Jason Day Reveals Tiger Woods’ Injury Complication During 2022 PGA Championship

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time, but his career has been plagued by injuries and setbacks. The most recent one was a horrific car crash in February 2021 that left him with multiple fractures and a shattered right leg. Woods underwent several surgeries to repair the damage, but his recovery has been slow and uncertain.

One of the complications that Woods faced was a screw that broke through his skin during the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills, according to his friend and fellow golfer Jason Day.

Day shared this shocking detail in an interview with Golf Channel on Sunday, April 9, 2023, after Woods withdrew from the Masters due to pain and discomfort.

Day said that he spoke to Woods at the end of last year and learned the reason why he pulled out of the PGA Championship in May 2022. “He was saying the reason why he pulled out of the PGA [Championship] was a screw went through the skin on Saturday or whatever it was,” Day said.

Woods had shot a 79 in the third round of the PGA Championship, which was played in cold and wet conditions. He was visibly struggling to walk and swing, and decided to withdraw before the final round. At the time, he cited “general soreness” as the reason for his withdrawal, but did not mention anything about the screw.

Day also commented on Woods’ withdrawal from the Masters, which happened on Sunday morning before the start of the fourth round. Woods had completed 15 holes of his third round on Saturday, but had to stop due to darkness. He returned on Sunday morning to finish his round, but looked in pain and discomfort throughout. He shot a 76 and was 11 over par for the tournament.

“He looked like he was laboring pretty hard yesterday,” Day said. “It was obviously difficult to watch because he had to come back out and then play through all that yesterday morning, and then he had to take a little bit of a break and come back out and play again.

It didn’t look like, it wasn’t the perfect conditions for him to be able to at least get through the round. It’s disappointing, but that’s just kind of, I think, where we’re at with how his body is right now.”

Woods has not won a major championship since his remarkable comeback victory at the 2019 Masters, which was his 15th major title and his first in 11 years.

He has also not played a full season on the PGA Tour since 2018, when he won the Tour Championship for his 82nd career victory, tying him with Sam Snead for the most wins in PGA Tour history.

Woods has said that he still wants to play golf and compete at the highest level, but he has also acknowledged that he has to listen to his body and be realistic about his expectations.

He has not given any timeline for his return to competitive golf, but he has been seen hitting balls at his home course in Florida and attending events with his son Charlie.

Woods’ fans and fellow golfers have been supportive of his recovery and hopeful for his comeback, but they have also been concerned about his health and well-being. Day said that he hopes Woods can find a way to overcome his challenges and enjoy playing golf again.

“I think everyone wants him back out here playing because it’s just good for golf in general,” Day said. “But I think we’ve got to understand that sometimes your body just doesn’t allow you to do certain things that you want it to do.”

Final Thoughts: Tiger Woods’ Ongoing Health Struggles

The news that a screw broke through Tiger Woods’ skin during the 2022 PGA Championship is yet another reminder of the toll that injuries have taken on his body. Woods has faced numerous setbacks throughout his career, from knee surgeries to back problems to the devastating car crash that nearly cost him his life.

While Woods has shown remarkable resilience in coming back from these setbacks, it’s clear that his body is not as resilient as it once was. The fact that a screw broke through his skin during a tournament is a stark indication of just how fragile his body has become.

It’s understandable that Woods wants to continue playing golf and competing at the highest level. Golf is his passion, and it’s what he’s known for his entire life. However, as his friend Jason Day pointed out, sometimes your body just doesn’t allow you to do certain things that you want it to do.

Woods has accomplished more in golf than most players could ever dream of, with 15 major championships and 82 PGA Tour wins. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone at this point in his career.

If he wants to continue playing golf for his own enjoyment, that’s certainly his prerogative. But he should also be realistic about his limitations and not push himself too hard.

It’s heartening to see that Woods is still hitting balls and attending events with his son Charlie. He clearly still loves the game of golf, and it’s good for him to stay involved in some way. But it’s also important for him to prioritize his health and well-being above all else.

It’s impossible to know when or if Woods will return to competitive golf. But regardless of what happens, his legacy in the sport is secure. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and his impact on the game will be felt for generations to come.