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Marquise Brown is a wide receiver in the NFL currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He was previously with the Baltimore Ravens, where he spent his first three seasons in the league.

Brown attended South Broward High School and then College of Canyons before transferring to Oklahoma University. In 2019, he was drafted by Baltimore 25th overall in Round 1 of that year’s draft.

During his time there, Brown earned First-Team All-American and First-Team All-Big 12 honors while at OU as well as made an immediate impact on offense for Baltimore during his rookie season.

Now entering into 2022 with Arizona, Marquise has 252 receptions totaling 2,945 yards and 24 touchdowns throughout 4 professional seasons so far in the NFL.

Marquise Brown
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Personal Information of Marquise Brown

Real Name/Full NameHollywood” Brown
Birth PlaceHollywood, Florida
NationalityUnited States
Height6 feet 0 inches tall
Weight77 Kg (170 lbs)
Wife/Spouse (Name)Kennedi Johnson
Net Worth$4 million- $6 million USD



Early years

Marquise Brown was born on June 4, 1997, in Hollywood, Florida. He began playing Pop Warner football at a young age and competed in the same league as future Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson though they were on different teams.

During his high school years, he attended South Broward High School where he ran track for the team.

As an 11th grader, Brown recorded a time of 11.53 seconds during the 100-meter race at a regional championship track meet hosted by Florida High Schools Athletic Association’s 4A District 13 event.

In search of greater opportunity to develop athletically, Marquise transferred to Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School before graduating from high school.

At this new location not only did Marquise compete again in football but also continued running with improved results recording 10.90s for the 100m sprint and 21:94s for 200m dash both at district 15 championships held by FHSAA 2A conference events respectively.

Brown’s impressive performances have allowed him to be considered one of America’s finest prospects as far back since his early days of youth football up until now when plays professionally against some top talent within NFL ranks today.

Overall it is evident that all these accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without hard work and determination displayed ever since Brown’s humble beginnings right here in Hollywood Florida which ultimately led him to become a successful athlete we watch play every Sunday.

College career

Marquise Brown had a successful college career, starting with his time at the College of the Canyons. Despite not receiving any Division 1 offers initially, he worked hard to make ends meet and eventually earned them.

He committed to Oklahoma for the 2017 season and made an immediate impact on their offense by posting team-high numbers in receiving yards – becoming 8th all-time receiver in single-season yardage.

His performance culminated when he posted 265 yards against Oklahoma State, setting a new record for most receiving yards in one game.

After two years playing for Oklahoma, Marquise decided it was time to take advantage of his success and enter the 2019 NFL Draft early instead of staying another year as an eligible player.

With such determination despite the odds stacked against him since day one at College of The Canyons, there’s no doubt that Marquise will continue having great success throughout his professional football career ahead.

Professional career

Marquise Brown was selected 25th overall by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, making him the first wide receiver to be chosen.

He entered training camp with a foot injury that had prevented him from working out for teams prior to draft day, but his recovery went smoothly and he signed his rookie contract on June 7.

Brown made an immediate impact during his debut season as he led all rookies in receiving yards and touchdown receptions with 1,318 and seven respectively.

His speed proved a constant threat to opposing defenses as it allowed him to stretch plays downfield or create huge yardage after catching short passes.

In Week 5 against Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown caught five passes for 42 yards and two touchdowns which earned him AFC Offensive Player of The Week Award honors – becoming the only second Raven ever (Ray Rice) since 2006 to achieve such a feat so early in their careers.

He finished the regular season leading the team’s receivers group recording 46 catches while posting 852 receiving yards throughout 15 games played (3 starts).

This performance was enough to earn Pro Bowl selection the following year where Marquise tied a single-season franchise record totaling three kick returns over 75+yards en route toward the Ravens’ run at another Super Bowl title appearance ultimately ending up just one win shy of reaching the big stage once again despite having league’s best regular season record 14–2 mark combined with Lamar Jackson MVP campaign.

