Frank Lampard reflects on Chelsea’s defeat to Atletico Madrid and set-piece issues

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard spoke to the media after his side’s 3-1 loss to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Wednesday night. Here is a transcript of what he said.

On the performance and the result

I think we started well, we had some good moments in the first half, but we conceded a very poor goal from a set-piece. That gave them confidence and they defended very well after that.

We didn’t create enough chances, we didn’t move the ball quickly enough, we didn’t show enough quality in the final third. We have to take responsibility for that. It’s a disappointing result and we have to bounce back quickly.

On Joao Felix and his goal

He’s a very talented player, he showed that tonight. He took his goal very well, he was a threat throughout the game. We knew that before the game, we tried to prepare for that, but we didn’t deal with him well enough. He’s one of the best young players in the world and he showed why.

On the set-piece issue and how to solve it

It’s something that we have to work on, it’s something that we have to improve. We have conceded too many goals from set-pieces this season, it’s not good enough. We have to be more aggressive, more focused, more determined in those situations. We have to defend as a team, not just as individuals. We have to look at ourselves and find a solution.

On the positives from the game

I think there were some positives, yes. We had some good spells of possession, we had some good combinations, we had some players who showed some character and some quality. But it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t consistent enough, it wasn’t clinical enough. We have to be better than that if we want to compete at this level.

On the next game against Leeds and how to recover

We have to recover quickly, we have to show our character, we have to show our quality. We have a tough game against Leeds on Saturday, they are a very good team, they play with a lot of intensity and energy. We have to be ready for that challenge. We have to learn from this defeat and move on.

Final Thoughts: Frank Lampard on Chelsea’s Defeat, Joao Felix, and Set-Piece Issue

In the aftermath of Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, manager Frank Lampard expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance and result. He identified a number of areas where Chelsea fell short, including their inability to create enough chances, move the ball quickly enough, and show enough quality in the final third.

One of the most pressing issues Lampard highlighted was Chelsea’s continued struggles with defending set-pieces. The team has conceded too many goals from these situations this season, and Lampard emphasized the need for the team to be more aggressive, focused, and determined when defending them. This is something that the team will have to work on going forward if they want to be competitive at the highest level.

Lampard also had some positive things to say about the game, noting that there were some good spells of possession and some players who showed character and quality. However, he acknowledged that this was not enough to overcome a strong Atletico Madrid team, and that Chelsea will need to be better if they want to compete in the future.

Looking ahead to the team’s next game against Leeds, Lampard emphasized the need for the team to recover quickly and show their character and quality once again. He recognized that Leeds will be a tough opponent, and that Chelsea will need to be ready for the challenge.

Overall, Lampard’s comments show that he is aware of the team’s shortcomings and is focused on finding ways to improve. While the defeat to Atletico Madrid is certainly disappointing, it is clear that Lampard and the team are determined to bounce back and show their quality in the future.