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Jevon Holland is a Canadian professional football player who was born on March 3, 2000. He currently plays for the Miami Dolphins as a free safety and stands at 6 feet, 1 inch tall with a weight of 210 pounds.

During his college years, he attended Oregon from 2018-2020. He was drafted by the Dolphins in the second round (36th overall) of the NFL Draft in 2021. In his rookie year, he was selected to be on the PFWA All-Rookie Team in recognition of his playing accomplishments.

Jevon Holland

Personal Information of Jevon Holland

Real Name/Full NameJevon Holland
Age22 years old
Birth Date3 mars 2000
Birth PlaceCoquitlam, Canada
Height1,85 m
ProfessionFootball player
Net Worth$1 million



Early years

Jevon Holland was born in Coquitlam, British Columbia. His father was a player and coach in the Canadian Football League. He spent his early years in Canada before moving to Pleasanton, California. Later, Jevon attended Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland where he played as a defensive back and wide receiver.

In his senior year at high school, Jevon scored 12 touchdowns with 35 receptions for 1,012 yards on offense while making 34 tackles with five interceptions on defense.

In recognition of his talent and performance on the field, he was selected to play in the 2018 Polynesian Bowl. Jevon’s passion for football led him to commit to the University of Oregon where he would continue playing football at a college level.

Despite being originally from Canada, Jevon made his name known in American football during his years at Bishop O’Dowd High School by performing exceptionally well as both an offensive and defensive player.

These early accomplishments show that Jevon had an innate talent for playing football which later fueled his successful career as a professional player.

College career

Jevon Holland is a talented football player who pursued his college career at Oregon. He entered the college as a freshman in 2018 and had an impressive debut season. In that season, he played in 13 matches and started twice, showcasing his skills on the field.

Despite being just a freshman, Holland managed to accumulate 42 tackles while also recording five interceptions for the team. In his sophomore year with Oregon in 2019, Jevon Holland became a crucial part of the team’s starting lineup after consistently performing well on the pitch during his first year there.

His talent landed him all-season starts in all games played by Oregon that year – all 14 of them! Throughout those matches, he was again dominant as he contributed significantly to Oregon’s wins. During this period, Holland continued developing into one of the most dependable players on Oregon’s roster.

Remarkably enough, he led their team with four interceptions while also registering 66 tackles plus one touchdown before concluding his sophomore year at College. In these two seasons playing for Oregon, Jervo Holland proved himself to be reliable defensively evidenced by recording high numbers of interceptions over this period.

Professional career

Jevon Holland is a professional football player who was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the second round of the NFL Draft, specifically as their first safety pick. His talent and skills impressed many scouts, leading to his high draft selection.

Despite being ranked third overall in the 2021 CFL Draft, he did not end up getting chosen. Upon signing with Miami on July 23, 2021, Jevon Holland secured a four-year contract as a rookie player. He has yet to play any official games for the team but is expected to bring his talent and determination to every match he plays.

The young athlete has already worked hard through college and now professionally to earn his place among some of football’s best players.

While there may be challenges ahead of him like any athlete hoping for success, Holland’s drive and dedication are sure to make him an asset not only to his team but also potentially in the league itself if he continues performing at such high levels both on-field and off it.

Net Worth

Jevon Holland is a professional football player who plays as a free safety for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. He was born on March 3, 2000, in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, and has Nigerian-American ethnicity.

He played college football for the Oregon Ducks before he declared for the 2021 NFL Draft, where he was selected by the Dolphins in the second round with the 36th overall pick. He had a stellar rookie season and was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team.

Jevon Holland’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to various sources. His main source of income is his football career.

He signed a four-year contract with the Dolphins worth about $8.7 million, which included a signing bonus of nearly $1 million and an average annual salary of $2.2 million. He also earns money from endorsements and sponsorships.

Is Jevon Holland in the Pro Bowl?

