamic nature of the sport.

Both teams had their moments, underlining the competitive spirit that makes baseball such an exciting and captivating game. As the season continued, these performances served as reminders of the enduring appeal of America’s pastime.

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