What Happened to Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson is a professional quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He was born in Pompano Beach, Florida and attended Boynton Beach Community High School before attending Louisville from 2015 to 2017.

During his collegiate career, he won several awards including the Heisman Trophy (2016), Maxwell Award (2016), Walter Camp Award (2016) and AP College Football Player of the Year (2016). Professionally, Lamar has achieved even greater success with two Pro Bowl selections in 2019 and 2021 as well as winning NFL MVP honors in 2019.

His record-breaking season included 1,206 rushing yards by a quarterback – most ever recorded – along with 24 touchdown passes while maintaining an impressive 96.7 passer rating on 12198 passing yards through 13 weeks of play this year. Lamar’s ability to run effectively combined with his strong arm makes him one of the best quarterbacks currently playing today.

Lamar Jackson
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Personal Information of Lamar Jackson

Real Name/Full NameLamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr
Age25 Years Old
Birth PlacePompano Beach, Florida
Height6 feet 2 inches
WeightAround 96 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name)Jaime Taylor
Net Worth$4 million

Early years

Lamar Jackson was born January 7th 1997 in Pompano Beach, Florida to Felicia Jones and Lamar Jackson Sr. He grew up he lived in an economically depressed area of the city with his siblings and mother. His father passed away from a heart attack when he was only 8 years old.

This unfortunate event left Jackson’s family struggling financially leading him to rely on sports as a way out of poverty. At 9-years-old young Lamar began playing organized football for local teams like the Pompano Eagles Youth Football Program. There the word quickly spread about this very talented athlete who had both size and speed deficits compared to other players his age.

But still managed to stand out among them all – scoring touchdowns at will during each game.

In high school, despite being smaller than some of the other players, he received offers from several universities including Louisville University. That eventually became home for one year before declaring himself eligible for entry into National Football League (NFL) draft following college graduation 2016. He became first-round pick Baltimore Ravens 32nd overall selection that same year.

Jackson knew early on that academics were also an important part of life so he worked hard throughout school to make sure good grades were maintained while excelling athletically: consistently earning honor roll status and graduating cum laude honors 2014.

He continued excel field receiving numerous awards and accolades such USA Today High School All-American team member in 2012; Gatorade Player Year 2013. ACC Offensive Freshman Year 2015 making his list of illustrious career milestones even more impressive given his humble beginnings growing up in an impoverished neighborhood in South Florida.

A true testament of strength character determination pays off big time when opportunities arise right place right moment seize upon them. Wholeheartedly create future success stories many look for inspiration today’s youth come through adversity find greatness within themselves pursue their dreams relentlessly no matter what odds stacked against them may appear to be any given day.

High school career

Lamar Jackson had an incredibly successful high school football career at Boynton Beach High School in Florida. He was a read-option quarterback who could throw and run with equal skill, watching hours of film each week to improve his passing accuracy and decision-making.

During his two years at Boynton Beach, he threw for 2263 yards and 31 touchdowns while intercepting only 9 times; additionally, he ran for 1624 yards and 22 touchdowns resulting in a 102.7 quarterback rating – impressive numbers indeed. Jackson’s last high school game came against the nationally ranked Miami Central High School team.

During the first round of the 2014 Florida High School Football Playoff 6A tournament which ended up being soundly defeated by 49–6 with Lamar throwing two interceptions.

In addition to playing football, Jackson also competed on his track team where he got a personal record time of 11:45 seconds in 100 meter dash event. His performance earned him recognition as Lou Groza Palm Beach County Player Of The Year that same year (2014).

Overall it is clear that Lamar Jackon was an outstanding athlete throughout high school, showing consistency both academically through studying film weekly. Athletically running/throwing touchdown passes & competing successfully in Track & Field events such as 100m Dash race achieving remarkable results.

Along the way until finally earning himself prestigious award like Lou Groza Palm Beach County Player Of The Year accolade come the end of senior season capping off stellar 4yr Hs Career.

