Former NFL Scout Thinks Bears Employing a Deception to Start Justin Fields as QB1

The Chicago Bears have been one of the most intriguing teams in the NFL this offseason. They made a bold move to trade up for quarterback Justin Fields in the draft, but they also signed veteran Andy Dalton to a one-year deal and declared him the starter.

Many fans and analysts are wondering when Fields will take over the reins and if Dalton is just a placeholder or a mentor.

However, one former NFL scout thinks that the Bears may have a different plan in mind. Daniel Jeremiah, who now works as an analyst for NFL Network, shared his theory on the Move The Sticks podcast. He believes that the Bears are employing a massive deception and that Fields will be the starter from day one.

“I think this is all a smokescreen,” Jeremiah said. “I think this is all a ruse. I think they’re trying to do everything they can to make sure that Justin Fields is not on anybody’s radar.

They don’t want anybody to prepare for him. They don’t want anybody to game plan for him. They don’t want anybody to see him in the preseason. They want to keep him under wraps and then unleash him in Week 1.”

Jeremiah pointed out that the Bears have a tough schedule to start the season, facing the Rams, Bengals, Browns and Lions in the first four weeks. He thinks that the Bears are hoping to catch their opponents off guard with Fields’ athleticism and playmaking ability.

“I think they’re looking at this schedule and saying, ‘We’ve got a chance to steal some games early if we can surprise some people with Justin Fields,'” Jeremiah said. “I think they’re going to roll him out there and let him go.

I think he’s going to be ready. I think he’s going to be prepared. I think he’s going to be confident. And I think he’s going to give them a spark that they desperately need.”

Jeremiah added that he thinks Dalton is aware of the situation and that he’s playing along with the deception. He said that Dalton is a consummate professional and that he’s willing to help Fields develop as a quarterback.

“I think Andy Dalton knows what’s going on,” Jeremiah said. “I think he’s been in this league long enough to know that this is not his team. This is not his future. This is Justin Fields’ team and Justin Fields’ future.

And I think he’s going to do everything he can to help him along the way. I think he’s going to be a great teammate and a great mentor.”

Jeremiah admitted that his theory may sound crazy, but he said that he has a gut feeling that it’s true. He said that he’s seen enough of Fields in college and in practice to know that he’s ready for the NFL.

“I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I’m telling you, this is what I believe,” Jeremiah said. “I think Justin Fields is going to be the starter for the Chicago Bears in Week 1 and I think he’s going to light it up.”

Final Thoughts: Is Justin Fields the Chicago Bears’ Secret Weapon?

The idea that the Chicago Bears are employing a massive deception by declaring Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback while hiding their true intentions to start Justin Fields may seem far-fetched, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Daniel Jeremiah, a former NFL scout and current NFL Network analyst, believes that the Bears have a secret plan to unleash Fields as their starting quarterback from day one.

Jeremiah’s theory is based on the idea that the Bears want to catch their opponents off guard by keeping Fields under wraps and then surprising them with his athleticism and playmaking ability.

He also pointed out that the Bears have a tough schedule to start the season, which could give them an edge if they can pull off some upsets with Fields at the helm.

While this theory may sound like a conspiracy theory, there is some evidence to support it. For starters, Fields was a highly-touted prospect in the draft, and many experts believe that he has the talent and potential to be a franchise quarterback.

The Bears also traded up to draft him, which suggests that they see him as a crucial piece of their future plans.

Additionally, Dalton’s contract with the Bears is only for one year, which suggests that he was brought in as a stopgap option while Fields develops. It’s also worth noting that head coach Matt Nagy has a history of using creative offensive schemes and could be planning to unleash Fields in a similar fashion.

That being said, there are also some reasons to be skeptical of this theory. For one, the Bears have consistently stated that Dalton is their starting quarterback, and it’s possible that they are genuinely committed to giving him a chance to lead the team.

It’s also worth considering that Fields is still a rookie and may need some time to adjust to the NFL game before he’s ready to start.

Overall, it’s impossible to say for sure whether the Bears are planning to start Fields from day one or if they are truly committed to giving Dalton a shot.

However, it’s clear that Fields has the potential to be a game-changer for the Bears, and if he does end up starting, he could give the team a much-needed spark. Only time will tell if this theory turns out to be true, but it’s certainly an intriguing possibility to consider.