British Pro Will Kassouf Accused of Cheating at 2023 Irish Open

Will Kassouf is no stranger to controversy in the poker world. The British pro, known for his talkative and provocative style at the table, has been accused of angle shooting, slow rolling, and disrespecting his opponents on several occasions. But his latest scandal may be the most serious one yet.

According to multiple reports and eyewitnesses, Kassouf allegedly cheated several players out of thousands of euros at the 2023 Irish Open in Dublin.

The incident occurred during a cash game session at the Citywest Hotel, where the tournament was held. Kassouf was playing in a €5/€10 no-limit hold’em game with a €2,000 buy-in.

One of the players at the table, who wished to remain anonymous, told us what happened. “Kassouf was playing very aggressively and talking a lot, as usual. He was trying to get under everyone’s skin and make them tilt. He was also drinking a lot of beer and seemed to be getting drunker as the night went on.”

The player said that Kassouf started to use a suspicious move that involved switching his chips after making a bet or a call. “He would put out some chips and then quickly grab them back and replace them with different ones.

Sometimes he would add more chips, sometimes he would take some away. He was doing it so fast that it was hard to notice, especially with all the noise and distraction in the room.”

The player said that he confronted Kassouf about his chip switching after losing a big pot to him. “I called him out on it and asked him to show his chips. He got very defensive and started to argue with me.

He said that I was just a sore loser and that he didn’t do anything wrong. He tried to act like he was joking and that it was all part of his ‘speech play’. He even called the floor over and claimed that I was harassing him.”

The floor manager, who also wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that he was called over by Kassouf. “He told me that the other player was accusing him of cheating and that he wanted me to check the cameras.

I asked him to show me his chips and he did. He had about €3,000 in front of him, which seemed reasonable for the stakes and the time he had been playing. I didn’t see anything suspicious at first glance.”

The floor manager said that he decided to review the video footage of the game to see if there was any evidence of cheating. “I went to the security room and watched the tapes. It took me a while to find the right angles and zoom in on the table.

But when I did, I was shocked by what I saw. Kassouf was clearly switching his chips multiple times during the game. He was doing it very subtly and cleverly, but it was undeniable. He cheated several players out of their money.”

The floor manager said that he immediately went back to the table and confronted Kassouf about his cheating. “I told him that I had seen the tapes and that he was busted. He tried to deny it at first, but then he realized that he had no way out.

He started to apologize and beg for mercy. He said that he had a gambling problem and that he needed help. He offered to give back the money he had won and asked me not to ban him from the casino.”

The floor manager said that he confiscated Kassouf’s chips and refunded the players who had been cheated by him. He also banned him from the casino and reported him to the Irish Poker Association (IPA).

“I have zero tolerance for cheating in poker. It’s a serious offense that damages the integrity of the game and hurts other players. Kassouf should be ashamed of himself and face the consequences of his actions.”

The IPA issued a statement on its website condemning Kassouf’s cheating and announcing that they have suspended his membership pending further investigation. They also warned other poker venues in Ireland and abroad to be aware of Kassouf’s cheating methods and not allow him to play in their games.

Final Thoughts: Will Kassouf’s Cheating Scandal Rocks the Poker World

The news of Will Kassouf’s cheating scandal at the 2023 Irish Open has sent shockwaves throughout the poker community.

Kassouf, who had already gained a reputation for his provocative and aggressive style at the table, now faces serious allegations of angle shooting and chip switching that have been confirmed by eyewitnesses and video footage.

The fact that Kassouf was caught cheating during a cash game session, rather than a tournament, makes the scandal even more damaging.

Cash games are the backbone of the poker economy, and players expect a fair and honest game in which they can trust their opponents and the casino staff. Kassouf’s actions have violated that trust and could have long-lasting consequences for his reputation and his career.

The fact that Kassouf’s cheating was so subtle and difficult to detect is also a cause for concern. It suggests that other players may be using similar techniques to gain an unfair advantage at the table.

This is a reminder that cheating in poker is not limited to obvious forms like marking cards or colluding with other players. It can also take more sophisticated forms that require careful scrutiny and monitoring by casino staff.

The Irish Poker Association’s swift response to Kassouf’s cheating is commendable. By suspending his membership and warning other venues about his cheating methods, they are sending a strong message that cheating will not be tolerated in the Irish poker community.

It is now up to other poker associations and casinos to follow their lead and take a zero-tolerance approach to cheating in all its forms.

In the end, Kassouf’s cheating scandal is a reminder that integrity and honesty are essential values in the game of poker. Without them, the game loses its appeal and its credibility.

Players, casino staff, and poker associations must work together to ensure that the game is played in a fair and transparent manner. Anything less is unacceptable.