College career

Lamar Jackson is a former college football player for the Louisville Cardinals. As a freshman in 2015, he made eight starts and played in 12 games during their 8-5 season.

During his collegiate career, Lamar completed 135 of 247 passes for 1,840 yards with 12 touchdowns and eight interceptions while also rushing 960 yards and 11 scores. This performance earned him MVP honors at the Music City Bowl after passing 227 yards with two touchdowns as well as breaking the bowl’s record by rushing 226 yards with two more touchdowns that same game.

Throughout his time playing for Louisville, Lamar received several accolades such as being named to both All-ACC First Teams (2016 & 2017), ACC Player of Year (2016 & 2017), Heisman Trophy Winner (2017), Maxwell Award Winner(2017). He was even honored further when he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2020 despite still not yet having graduated from university due to entering NFL draft early following his junior year.

During this period under coach Bobby Petrino’s guidance, Jackson set numerous school records including the most total offensive yardage per game over any three seasons combined which totaled 10485. The highest completion percentage ever recorded within an entire single season, most touchdown passes thrown within one single season.

And these are just some examples. Not only did Jackson prove himself on the field but off it too where he majored in Communications Studies/ Disorders until declaring entry into 2018 NFL Draft before graduating from University later on.

Professional career

Lamar Jackson officially entered the 2018 NFL Draft on January 5, 2018. Despite draft pundits questioning his abilities as a quarterback and suggesting he switch to wide receiver due to his athleticism, Lamar remained adamant about playing quarterback professionally.

During the NFL Scouting Combine he declined running drills like 40-yard dash in order to focus on displaying his passing skills. In April of that year, it was reported that Jackson had clocked in a 4.34 40 yard dash time at Louisville which would have been the fastest time ever for an NFL quarterback if accurate.

In late April after months of anticipation and speculation Lamar was selected with 32nd overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the draft making him their third selection for this position since 1999 when they chose Kyle Boller 31st overall and Joe Flacco 18th overall respectively 10 years later.

Despite being named starter from week 11 onwards, Jackson’s rookie season ended without any notable statistical achievements but still managed to win six out seven games during regular season. Including one against Los Angeles Chargers where he led the team down field setting up Justin Tucker winning field goal while taking no sacks or turnovers along way earning AFC Offensive Player Of The Week honors.

He also recorded the second-highest total number of rushing yards among quarterbacks over course of entire campaign with 695 only behind Cam Newton who rushed for 754 yards. This feat earned him Pro Bowl selection alongside five other teammates marking the most players sent from the Ravens squad since 2003 following their Super Bowl victory over New York Giants.

Following 2019 offseason acquisition Earl Thomas III safety joining the secondary lineup led by Marlon Humphrey cornerback plus the addition of defensive tackle Michael Pierce. Many analysts predicted Baltimore will make playoffs again meaning more pressure will be put onto the young shoulders of Lamar Jackson despite having solid backup Robert Griffin III.

Pushing himself throughout training camp looking prove what can do once given opportunity even though age is not same now as a few years ago before knee injuries started to take toll career-wise.

Player profile

Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting and dynamic players in the NFL. He has been widely regarded as one of the best running quarterbacks since his rookie season, with many comparing him to legendary quarterback Michael Vick for his dual-threat style of play.

Since he joined the Ravens in 2018, they have led the league in rushing yards each year that Lamar was under center.

In 2019, they even broke a single-season record while Lamar set a new personal mark by breaking Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a QB during this same time period.

Jackson is known for being an incredible athlete who can run past defenders or make them miss when throwing on the move — something which makes it very difficult to contain him on offense due to how unpredictable he can be at any given moment. His ability to extend plays also adds another layer of danger for opposing defenses because if there’s space created (even momentarily) then chances are good that Jackson will find it and take advantage before anyone else realizes what happened.

