Report: Kirk Cousins Trade Rumors Swirl Around the NFL Involving San Francisco 49ers

I will discuss the recent rumors that have been circulating around the NFL about a possible trade involving Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and the San Francisco 49ers. The source of these rumors is Mike Florio, a well-known NFL insider and the founder of

Florio claimed that he heard from some people within the league, not media members, that there was some interest from the 49ers in acquiring Cousins during the NFL Scouting Combine, which took place in late February and early March.

He said that this was a “hot topic” at one point in Indianapolis, where the combine was held.

Why would the 49ers want Cousins? Well, for one thing, they have a connection with him through their head coach Kyle Shanahan, who was Cousins’ offensive coordinator in Washington for two seasons.

Shanahan is known for his offensive genius and his ability to get the most out of his quarterbacks. He has reportedly been a fan of Cousins for a long time and even tried to trade for him when he first joined the 49ers in 2017.

Another reason is that the 49ers are not satisfied with their current quarterback situation. They have Jimmy Garoppolo, who led them to the Super Bowl in 2019, but also missed most of 2020 with injuries and has been inconsistent when healthy.

They also have Trey Lance, who they drafted with the third overall pick in 2021, but he is still raw and inexperienced and may not be ready to start right away.

They also have Brock Purdy, who they signed as an undrafted free agent in 2021 and who played surprisingly well in five games last season, leading them to the NFC Championship game. However, he is still unproven and may not be able to replicate his success.

Cousins, on the other hand, is a proven veteran who has been durable and productive throughout his career. He has thrown for over 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in each of the last six seasons, with a career passer rating of 97.5.

He has also improved his efficiency and decision-making under Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak. He had a career-high 35 touchdown passes and only 13 interceptions in 2022, leading the Vikings to a 10-7 record and a wild card berth.

So, what would it take for the 49ers to get Cousins? Well, that’s where things get tricky. Cousins has a hefty contract that pays him $35 million in 2023 and $45 million in 2024, with both years fully guaranteed.

The Vikings would have to eat a lot of dead money if they trade him, unless they can get the 49ers to take on some of his salary. The 49ers would also have to give up some draft picks or players to entice the Vikings to part ways with their franchise quarterback.

The most likely scenario would involve Lance or Purdy as part of the package, along with some mid-round picks. The Vikings would get a young quarterback with potential to develop under Zimmer and Kubiak, while also saving some cap space and acquiring some draft capital.

The 49ers would get an experienced quarterback who can run Shanahan’s offense and lead them to contention right away.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point. There is no guarantee that either team is willing to make such a blockbuster deal, or that Cousins would even agree to waive his no-trade clause. But it is an intriguing possibility that could shake up the NFL landscape if it happens.

Final Thoughts: Examining the Possibility of a Kirk Cousins Trade to the San Francisco 49ers

The rumors about a possible trade involving Kirk Cousins and the San Francisco 49ers are intriguing, to say the least. There are valid reasons why the 49ers would be interested in acquiring Cousins, particularly the connection between him and head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan’s track record of maximizing the potential of his quarterbacks, combined with Cousins’ experience and proven production, could make for a potent combination on the field.

However, the potential trade also comes with significant challenges, particularly Cousins’ hefty contract.

The Vikings would have to be willing to part ways with their franchise quarterback and take on a significant amount of dead money, while the 49ers would have to give up significant assets to make the trade happen. Additionally, Cousins would need to agree to waive his no-trade clause, which may not be a given.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to predict whether this trade will come to fruition. It’s possible that the rumors are just that, rumors, and nothing more will come of it. But if there is some truth to the speculation, it’s a fascinating storyline to follow as the NFL offseason progresses.