Cowboys trade WR Cedrick Wilson to Dolphins for conditional draft pick

The Dallas Cowboys have a surplus of talent at the wide receiver position, and they decided to part ways with one of their promising young players in Cedrick Wilson. The Cowboys traded Wilson to the Miami Dolphins for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2024, essentially giving him away for nothing.

Wilson, a sixth-round pick in 2018, showed flashes of potential in his three seasons with the Cowboys. He had 17 catches for 189 yards and two touchdowns in 2020, and also threw a touchdown pass to Dak Prescott on a trick play.

He was a versatile and reliable option for the Cowboys offense, and also contributed on special teams.

The Cowboys traded Wilson because they have a crowded depth chart at receiver, with Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, Noah Brown and Simi Fehoko all under contract.

They also drafted Malik Turner in the fifth round this year, adding another young talent to the mix. The Cowboys felt they could afford to lose Wilson and get something in return, even if it was a low-value draft pick.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, were in need of receiver help after losing Will Fuller to a suspension and DeVante Parker to an injury. They have rookie Jaylen Waddle as their top target, but they lacked depth and experience behind him.

Wilson gives them a solid option who can play both outside and in the slot, and who knows how to work with a young quarterback like Tua Tagovailoa.

The question is: do the Cowboys miss Wilson? The answer is not really. The Cowboys have enough weapons on offense to overcome his departure, and they have other players who can fill his role. Wilson was a nice piece to have, but not a necessity. The Cowboys did not lose much by trading him away.

The trade was a win-win for both teams. The Dolphins got a cheap and capable receiver who can help them right away, and the Cowboys got some draft capital and cleared some roster space for their other receivers.

Wilson gets a fresh start and a chance to prove himself in Miami. The Cowboys ex is not someone they regret letting go.

Final Thoughts: Cowboys’ Cedrick Wilson Trade with Dolphins

The Dallas Cowboys made a calculated decision in trading away receiver Cedrick Wilson to the Miami Dolphins for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2024.

While Wilson had shown potential in his three seasons with the team, the Cowboys felt that they could afford to part ways with him due to their deep depth chart at receiver.

With star receivers Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup leading the way, and other options like Noah Brown, Simi Fehoko, and rookie Malik Turner in the mix, Wilson was expendable for the Cowboys.

They also felt that they could use the roster spot and draft capital to bolster other areas of their team.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, were in need of help at the receiver position after losing Will Fuller and DeVante Parker. Wilson provides them with a versatile and experienced option who can play multiple positions and help develop young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Overall, the trade was a win-win for both teams. The Dolphins get a solid receiver at a low cost, while the Cowboys clear some roster space and acquire some draft capital.

As for whether the Cowboys miss Wilson, it seems that they do not. While he was a useful piece to have, the Cowboys have enough talent on offense to compensate for his departure.

In the end, the trade made sense for both teams and allowed Wilson to get a fresh start in Miami. It will be interesting to see how he performs for the Dolphins and whether the Cowboys can make the most of their newfound draft capital.