Peyton Manning Compares Alabama QB Bryce Young to Patrick Mahomes Ahead of 2023 NFL Draft

The 2023 NFL Draft is still a year away, but the hype around Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is already sky-high. The Heisman Trophy winner and national champion has been projected as the consensus No. 1 pick by many analysts and scouts, who praise his accuracy, mobility, and leadership.

But perhaps the most glowing endorsement of Young’s potential came from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time: Peyton Manning. The Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl champion recently spoke to ESPN about Young and compared him to a star NFL QB who recently led his team to the Super Bowl.

“I see a lot of similarities between Bryce Young and Patrick Mahomes,” Manning said. “They both have incredible arm talent, they can make throws from any angle and any platform, and they can extend plays with their legs.

They also have a great feel for the game, they know when to take risks and when to play it safe, and they have a knack for making big plays in clutch situations.”

Manning added that he was impressed by Young’s poise and maturity, especially in his first year as a starter at Alabama. He said that Young handled the pressure and expectations with grace and humility, and that he showed great respect for his coaches, teammates, and opponents.

“He’s a class act, on and off the field,” Manning said. “He’s a great ambassador for the game of football and for the University of Alabama. I think he has a bright future ahead of him in the NFL.”

Manning’s comparison is high praise indeed, considering that Mahomes is widely regarded as the best quarterback in the league right now. The Kansas City Chiefs star has already won a Super Bowl MVP, a regular season MVP, and two AFC championships in his young career. He also signed a record-breaking 10-year contract worth $503 million in 2020.

Young has a long way to go before he can match Mahomes’ accomplishments, but he certainly has the talent and the potential to do so. He will have one more season at Alabama to showcase his skills and cement his status as the top prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. If he can live up to Manning’s comparison, he will be a franchise-changing player for whichever team drafts him.

Final Thoughts: Bryce Young Compared to Patrick Mahomes by Peyton Manning

The comparison of Bryce Young to Patrick Mahomes by Peyton Manning is high praise for the young quarterback from Alabama. It is rare for a college player to be compared to an NFL superstar, especially one as accomplished as Mahomes. Manning’s comments demonstrate how highly Young is regarded in the football world and how much potential he has as a future NFL star.

Manning’s comparison of Young to Mahomes is based on their similar skills as quarterbacks. Both have exceptional arm talent and the ability to make throws from any angle or platform.

They are also mobile and can extend plays with their legs, which adds another dimension to their game. Additionally, they have a great feel for the game and can make big plays in clutch situations.

However, the comparison is not just based on their physical abilities. Manning also notes their poise, maturity, and respect for the game. Young’s ability to handle pressure and expectations in his first year as a starter at Alabama is impressive, and it speaks to his character as a leader. Manning’s comments suggest that Young is not just a talented player but also a class act on and off the field.

Of course, it is important to remember that Young is still a young player with a lot to prove. While he has shown immense potential in his time at Alabama, he has yet to face the challenges of the NFL. It remains to be seen whether he can live up to the expectations set by Manning’s comparison to Mahomes.

Overall, the comparison of Young to Mahomes is a testament to the young quarterback’s talent and potential. It is a reminder of how exciting the NFL draft can be, as fans and analysts alike speculate on which players will become the next superstars of the league. For now, all eyes will be on Young as he prepares for his final season at Alabama and begins his journey to the NFL.