49ers Could Target Michigan TE Luke Schoonmaker in 2023 NFL Draft

The San Francisco 49ers have a need for a tight end to complement George Kittle, who is entering the final year of his contract in 2023. Kittle is one of the best tight ends in the league, but he has also missed 13 games in the past two seasons due to injuries. The 49ers need a reliable backup who can also contribute as a blocker and a receiver.

One of the tight ends who could fit that role is Luke Schoonmaker from Michigan. Schoonmaker is a 6-foot-6, 250-pound senior who has improved his production every year in college.

In 2022, he caught 35 passes for 475 yards and six touchdowns, earning second-team All-Big Ten honors. He also showed his versatility by lining up as an inline blocker, a slot receiver and an H-back.

Schoonmaker has the size, athleticism and hands to be a mismatch for defenses at the next level. He can run routes across the middle, down the seam and in the red zone. He can also block effectively in both the run and pass game, using his strength and technique to seal off defenders. He has a high football IQ and a strong work ethic, which are traits that the 49ers value.

Schoonmaker is not a flawless prospect, however. He lacks elite speed and explosiveness, which limits his ability to create separation and yards after catch.

He also needs to improve his consistency and concentration, as he has dropped some easy passes and committed some penalties. He is not a dominant blocker, either, and he can struggle against bigger and stronger opponents.

Schoonmaker is projected to be a mid-round pick in the 2023 NFL draft, which could make him an attractive option for the 49ers. He has the potential to develop into a solid No. 2 tight end behind Kittle, or even a starter if Kittle leaves in free agency. He has the skill set and the character that the 49ers look for in their players. He could be one of the tight ends that they target in the draft.

Final Thoughts: Luke Schoonmaker Could Be a Valuable Addition to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have a clear need for a reliable backup to George Kittle at the tight end position, and Luke Schoonmaker from Michigan could be a potential candidate to fill that role.

Schoonmaker has the size, athleticism, and hands to be a mismatch for defenses, and his ability to line up in different positions and contribute as both a blocker and a receiver makes him a versatile asset for any team.

While Schoonmaker has some limitations, such as his lack of elite speed and explosiveness, he has shown consistent improvement throughout his college career and has the potential to continue developing at the next level. He also possesses the character traits that the 49ers value, such as a high football IQ and a strong work ethic.

If the 49ers decide to target Schoonmaker in the mid rounds of the 2023 NFL draft, they could be getting a player who could contribute right away and potentially even become a starter if Kittle leaves in free agency.

Schoonmaker’s skill set and versatility could make him a valuable addition to the 49ers’ offense and a reliable option for quarterback Trey Lance or any other future signal-caller.

Overall, Schoonmaker could be a smart pick for the 49ers and a player who could help them compete for championships in the years to come.