Buffalo Bills Replace Blue Cheese With Ranch Dressing as Official Dipping Sauce for 2023 Season

The Buffalo Bills have made a bold move to spice up their home games for the 2023 season. The team announced on Monday that ranch dressing will be the official dipping sauce at Highmark Stadium, replacing the traditional blue cheese. The decision was made after a fan survey revealed that ranch dressing was the preferred choice of 65% of Bills fans, while blue cheese only received 25% of the votes. The remaining 10% opted for other sauces, such as barbecue, honey mustard, or ketchup. The team said that the change was meant to reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of their loyal fan base, and to offer a more versatile and delicious option for dipping their signature buffalo wings and other snacks. “We are excited to partner with ranch dressing as our official dipping sauce for the 2023 season,” said Bills president Kim Pegula in a press release. “We believe that ranch dressing is a perfect match for our team and our fans, as it is flavorful, creamy, and versatile. We hope that our fans will enjoy this new addition to our menu and have a great time at Highmark Stadium.” Ranch dressing is a popular American condiment that consists of mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, herbs, and spices. It was invented in the 1950s by Steve Henson, a plumber who ran a dude ranch in California called Hidden Valley. He created the dressing as a way to enhance the salads and sandwiches he served to his guests. The dressing became so popular that he started selling it in bottles and packets, and eventually sold his recipe to Clorox in 1972. Ranch dressing has since become one of the most widely consumed sauces in the United States, especially in the Midwest and South. According to a 2017 study by The Association for Dressings and Sauces, ranch dressing was the most popular salad dressing in America, with 40% of the market share. It was also the most popular dipping sauce for pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, and vegetables. However, not everyone is happy with the Bills’ decision to switch to ranch dressing. Some fans have expressed their disappointment and outrage on social media, saying that blue cheese is the only acceptable dipping sauce for buffalo wings. They argue that blue cheese has a stronger flavor and texture that complements the spicy and tangy wings better than ranch dressing. They also claim that blue cheese is more authentic and traditional, as it originated in Buffalo along with the wings. “I can’t believe the Bills are betraying their roots and their fans by choosing ranch over blue cheese,” tweeted one fan. “This is an insult to Buffalo culture and history. Blue cheese forever!” Another fan wrote: “Ranch dressing is bland and boring. It doesn’t belong anywhere near buffalo wings. The Bills are making a huge mistake by alienating their true fans who love blue cheese. I’m canceling my season tickets.” The team has responded to the backlash by saying that they respect the opinions of all their fans, and that they will still offer blue cheese as an alternative sauce at Highmark Stadium. They also said that they hope that fans will give ranch dressing a try and see how it enhances their game day experience. “We understand that some fans may prefer blue cheese over ranch dressing, and we respect their choice,” said Bills head coach Sean McDermott. “We are not trying to force anyone to change their preferences or habits. We are simply offering a new option that we think will appeal to many of our fans. We encourage everyone to keep an open mind and give ranch dressing a chance. You might be surprised by how much you like it.” The Bills will debut their new dipping sauce at their home opener against the Miami Dolphins on September 10th, 2023. Fans who attend the game will receive a free sample of ranch dressing along with their buffalo wings. The team hopes that this gesture will help win over some of the skeptics and create a positive buzz around their new partnership. “We are confident that ranch dressing will be a hit with our fans and our players,” said Bills quarterback Josh Allen. “We think it will add some extra flavor and fun to our games and our celebrations. We can’t wait to dip into some ranch dressing after scoring some touchdowns at Highmark Stadium.” Final Thoughts: The Buffalo Bills Switch to Ranch Dressing as Official Dipping Sauce The Buffalo Bills have certainly stirred up some controversy with their recent decision to make ranch dressing the official dipping sauce of Highmark Stadium. While 65% of Bills fans surveyed expressed a preference for ranch over blue cheese, many traditionalists are outraged at the idea of replacing the classic buffalo wing accompaniment. Ranch dressing is a popular and versatile sauce that can be used for a variety of snacks and dishes, not just buffalo wings. It is creamy, tangy, and slightly sweet, and it can complement the spiciness of the wings without overpowering them. On the other hand, blue cheese has a stronger and more pungent flavor that can cut through the heat of the wings and provide a satisfying contrast. It also has a thicker and chunkier texture that can hold up well to the crispy skin of the wings. Some fans argue that blue cheese is the only authentic and traditional dipping sauce for buffalo wings, as it originated in Buffalo along with the wings. However, it is important to remember that taste is subjective and personal. What one person finds delicious and satisfying, another may find bland or repulsive. The Bills are simply trying to provide more options for their fans and cater to different tastes and preferences. They are not trying to impose their own preferences or disrespect the history and culture of Buffalo. It is also worth noting that the Bills will still offer blue cheese as an alternative dipping sauce at Highmark Stadium. They are not forcing anyone to choose between ranch and blue cheese, but rather encouraging fans to try something new and potentially discover a new favorite. After all, change can be exciting and refreshing, and it can help us broaden our horizons and expand our culinary repertoire. The Buffalo Bills’ decision to switch to ranch dressing as their official dipping sauce is a bold and controversial move that reflects the diverse tastes and preferences of their fan base. While some fans may be disappointed or outraged, it is important to keep an open mind and try new things. Who knows, you might just discover a new favorite dipping sauce that you never thought you would enjoy.