2023 NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Brandon Miller Makes Case for No. 2 Pick over Scoot Henderson

The 2023 NBA draft is still months away, but the college basketball season has given us plenty of clues about the top prospects in this class. While Victor Wembanyama remains the consensus No. 1 pick, there is a lot of debate about who should go No. 2.

The two leading candidates are Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller, both explosive and versatile guards who have dominated their respective levels of competition.

Henderson, who skipped his senior year of high school to join the G League Ignite, has averaged 18.7 points, 5.4 assists and 1.9 steals per game while shooting 46.8 percent from the field and 37.1 percent from three.

Miller, who chose Alabama over Kentucky and Tennessee, has averaged 16.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game while shooting 48.9 percent from the field and 40.7 percent from three.

Both players have tremendous upside and could fit in any NBA system, but I’m here to make the case for Miller at No. 2 over Henderson. Here are three reasons why:

1. Miller has better size and length for his position.

At 6’9″ and 200 pounds, Miller has a significant advantage over Henderson, who is listed at 6’3″ and 195 pounds. Miller’s wingspan is also estimated to be around 7’0″, while Henderson’s is unknown but likely shorter. This gives Miller more potential as a defender, rebounder and finisher at the rim.

Miller can guard multiple positions with his quickness, strength and instincts, and he can also protect the rim with his timing and athleticism. He averages 2.4 blocks per 40 minutes, which is impressive for a wing player.

He can also crash the boards on both ends of the floor, using his length and leaping ability to secure rebounds.

Miller’s size and length also help him on offense, as he can shoot over smaller defenders with ease and get to the basket with long strides. He has a smooth and fluid shooting stroke that extends beyond the arc, and he can also create his own shot with his handle and footwork.

2. Miller has a more well-rounded game than Henderson.

Henderson is a dynamic scorer and playmaker who can break down any defense with his speed, agility and ball-handling skills. He is an excellent passer who can find his teammates in transition or in half-court settings, and he can also score from all three levels with his jumper, floater or dunk.

However, Henderson also has some weaknesses that limit his impact on the game. He is not a great defender, as he tends to gamble for steals or lose focus off the ball.

He is also not a great rebounder, as he relies more on his athleticism than his positioning or boxing out skills. He can also be turnover-prone at times, as he tries to force passes or dribble into traffic.

Miller, on the other hand, does not have any glaring holes in his game. He is a solid defender who can stay in front of his man or help off the ball, and he is a good rebounder who knows how to use his body and timing to secure boards.

He is also a smart decision-maker who does not turn the ball over much or take bad shots.

Miller can do a little bit of everything on the court, which makes him more valuable than Henderson, who relies more on his scoring and playmaking abilities.

3. Miller has more room to grow than Henderson.

Henderson is already a polished and mature player who has shown that he can compete against professional-level talent in the G League. He has improved his shooting and passing skills since joining the Ignite, but he still has some areas that he needs to work on, such as his defense, rebounding and shot selection.

Miller, meanwhile, is still raw and developing as a player who has only played one year of college basketball. He has shown flashes of greatness at Alabama, but he still has a lot of untapped potential that he can unlock with more experience and coaching.

Miller has a higher ceiling than Henderson because he has more physical tools and skills that he can improve on.

He can become a better shooter by refining his mechanics and consistency, he can become a better playmaker by improving his vision and ball-handling skills, and he can become a better defender by adding strength and discipline.

Final Thoughts: Making the Case for Brandon Miller at No. 2 in 2023 NBA Mock Draft

The debate over who should go No. 2 in the 2023 NBA draft has been intense, with Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller emerging as the top candidates. While both players are talented and have tremendous upside, there are some compelling reasons why Miller deserves to be picked ahead of Henderson.

Firstly, Miller has better size and length for his position, which gives him an advantage on both ends of the floor. He can guard multiple positions, protect the rim, and crash the boards with his quickness, strength, and instincts.

His smooth shooting stroke and ability to create his own shot make him a threat from beyond the arc or at the rim.

Secondly, Miller has a more well-rounded game than Henderson, who is a dynamic scorer and playmaker but has some weaknesses in his defense, rebounding, and decision-making.

Miller, on the other hand, is a solid defender, rebounder, and decision-maker who can do a little bit of everything on the court. His versatility and consistency make him a valuable asset for any NBA team.

Finally, Miller has more room to grow than Henderson, who has already shown his potential in the G League but still needs to work on some areas of his game. Miller, on the other hand, is still raw and developing as a player who has only played one year of college basketball.

He has the physical tools and skills that he can improve on, making him a high-ceiling prospect with a bright future in the NBA.

Overall, Miller’s size, versatility, consistency, and potential make him a strong candidate for the No. 2 pick in the 2023 NBA draft. While Henderson is an exciting player with tremendous upside, Miller’s all-around game and room for growth give him the edge in this mock draft.