Vincent Janssen Reveals Struggles as Harry Kane’s Tottenham Teammate

Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world, and he has been a loyal servant for Tottenham Hotspur since he joined their academy in 2004. He has scored over 200 goals for the club, and he is also the captain and all-time top scorer of the England national team.

But not everyone can handle being around such a superstar, and one of his former teammates recently revealed how he had to leave Spurs because of Kane.

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The player in question is Vincent Janssen, a Dutch forward who signed for Tottenham in 2016 from AZ Alkmaar for £17 million. He was brought in as a backup for Kane, but he failed to impress in his first season, scoring only six goals in 38 appearances in all competitions.

He was then loaned out to Fenerbahce and Monterrey, before joining Mexican side permanently in 2019.

In an interview with Voetbal International, Janssen admitted that he ‘struggled to cope’ with being Kane’s understudy, and that he felt ‘unhappy’ at Tottenham.

He said: “I had a very difficult time there. I had hoped for more opportunities, but they didn’t come. Harry Kane was ahead of me, and he is one of the best strikers in the world.

I have a lot of respect for him, but it was hard for me to accept being on the bench all the time.”.

Janssen added that he did not have a good relationship with then-manager Mauricio Pochettino, who he claimed ‘did not trust’ him. He said: “He never gave me a fair chance.

He always had something to criticize me for, even when I scored or played well. He never complimented me or supported me. He just ignored me or gave me dirty looks.

I felt like he wanted me to leave.”.

Janssen also revealed that he suffered from depression and anxiety during his time at Spurs, and that he had to seek professional help to cope with his mental health issues.

He said: “I was very unhappy at Tottenham. I felt lonely and isolated. I had no friends or family around me. I lost my confidence and my joy of playing football.

I was depressed and anxious. I had panic attacks and nightmares. I had to see a psychologist to deal with it.”.

Janssen said that he does not regret joining Tottenham, but that he wishes things had turned out differently for him. He said: “I don’t regret signing for Tottenham, because it was a dream come true for me to play in the Premier League and in the Champions League.

But I wish I had more chances to show what I can do, and that I had a better relationship with Pochettino and Kane. Maybe then I would have stayed longer and been happier.”.

Janssen is now enjoying his football again at Monterrey, where he has scored 25 goals in 66 games so far. He said that he has found his ‘peace and happiness’ in Mexico, and that he hopes to return to the Dutch national team someday.

He said: “I love playing for Monterrey. They have given me everything I need to be successful and happy. The fans are amazing, the city is beautiful, and the culture is very warm and welcoming.

I feel like I belong here.”.

He continued: “I still have ambitions to play for Holland again. I have not given up on that dream. I know I have to work hard and keep scoring goals, but I believe I can do it.

I have learned a lot from my experience at Tottenham, both good and bad. It has made me stronger and wiser as a person and as a player.”.

Final Thoughts: Vincent Janssen’s Struggles at Tottenham Hotspur

Vincent Janssen’s experience at Tottenham Hotspur highlights the pressure that comes with being a backup to a world-class striker like Harry Kane. It also sheds light on the importance of having a supportive manager and a positive team environment to maintain mental well-being.

Janssen’s struggles with depression and anxiety are not uncommon in professional football, but they are often overlooked or stigmatized. It is commendable that he sought professional help to cope with his mental health issues and was able to find peace and happiness at Monterrey.

It is unfortunate that Janssen did not have a good relationship with Mauricio Pochettino, who he felt did not trust him or give him a fair chance. This highlights the importance of communication and feedback in a coach-player relationship, and the need for managers to treat all players equally and fairly.

Janssen’s experience also raises questions about the role of backup players in football. While it is understandable that Kane is the preferred choice for Spurs, it is important to give backup players enough opportunities to prove themselves and contribute to the team’s success.

This would not only benefit the player’s development and morale but also provide the team with more options and depth.

Overall, Janssen’s story is a reminder of the challenges and pressures that come with professional football, and the importance of mental health support and a positive team environment.

It is heartening to see that he has found happiness and success at Monterrey, and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.