Broncos QB Brock Purdy Sets Goals to Improve in Second NFL Season

Brock Purdy is not satisfied with his performance in his rookie year. The quarterback, who was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, showed flashes of potential but also struggled with consistency and turnovers.

He finished the season with 2,718 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, while completing 59.7% of his passes.

Purdy knows he has to improve if he wants to establish himself as the franchise quarterback for the Broncos. He spoke to reporters on Tuesday after the first day of the team’s voluntary offseason workouts and shared his goals for his second year in the league.

“I think the biggest thing for me is to be more accurate and more decisive with the ball,” Purdy said. “I have to cut down on the mistakes and make better decisions in every situation. I also want to work on my leadership and communication skills with my teammates and coaches.”

Purdy said he spent the offseason studying film and working on his mechanics with his personal quarterback coach. He also reached out to some of the veteran players on the team, such as wide receiver Courtland Sutton and tight end Noah Fant, to get their feedback and advice.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from them,” Purdy said. “They have been very supportive and helpful. They told me what they expect from me and how I can help them make plays. They also gave me some tips on how to read defenses and adjust to different coverages.”

Purdy said he is excited to work with the new offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur, who was hired by the Broncos in January. Shurmur has a reputation for developing quarterbacks and running a balanced and creative offense.

“I think he’s a great fit for me and for this team,” Purdy said. “He has a lot of experience and knowledge. He has a clear vision of what he wants to do and how he wants to use me. He’s been very positive and encouraging so far.”

Purdy said he is confident that he can make a big leap in his second season and help the Broncos win more games. He said he is motivated by the challenge and the competition.

“I know I have a lot to prove and a lot to learn,” Purdy said. “But I’m ready for it. I’m hungry and determined. I want to be the best quarterback I can be for this team and this city.”

Final Thoughts: Brock Purdy Aims to Improve in Second NFL Season

Brock Purdy, the young quarterback drafted by the Denver Broncos, has set his sights on improving his performance in his second season in the NFL. Purdy has acknowledged the shortcomings of his rookie year, where he struggled with consistency and turnovers.

He understands the importance of elevating his game if he wants to become the franchise quarterback for the Broncos.

Purdy’s determination and focus on his development are admirable. He recognizes the areas where he needs to improve, such as his accuracy, decision-making, and leadership skills.

Purdy has taken the initiative to work on his mechanics, study game film, and seek advice from veteran teammates to enhance his performance.

The addition of Pat Shurmur as the new offensive coordinator is also a significant boost to Purdy’s development. Shurmur is known for his ability to develop quarterbacks and create an efficient offense.

Purdy’s confidence in Shurmur and his eagerness to work with him are positive signs that he is ready to take his game to the next level.

The road ahead for Purdy will not be easy. The NFL is a competitive league, and the expectations for quarterbacks are high. However, Purdy’s determination, work ethic, and willingness to learn suggest that he is up for the challenge.

In conclusion, Brock Purdy’s commitment to improving his game and his willingness to learn from others are positive signs for the Denver Broncos.

With the support of his teammates and coaches, Purdy has the potential to become a star in the NFL. His journey to success may not be easy, but it will undoubtedly be exciting to watch.