In 2020 offseason Marquis re-signed four years $42M deal keeping services within the organization until 2024 including personal guarantees.

worth north of $20M along with making highest paid player across the entire division at this point time period wise being among the top ten WRs yearly salary ranking list league-wide thanks partly due potential upside still left untapped even through successful professional career thus far spanned less than two full seasons yet alone marking new chapter towards further development into true.

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NFL career statistics

Marquise Brown is an NFL wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted 25th overall in 2019 and won Offensive Rookie of the Year that same season.

Brown has a unique background, being Antonio Brown’s cousin and having received his nickname “Hollywood” from sportscaster Gus Johnson while at Oklahoma. His father is Edwin Brown, and his mother is Shannon James (maiden name Warner).

In his first NFL season, Marquise finished with 46 receptions for 584 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games played despite dealing with injuries throughout the year; he made two catches on four targets for 49 yards during Week 1 against Miami Dolphins to open up his career as a pro football player.

In 2020, he recorded 58 receptions for 769 receiving yards and eight touchdowns which saw him posting impressive numbers across all categories compared to other players within the league who were playing their second seasons or more.

He also had 82 rushing attempts totaling 613 total offensive yards over 15 games during this stretch of time.

Brown’s third season brought even more success: 70 receptions including 1176 receiving yardage alongside 8 TDs caught by mid-season break point when it ended due to injury; it helped him set new records among rookies through three years – 177 catches equaling 2159 receiving yardage alongside 17 scores registered under his belt so far since entering into National Football League ranks back in 2019 draft selection day.

Additionally, he managed 993 kickoff returner yeards out of 31 appearances done between both regular & postseasons combined together over these past couple campaigns spent heretofore amongst professional athletes circuit around countrywide American Football stages nationwide.

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Personal life

Marquise Brown, famously known as “Hollywood” is an American football wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens.

He was born on June 4th 1997 in Hollywood, Florida to his parents Edwin Brown and Shannon James (maiden name Warner).

His father owned a small car detailing business which he helped out with growing up.

The sportscaster Gus Johnson gave him the nickname “Hollywood” while at Oklahoma due to his hometown of Hollywood, FL.

Brown attended Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School where he played both football and basketball before switching over solely to Football after sustaining a serious knee injury to Basketball season when he tore two ligaments in his left leg.

However, this did not stop him from playing college ball as he received offers from several schools including Auburn University, West Virginia Mountaineers & University of Central Florida UCF Knights who were all vying for Brown’s signature but eventually chose Oklahoma Sooners.

He spent three years there recording 132 receptions 1814 receiving yards 17 touchdowns and earned numerous awards like First Team All Big 12 2018 Offensive Player of the Year 2017 Biletnikoff Award Finalist etcetera leading up to the 2019 NFL draft by Baltimore Ravens making it all worth it.

Off the field, Marquise Brown has strong family ties being related to Antonio Brown another notable NFL star who also happens to be a cousin’s brother.

This close relationship could have been one factor that motivated Marqueses success since childhood as they grew up together under same roof often competing for each other whether its sports or academics always striving to do better than others fostering healthy competition between them.

Apart from Football outside hobbies include travelling fishing listening to music spending time with friends & family living life the fullest way possible enjoying every moment life brings forth.

Why is Marquise Brown Called Hollywood?

Marquise Brown, also known as “Hollywood,” is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. He was previously a member of the Baltimore Ravens, but was traded to the Cardinals during the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

He earned his nickname “Hollywood” during his time playing college football at the University of Oklahoma, where he was known for his flashy and exciting plays on the field.

Brown was born in Hollywood, Florida and the nickname was a nod to his hometown.who is Lamar Jackson’s top wide receiver target.

When he entered the league last year, there were some concerns about his health and ability to burn cornerbacks in the same way he did in college.

However, he has proven to be the player the Ravens hoped he would be and has shown promise that he can get even better.

