Matthew Stafford Feeling Healthy and Refreshed Ahead of First Season With Rams

The Los Angeles Rams made a blockbuster trade in the offseason to acquire quarterback Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. The move was seen as a major upgrade for the Rams’ offense, which had struggled with inconsistency and injuries under Jared Goff.

Stafford, who had spent 12 seasons with the Lions and endured multiple losing seasons and coaching changes, was eager for a fresh start with a contending team.

Matthew Stafford Feeling Healthy and Refreshed Ahead of First Season With Rams

Source: i.insider

He also had to overcome some health issues of his own, as he played through a back injury in 2019 and a thumb injury in 2020.

Now, as he prepares for his first season with the Rams, Stafford says he feels fully healthy and refreshed. He spoke to reporters on Monday after the team’s first organized team activity (OTA) session and expressed his excitement about his new situation.

“I feel great. I feel healthy. I’m moving around good,” Stafford said. “I’m having a blast. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s obviously a new challenge for me, a lot of learning.

But at the same time, a lot of excitement and just getting to know these guys and this place.”.

Stafford said he has been impressed by the talent and chemistry of his new teammates, especially on offense. He praised the leadership and creativity of head coach Sean McVay, who has been working closely with him to install the playbook and build rapport.

“He’s been great. He’s been awesome,” Stafford said of McVay. “He’s got a great feel for the game. He’s got a great feel for what he wants to do offensively.

He’s got a great feel for what defenses are trying to do to stop us. He’s got answers for everything.”.

Stafford also had high praise for his new receivers, who he said have been making plays and helping him adjust to the system. He singled out Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, who have been two of the most productive wideouts in the league over the past few seasons.

“Those guys are tremendous players,” Stafford said of Woods and Kupp. “They’re great route runners. They’ve got great feel for space and timing and all that kind of stuff.

They’re easy targets to hit.”.

Stafford said he has also been developing chemistry with tight end Tyler Higbee and newcomers DeSean Jackson and Tutu Atwell, who add speed and explosiveness to the offense.

The Rams are hoping that Stafford can elevate their offense to the next level and help them compete for a Super Bowl title. Stafford said he is not feeling any added pressure or expectations from his new team, but rather embracing the opportunity to play with a talented roster and a supportive coaching staff.

“I’m just trying to be myself,” Stafford said. “I’m trying to be the best quarterback I can be for this team. I’m trying to learn as much as I possibly can as fast as I possibly can.

And I’m trying to have fun doing it.”.

Final Thoughts: Matthew Stafford Ready to Lead the Rams

Matthew Stafford’s arrival in Los Angeles has brought a lot of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming NFL season. After spending over a decade with the Detroit Lions, Stafford has a fresh start with a new team, and he seems to be taking full advantage of the opportunity.

One of the most important factors for Stafford’s success with the Rams will be his health, and he appears to be fully recovered from the injuries that hampered him in recent seasons.

A healthy Stafford, combined with the talent and creativity of head coach Sean McVay and the offensive weapons at his disposal, could make for a potent offense in Los Angeles.

Stafford’s comments about his new teammates and coaches are encouraging, as he seems to be fitting in well and developing strong relationships with the players around him.

The praise he had for Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, two of the league’s most productive receivers, is particularly noteworthy, as they will likely be his primary targets in the passing game.

The addition of speedsters DeSean Jackson and Tutu Atwell should also give Stafford more options to stretch the field and create big plays. And with Tyler Higbee at tight end, the Rams could have a well-rounded and dynamic offense that can attack defenses in a variety of ways.

Of course, it remains to be seen how all these pieces will come together on the field, but there’s reason to believe that Stafford can lead the Rams to success.

His experience and talent should give the offense a boost, and McVay’s coaching could bring out the best in him.

If everything clicks, the Rams could be a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl this season. And even if they fall short, it should still be an exciting year for the team and their fans, with Stafford leading the way.