EA Sports PGA Tour: A Beautiful Yet Inconsistent Golf Simulation Game

EA Sports PGA Tour is the latest golf simulation game from the renowned sports developer, and it promises to deliver a realistic and immersive experience of playing on some of the most iconic courses in the world. But does it live up to the hype? Here’s our review.

Graphics and Presentation

One of the most impressive aspects of EA Sports PGA Tour is the graphics and presentation. The game uses the Frostbite engine, which is also used for games like Battlefield and FIFA, and it shows.

The courses are stunningly detailed and realistic, with dynamic weather and lighting effects that create a breathtaking atmosphere. You can see every blade of grass, every ripple of water, and every bird flying in the sky.

The game also features licensed PGA Tour players and commentators, who add authenticity and personality to the game. The animations are smooth and natural, and the sound effects are crisp and immersive.

Gameplay and Modes

EA Sports PGA Tour offers a variety of gameplay modes and options for golf fans of all skill levels. You can play solo or online with friends or strangers, in casual or competitive matches.

You can also create your own custom golfer and take them through a career mode, where you can earn money, sponsorships, and trophies as you rise through the ranks of the PGA Tour.

You can also participate in events like The Masters, The Players Championship, and The FedEx Cup Playoffs, where you can compete against the best players in the world.

The gameplay itself is fun and challenging, but also inconsistent and frustrating at times. The game uses a swing mechanic that requires you to pull back and push forward the right analog stick to execute your shots.

You can also adjust your stance, club selection, shot type, spin, and power using various buttons and triggers. The game gives you feedback on your swing tempo, accuracy, and power through visual and audio cues.

However, the swing mechanic is not very intuitive or responsive, and it often feels like you have little control over your shots. The game also suffers from some glitches and bugs that can ruin your experience.

For example, sometimes your ball will bounce off invisible walls or obstacles, or get stuck in weird places. Sometimes your shots will not register properly, or your swing meter will freeze or lag. Sometimes your golfer will clip through objects or terrain, or perform unrealistic animations.

The game also lacks some features and options that would enhance the gameplay and replay value. For example, there is no practice mode where you can hone your skills or test different clubs and shots.

There is no course creator where you can design your own courses or play on user-generated ones. There is no option to customize the difficulty or settings of the game, such as wind speed, green speed, pin placement, etc.

There is also no option to skip or fast-forward parts of the game, such as cutscenes, replays, loading screens, etc.


EA Sports PGA Tour is a beautiful and ambitious golf simulation game that offers a lot of potential and enjoyment for golf fans. However, it also suffers from some major flaws and shortcomings that prevent it from being a great game.

The gameplay is inconsistent and frustrating at times due to the swing mechanic and technical issues.

The game also lacks some features and options that would make it more fun and varied. EA Sports PGA Tour is not a bad game by any means, but it is not a great one either. It is a game that has beauty and inconsistency rolled into one.

Final Thoughts: EA Sports PGA Tour Review – A Promising Game Hindered by Inconsistency and Lack of Features

EA Sports PGA Tour is a game that promises a lot – stunning graphics, licensed players, immersive gameplay modes, and realistic mechanics. And to some extent, it delivers on those promises.

The graphics and presentation are truly impressive, and the attention to detail in the courses is remarkable. The gameplay modes and options are varied and accessible, catering to golf fans of all levels. And the licensed players and commentators add a touch of authenticity and personality to the game.

However, the game is also plagued by inconsistency and lack of features. The swing mechanic, which is the cornerstone of the gameplay, is not very intuitive or responsive. It often feels like you have little control over your shots, and the feedback system can be confusing or misleading.

This can lead to frustration and a lack of engagement, especially for players who are used to more refined golf games. The technical issues, such as glitches, bugs, and clipping, also detract from the overall experience and immersion.

Furthermore, the game lacks some features and options that would greatly enhance the gameplay and replay value. The absence of a practice mode, course creator, and customizable difficulty and settings is a missed opportunity.

These features would not only make the game more fun and varied but also give players more agency and control over their experience. The inability to skip or fast-forward parts of the game, such as cutscenes and loading screens, is also frustrating and time-consuming.

In conclusion, EA Sports PGA Tour is a promising game that falls short of its potential. While the graphics and presentation are impressive, the gameplay and features are inconsistent and lacking.

Golf fans who value realism and immersion may still find enjoyment in the game, but those who prefer more refined and polished golf games may be disappointed. Overall, EA Sports PGA Tour is a game that has beauty and potential, but also inconsistency and hindrances.