Additionally, his arm strength allows him to stay competitive against some top defensive backs despite not having ideal size compared other signal callers around League today – making up the ground where needed through sheer skill alone. His career numbers speak volumes about just how much impact Lamar Jackson has had already.

Over 5500 passing yards combined with nearly 2000 total rush attempts resulting in almost 1000 total touchdowns across two seasons. All without missing more than three games per campaign either way too often success stories like these don’t come along every day so it’s worth celebrating whenever we get lucky enough to witness greatness firsthand from someone special like 8 himself.

What Happened to Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, is currently dealing with a knee injury and will not be able to play in the upcoming wild-card matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He has not played for the team since suffering the injury during a game against the Denver Broncos in Week 13. Jackson has stated that there is inflammation in his “unstable” knee and has taken to social media to thank fans for their well wishes.

Tyler Huntley is expected to start for the Ravens in Jackson’s absence. The team has also listed Snoop Huntley as questionable for the game due to a wrist and shoulder injury.

Despite this, the Bengals are considered favorites to win the game due to the absence of Jackson and other key players.

What did Lamar Jackson get on the Wonderlic test?

Lamar Jackson took the Wonderlic test, which is a 50 question cognitive ability exam with questions ranging from math to logic and problem-solving. He completed the 12 minute test but unfortunately only scored 13 points out of a possible 50.

This score was seen as disappointing by many given his impressive football career thus far. The average NFL quarterback scores between 20-25 on this assessment while top quarterbacks can get over 30 points. As such, Lamar’s performance has put him behind other high-profile athletes who have taken it before him yet he remains determined to prove himself despite this setback.

With hard work and perseverance, there is no telling what heights Lamar could reach next if he continues striving for greatness both on and off the field.

How many picks has Lamar Jackson thrown?

Lamar Jackson has been one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL since he was drafted by Baltimore Ravens in 2018. He led them to a playoff berth and an AFC North Division Title last season. But, how many picks has Lamar Jackson thrown so far?

In his two seasons with the Ravens, Lamar Jackson has completed 870 passes out of 1313 attempts for 11,428 yards and 81 touchdowns while throwing just 18 interceptions. That puts him at 1.4% interception rate which is incredibly low considering that most starting quarterbacks have a 2-3 percent interception rate on average. This makes it clear why he’s one of the best young QB’s in football right now – not only because he can make plays but also because he takes care of ball security like very few others do in this league today.

His lack of turnovers is even more impressive when compared to fellow MVP candidates such as Russell Wilson who leads all QBs with 28 interceptions over the past two years or Patrick Mahomes who had 20 during his first two seasons under center for Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

The overall result shows us that Lamar Jackson hasn’t put up too many bad throws throughout his career thus far; instead opting to take calculated risks rather than forcing balls into tight windows unnecessarily. Something we’ve seen from other talented signal callers time after time again leading their teams into costly mistakes they could have avoided easily if they made smarter decisions earlier downfield.

So there you have it – despite being relatively new on the scene as an NFL quarterback, Lamar Jackson already proved himself worthy amongst some veteran stars. Thanks largely due to the fact that barely ever mishandles the ball nor gives away possession cheaply via careless errors along the way either through air or ground alike.

To Recap

Lamar Jackson is a quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He was born in 1997 and is currently 25 years old. He attended Boynton Beach Community High School before playing college football at Louisville from 2015 to 2017, where he won multiple awards including the Heisman Trophy and Maxwell Award in 2016.

In 2018, Jackson was drafted by the Ravens with their first-round pick (32nd overall). Since joining the league, Lamar has been incredibly successful; winning NFL MVP in 2019 after leading his team to an AFC North Division title and being selected as First Team All-Pro that same year. Additionally, he holds several NFL records such as the most single-season rushing yards by a QB (1,206) & most 1K yard seasons (2).

As of 2022 Week, 13 stats show that Jackson has thrown over 12k passing yards with 101 TDs vs 38 INTs while also having 4k+ career rushing yards with 24 TDs on top of all those accomplishments.

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