O-Line Expert: Chicago Bears Planning Major Offensive Line Shakeup

The Chicago Bears have been struggling to protect their quarterbacks this season, and it seems like they are ready to make some drastic changes to their offensive line.

According to O-Line expert Geoff Schwartz, who played eight seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman, the Bears are likely planning a major shakeup in their front five.

Schwartz shared his analysis on Twitter, where he pointed out some telling signs from the Bears’ recent practices. He noted that the Bears have been rotating their offensive linemen at different positions, which is not a common practice in the NFL.

He also observed that the Bears have been using more zone blocking schemes, which require more athleticism and mobility from the linemen.

Schwartz concluded that the Bears are trying to find the best combination of players for their offensive line, and that they are willing to experiment with different options.

He warned that this could mean that some veterans, such as left tackle Jason Peters or right guard James Daniels, could be benched or traded in favor of younger or more versatile players.

The Bears’ offensive line has been one of their biggest weaknesses this season, as they have allowed 31 sacks and 66 quarterback hits in nine games. They rank 30th in pass blocking efficiency and 25th in run blocking efficiency, according to Pro Football Focus.

They have also dealt with injuries and COVID-19 issues, which have forced them to shuffle their lineup multiple times.

The Bears are currently 3-6 and in last place in the NFC North. They have lost four straight games and have scored only 46 points in that span. Their offense ranks 32nd in yards per game and 31st in points per game.

Their quarterback situation is also uncertain, as rookie Justin Fields is recovering from a rib injury and veteran Andy Dalton is expected to start this week against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Bears may be hoping that a major shakeup in their offensive line could spark some improvement in their offense and give them a chance to salvage their season.

However, it could also backfire and create more confusion and inconsistency in their blocking unit. Either way, it seems like the Bears are desperate for a change and are willing to take some risks.

Final Thoughts: The Chicago Bears Need to Make Changes to Improve Their Offense

The struggles of the Chicago Bears‘ offensive line have been a major issue for the team this season. The high number of sacks and quarterback hits allowed, as well as poor run blocking, have led to a stagnant offense and a losing record.

The recent analysis by O-Line expert Geoff Schwartz suggests that the Bears are planning a major shakeup in their front five, which could mean some veterans being benched or traded in favor of younger, more versatile players.

While this kind of change may be risky, it is understandable given the Bears’ situation. With their offense ranked last in yards and second-to-last in points per game, they need to make adjustments to have any hope of turning their season around.

The offensive line is a crucial part of any team’s success, as they are responsible for protecting the quarterback and creating running lanes. By experimenting with different combinations of linemen and schemes, the Bears may find a formula that works better for them.

However, this kind of shakeup also has the potential to create more confusion and inconsistency in the Bears’ blocking unit. If the changes do not lead to immediate improvement, it could further damage the team’s morale and confidence.

Additionally, the Bears’ quarterback situation is currently uncertain, with rookie Justin Fields recovering from injury and veteran Andy Dalton expected to start. This means that any changes made to the offensive line will need to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of both quarterbacks.

Overall, the Bears are in a tough spot and need to make changes if they hope to salvage their season. While a major shakeup in the offensive line is a risk, it may be necessary to improve their offense and give them a chance to compete.

The coming weeks will be crucial for the Bears, and it remains to be seen whether their changes will have the desired effect.