Kings Coach Mike Brown Prepares Team for Intense Warriors’ Draymond Green

The Sacramento Kings are facing a tough challenge on Saturday night when they host the Golden State Warriors at the Golden 1 Center. The Warriors are one of the best teams in the NBA, with a record of 54-18 and a roster full of stars, including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

Green is arguably the most versatile and impactful player on the Warriors, as he can play multiple positions, defend anyone on the court, facilitate the offense and provide leadership and energy. He is also known for his intensity and competitiveness, which sometimes crosses the line and leads to technical fouls or ejections.

The Kings will have to match Green’s intensity and physicality if they want to have a chance to upset the Warriors. That’s why Kings coach Mike Brown has been preparing his team for what to expect from Green and how to handle him.

Kings Coach Mike Brown Prepares Team for Intense Warriors' Draymond Green

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Brown knows Green very well, as he was an assistant coach for the Warriors from 2016 to 2019 and won two championships with them. He also coached Green in the 2017 NBA Finals when Steve Kerr was sidelined with health issues.

Brown said he has been showing his players clips of Green’s game and talking to them about his strengths and weaknesses. He also said he has been emphasizing the importance of staying composed and focused when dealing with Green’s trash talk and antics.

“He’s a great player, he’s a great competitor, he’s a great leader,” Brown said of Green. “He does a lot of things for them on both ends of the floor. He’s also very emotional and very intense. He tries to get under your skin and get you out of your game. You have to be ready for that and not let him affect you.”

Brown said he has been telling his players to respect Green but not fear him. He said he wants them to play hard and smart against him, but not get into any unnecessary confrontations or distractions.

“You have to play him with physicality, but you also have to play him with intelligence,” Brown said. “You can’t let him bait you into doing something stupid or losing your cool. You have to keep your poise and your focus. You have to play through the whistle and not react to anything he does or says.”

Brown said he hopes his players will learn from their experience of playing against Green and use it as a way to grow and improve as a team.

“He’s a great challenge for us, but he’s also a great opportunity for us,” Brown said. “He’s going to test us mentally and physically. He’s going to make us better if we handle it the right way.”

Final Thoughts: Preparing for Draymond Green

The Sacramento Kings are facing a daunting task in hosting the Golden State Warriors, one of the NBA’s top teams. While the Warriors boast several superstar players, including Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, it is Draymond Green who poses a significant challenge to the Kings.

Known for his versatility, intensity, and competitiveness, Green is a player who can affect the game in multiple ways. Kings coach Mike Brown, a former assistant coach for the Warriors, is well aware of Green’s strengths and weaknesses and has been preparing his team to face him.

Brown’s approach to preparing his team for Green is admirable. He recognizes Green’s impact on the game and emphasizes the need for his players to match his intensity and physicality.

However, Brown is also aware of Green’s tendency to cross the line and provoke opponents, and he stresses the importance of his players staying composed and focused. Brown’s message to his team is clear: respect Green, but don’t fear him, play hard and smart against him, but don’t get distracted or drawn into unnecessary confrontations.

Preparing for a player like Green requires a balance of physicality and intelligence, and Brown’s emphasis on both is crucial. His players will need to play with physicality to match Green’s intensity, but they must also play with intelligence to avoid falling into his traps.

The ability to maintain composure and focus in the face of Green’s trash talk and antics is a vital skill, and it will be interesting to see how the Kings handle this challenge.

Ultimately, facing a player like Green is a great opportunity for the Kings to learn and grow as a team. If they can handle his intensity and stay focused on their game plan, they can come away from this game with a valuable experience and a newfound resilience.

Mike Brown’s approach to preparing his team for this challenge is a testament to his coaching acumen, and it will be fascinating to see how his players respond.