Throughout his first season and a half, he has demonstrated his speed and agility, making him a formidable opponent for cornerbacks to defend against. He has quickly become a fan favorite and known for his big-play ability.

Is Marquise Brown done for the season?

Marquise Brown’s Season In Doubt?
The Baltimore Ravens’ star wide receiver, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, may have his season cut short due to an ankle injury. Reports say he suffered a high-ankle sprain which will likely require surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

This would mean that the rookie phenom could miss anywhere from 6-8 weeks of action or even longer depend on the severity of his injury.

Brown has been one of the most dynamic playmakers in football this year with 48 receptions for 584 yards and 7 touchdowns despite playing through lingering injuries all season long.

He was able to put up these impressive numbers while still trying to learn the nuances of being an NFL receiver, but now it looks like he won’t be able to finish out what had been looking like a promising first campaign as a pro athlete.

Any extended absence by Brown would be a huge blow for the Ravens offense moving forward into December and January where they’ll want him available for any potential postseason run they might make.

It also means Lamar Jackson will lose another weapon at his disposal during crunch time when defenses are focused solely on stopping him altogether; something they’ve already done quite often this year against teams who can key in on Jackson alone without having to worry about other offensive threats such as Brown himself.

In conclusion, while we don’t know exactly how much time Hollywood will miss due to his ankle injury yet – if any – it certainly appears unlikely that he’ll be back anytime soon considering its severity combined with reports surfacing regarding possible surgery needed down the line in order repair whatever structural damage is present within said joint itself.

Are Marquise Brown and Lamar Jackson cousins?

Yes, Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown are cousins. According to the information given, they have worked out together and it seems that Lamar has expressed interest in playing with his cousin as well.

The two of them come from a family that is passionate about football which explains why they are so close on and off the field. Their connection goes beyond just sports though; their bond can be seen through their work ethic when training or competing against each other during practice sessions.

Furthermore, both players express admiration for one another’s talent whenever possible whether it’s on social media platforms or in interviews after games/practices.

It is clear that these two share more than just blood ties but also a strong friendship based around mutual respect for one another’s abilities as athletes while still maintaining an everlasting relationship outside of the game itself – proving how strong familial bonds truly are between these two talented players.

Why is Marquise Brown injured?

Why is Marquise Brown Injured?
• Injury: Groin Injury
• Cause of Injury: Unknown
• Date of Diagnosis: Thursday
• Symptoms: Limited Mobility
The exact cause and severity of the injury have not been determined yet, but it appears to be impacting his mobility. It’s unclear when or how he suffered the injury, but it has been reported that Brown was limited in practice on Thursday due to a groin issue.
It’s possible that this could be a lingering issue for Brown as he continues through the season if he doesn’t receive proper treatment and care for his injured groin.

If so, there may be times when playing time will need to be adjusted based on what kind of impact it has on him physically.

Are Marquise Brown and Antonio Brown related?

Are Marquise Brown and Antonio Brown Related?
The short answer to this question is, no. While both players share the same last name—Brown—they are not related in any way. However, despite their lack of familial ties, there is a distinct connection between them that goes beyond just sharing a surname.

Marquise Brown currently plays wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens while his namesake and predecessor Antonio played as an All-Pro receiver before retiring in 2019 following various legal issues which have kept him out of football since then.

This common bond they share has created an interesting dynamic between them as it’s clear many people view Marquise as being somewhat the successor to Antonio’s legacy on the field due to similarities in the style of play and body type (both receivers are undersized at 5’10).

Antonio himself even commented on this relationship by stating he was “honored” when he heard about how much resemblance had been made connecting him with his younger counterpart.

I see [him] doin’ stuff I wish I could still be doing,” noting that although they weren’t related through bloodlines per se; there were still elements present within their respective games which connected each other together from a professional standpoint alone.

In conclusion, though Marquise Brown and Antonio Brown may not be related genetically or biologically speaking; there does exist some sort of link between the two great NFL receivers nevertheless stemming from shared qualities found inside their game styles respectively.

