Former Coach Warns Manchester United to Be Patient With Amad Diallo’s Development

Tony Mowbray, the former manager of Amad Diallo at Atalanta, has warned Manchester United that they need to be patient and careful with the young winger’s development.

Diallo, who joined United in January for a fee that could rise to £37 million, has made only eight appearances for the Red Devils so far, scoring one goal and providing one assist.

Former Coach Warns Manchester United to Be Patient With Amad Diallo's Development

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Mowbray, who coached Diallo for two years in Atalanta’s youth academy, believes that the 19-year-old has immense potential but also faces many challenges in adapting to the Premier League and living in a new country.

He told Sky Sports:

“Amad is a very talented boy. He has great technical ability, speed, dribbling skills and a good eye for goal. He can play on either wing or as a second striker.

He is also a very humble and hard-working kid who wants to learn and improve.

But he is still very young and inexperienced. He needs time to adjust to the physicality, intensity and pace of the English game. He also needs to learn the language and the culture of his new environment.

He is not ready to be a regular starter for Manchester United yet. He needs to be nurtured and protected by his manager and his teammates.”

Mowbray added that he was impressed by how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has handled Diallo so far, giving him opportunities to play in the Europa League and the FA Cup, but also keeping him out of the spotlight and managing his expectations.

“I think Ole has done a good job with Amad so far. He has given him some minutes in different competitions, but he has also been careful not to expose him too much or put too much pressure on him.

He has shown him that he trusts him and values him, but he has also been realistic about his progress and his role in the team.

I think Amad appreciates that. He knows that he has a lot to learn and a lot to prove. He knows that he has joined one of the biggest clubs in the world, with a lot of competition for places and a lot of demands from the fans and the media.

He knows that he has to work hard every day to earn his place and his respect.”.

Mowbray concluded by saying that he hopes that Diallo will fulfil his potential at United and become a star for them in the future. He said:

“I have no doubt that Amad has the talent and the mentality to succeed at Manchester United. He is a special player who can make a difference on the pitch.

He just needs time, patience and support from everyone around him.

I hope that he will get that at United and that he will enjoy his football there. I hope that he will become a great player for them and for his country.

I wish him all the best.”

Final Thoughts: Manchester United Should Nuture Amad Diallo’s Potential

The warning from Tony Mowbray about Amad Diallo’s future at Manchester United should not be taken lightly. The 19-year-old winger has immense potential, but he also needs time and patience to develop into a regular starter for the Red Devils.

The physicality, intensity, and pace of the Premier League can be a daunting challenge for any young player, especially one who has just moved to a new country and culture.

However, it is clear that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer understands the importance of nurturing Diallo’s potential. He has given the youngster some playing time in different competitions while also managing his expectations and keeping him out of the spotlight.

This approach is essential for Diallo’s long-term development, as it allows him to build confidence and experience without being overwhelmed by the pressure and expectations of playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It is also encouraging to hear that Diallo is a humble and hard-working player who wants to learn and improve. This attitude is crucial for any young player who wants to succeed at the highest level.

With the right support and guidance, there is no reason why Diallo cannot fulfill his potential and become a star for both Manchester United and his country.

In conclusion, Manchester United should continue to nurture and protect Amad Diallo’s potential. The club has a proud tradition of developing young talent, and Diallo could be the next player to make a significant impact at Old Trafford.

With patience, hard work, and support, he could become a regular starter for the Red Devils and a key player for years to come.