Steph Curry Expresses Frustration Over Officiating in Warriors Vs. Lakers Game 3

The Golden State Warriors suffered a tough loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday night, falling behind 2-1 in the best-of-seven matchup.

One of the main factors that contributed to the Warriors’ defeat was the officiating, which seemed to favor the Lakers throughout the game.

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The Lakers attempted 35 free throws, compared to only 20 for the Warriors. The Lakers also got away with several questionable calls, such as a flagrant foul on Draymond Green that was downgraded to a common foul after review, and a no-call on LeBron James when he appeared to hit Curry in the face in the fourth quarter.

Curry, who scored 30 points but shot only 9-of-23 from the field and 5-of-13 from three-point range, was visibly frustrated with the referees during and after the game.

He expressed his displeasure with some of the calls and non-calls that went against him and his team.

“I mean, it’s just tough. It’s a physical game and you expect some contact, but sometimes it feels like it’s not consistent,” Curry said in his postgame interview.

“You try to play through it and not let it affect you, but it’s hard when you’re on the wrong end of some of those calls.”.

Curry also said that he felt like he was fouled on several of his missed shots, but did not get the whistle. He said that he had to adjust his game and try to find other ways to score.

“I just have to be smarter and find different angles and different ways to create space,” Curry said. “I know they’re going to be physical and try to take away my rhythm, so I have to be ready for that and not let it get to me.”.

Curry said that he hopes that the officiating will be more fair and balanced in Game 4, which will take place on Tuesday night at Staples Center. He said that he and his teammates have to stay focused and confident, and not let the referees dictate the outcome of the game.

“We can’t control what they call or don’t call, we just have to play our game and trust that we’ll get some calls our way,” Curry said. “We have to keep our composure and our energy, and not let anything distract us from our goal.”.

Final Thoughts: Steph Curry Voices Frustration Over Officiating in Game 3 Loss to Lakers

The NBA playoffs are a high-pressure environment where every possession matters, and the officiating can play a crucial role in the outcome of the game.

In Game 3 between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, the referees’ calls and non-calls seemed to heavily favor the Lakers, leading to frustration from Warriors star Steph Curry.

Curry, who is known for his exceptional shooting ability and agility, was visibly upset with the officiating during the game and in his postgame interview.

He cited several instances where he felt like he was fouled but did not get the call, and expressed his disappointment with the lack of consistency in the referees’ decisions.

It’s understandable why Curry would feel frustrated. As one of the league’s top players, he is used to drawing fouls and getting calls in his favor. However, in this game, he and his team seemed to be on the wrong end of the referees’ decisions, which led to a difficult loss.

That being said, it’s important to note that officiating is a challenging job, and referees are only human. They are tasked with making split-second decisions in a fast-paced game with lots of physical contact, and they don’t always get it right.

While it’s understandable that players and fans would get upset when calls don’t go their way, it’s also important to remember that officiating is an imperfect science.

In the end, the Warriors will have to regroup and focus on Game 4. While the officiating will likely still play a role in the game, it’s up to the Warriors to control what they can and stay focused on their game plan.

If they can do that, they still have a chance to come back and win the series. However, if they let their frustration with the officiating get the best of them, it could be a long and difficult road ahead.