Will Marquise Brown be moved to IR?

Yes, the Cardinals have placed wide receiver Marquise Brown on injured reserve. This means he will be out for at least four weeks. The move is a big blow to the team’s offense as they were relying heavily on Brown’s playmaking ability this season.

Brown was drafted in 2019 and has been an important part of their passing game over the past year and a half. He had become one of quarterback Kyler Murray’s go-to targets and his absence will significantly impact how opposing defenses approach them going forward.

The Cardinals are now without two key pieces from their receiving corps with Christian Kirk also being sidelined due to injury recently, so it’ll be interesting to see who steps up in place of these talented receivers while they recover from injuries during IR stints.

What week will Marquise Brown return?

Week 12 Return of Marquise Brown:
• According to the Info section, it appears that wide receiver Marquise Brown is targeting a potential return in Week 12 against the Chargers.
• The Cardinals had designated him for return from injured reserve last Wednesday but he isn’t quite ready yet to suit up for game action.
• However, if all goes according to plan then we should see Brown back on the field when Arizona takes on Los Angeles in Week 12.
• This is good news as his absence has been felt since his injury and having him available will provide another explosive option at quarterback Kyler Murray’s disposal.
• While there are still several weeks before this could potentially happen, it’s encouraging news for both Fantasy owners and Cardinals fans alike who have been waiting patiently for his return. If nothing changes between now and then expect Brown to make an impactful contribution when he returns with full health during what looks like will be week twelve of 2020 NFL season

Who are cousins in the NFL?

Cousins in the NFL can refer to multiple things. It could mean members of a family who have achieved success in football and are related by blood or marriage, or it could also be players from different teams that share the same last name but aren’t actually related at all.

One example of cousins playing together is when Washington drafted Kirk Cousins in 2012 with their fourth-round pick (102nd overall).

Other examples include Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Rodgers, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, as well as Clay Matthews III and Casey Matthews. Cousins typically maintain close relationships both on and off the field due to their shared bond through family ties.

Players often support each other during big games via social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram while wishing them luck before kickoff. Not only do they provide moral support for one another but they serve as motivation which helps drive them towards achieving greatness within their respective careers.

Why did Ravens trade Hollywood Brown?

The Ravens recently made a surprise move when they decided to trade their wide receiver Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown after he requested it. This was seemingly due to the team’s preference for running plays more than passing, which frustrated him.

The Ravens obliged and traded him off to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for the 23rd overall pick.

That pick was then sent on by Baltimore as part of another deal with Buffalo. Ultimately, this move benefits both teams involved – Hollywood gets an opportunity with a new club that is likely better tailored towards his skill set while simultaneously giving Baltimore some draft capital heading into 2021 NFL Draft season.

It appears that everybody wins from this decision, making it one of the smarter trades executed so far during this offseason period in terms of value given and received.

Why is Marquise called Hollywood?

Marquise Brown is a professional American football player for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. His nickname “Hollywood” was earned during his time at the University of Oklahoma due to his being a native of Hollywood, Florida.

He became famous after having multiple touchdown catches in his NFL debut that were over 40 yards long each; something that no other rookie had ever achieved before him.

This feat led to Brown gaining attention and recognition, causing many people to begin referring to him as “Hollywood” because he came from there and made such an impressive entrance into professional sports.

The name stuck with Marquise thereafter and it has become just another part of who he is today; known simply as “Hollywood” by those close to him or familiar with his story.

To Recap

Marquise Brown is a wide receiver currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born on June 4th 1997 in Hollywood, Florida and attended South Broward High School before going to College of The Canyons and then Oklahoma.

In 2019 he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens with their first-round pick where he spent three seasons until transferring to the Cardinals this year.

During his time at college, Marquise achieved great success being named First-Team All-American as well as earning First-Team All Big 12 honors in 2018.

Since entering NFL play, Marquise has racked up 252 receptions for 2,945 yards and 24 touchdowns so far in his career.

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