Jevon Holland, along with CB Xavien Howard, appeared in the 2022 Pro Bowl recap. Here are some bullet points about Jevon Holland’s involvement in the event:

  • Jevon Holland is a safety who currently plays for the Miami Dolphins.
  • He was drafted by the Dolphins in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft.
  • As a rookie, he had an impressive season and earned praise from coaches and teammates.
  • While he did not play in the actual Pro Bowl game, he participated in various events leading up to it.
  • It’s likely that his inclusion in the Pro Bowl recap video indicates that he made a strong impression during those events.
  • The Pro Bowl is an annual all-star game featuring top players from both conferences (AFC and NFC).
  • Selections to the Pro Bowl are typically based on player performance throughout the regular season.
  • Being chosen for the Pro Bowl is considered a significant achievement for any NFL player.
  • Jevon Holland’s appearance in this year’s event could bode well for his future success in professional football.
  • CB Xavien Howard is another player who was featured in the 2022 Pro-bowl recap with him.

How much does Jevon Holland make?

Jevon Holland, the professional American football player, has signed a four-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. The total worth of his contract is around $8.7 million. As part of his deal, he received a signing bonus amounting to $3.7 million dollars and will be guaranteed an amount of approximately $6.2 million dollars throughout his contract term. Holland’s average annual salary is approximately $2.1 million dollars per year over the course of his four years with the team.

While playing in 2023, he will receive a base salary of about $1.4 million dollars. Furthermore, it is expected that Jevon Holland’s cap hit for 2023 will reach up to nearly $2.4 million dollars while his dead cap value remains around $3.3 million dollars during this time period.

Overall, given these figures and contractual obligations between Holland and Miami Dolphins, it seems fair to say that Jevon Holland is doing well in terms of compensation as a professional football player at this level in today’s market standards- considering both his guaranteed earning potential and overall financial benefits from endorsements or sponsorships, etc.

Is Jevon Holland a superstar?

Jevon Holland, a safety for the Miami Dolphins, is considered a rising star in the NFL. He has become an integral part of the team’s defense and plays a crucial role in its success. Many experts believe that he has the potential to become a superstar in the league.

Holland has demonstrated exceptional skills on the field with his impressive athleticism and versatility. He can play both safety positions and is equally effective at covering receivers as well as stopping runs.

His ability to read offenses and react quickly makes him a valuable asset to any team. Despite being new to the league, Holland shows incredible maturity and leadership qualities that are rare for players his age.

He is known for his work ethic, discipline, and dedication to improving his game. Moreover, Holland’s stats speak volumes about his impact on the field; he recorded 60 tackles, one interception, and nine defended passes during his rookie year alone. In conclusion, Jevon Holland has shown great promise in his short NFL career thus far.

With continued hard work and development, it seems likely that he will reach superstar status sooner rather than later. The Dolphins should feel lucky to have such an outstanding player on their roster who is only getting started in what appears storied career ahead of him.

Henceforth, Jevon could be touted as one of the NFL’s best defensive assets when we look forward. Except this, Holland brings value by not just playing but also demonstrating extra leadership skills which teammates can feed off from. In essence, Jevon’s sportsmanship bar sets high standards if he continues working towards excellence.

If everything goes well, recently joined the Miami Dolphins heading for bigger things next season exclusively because they have got someone who always gives everything and holds everyone accountable around pitch till the last second counts.

How big is Jevon Holland?

Jevon Holland’s physical attribute reveals that he stands at an above-average height of 6-1 or 185 cm. This measurement has been confirmed by credible sources, which makes us sure about its authenticity.

Although being tall doesn’t necessarily correlate with a better performance on the field, it definitely comes in handy for some roles such as defensive backs, like Jevon Holland. Moreover, his physique is not just limited to his height. The NFL player has worked hard to maintain a muscular and fit body type, which assists him during games when quick movements and responses are needed.

His size is advantageous while competing with players from opposing teams as well. Jevon’s build aligns perfectly with his role as a safety player in the American football team Miami Dolphins. The position requires qualities such as speed and agility that Jevon possesses along with being physically fit.

It also allows him to cover more ground during defense so that he can block passes effectively. Overall, Jevon Holland can undoubtedly be considered one of the bigger guys in the team due to his impressive height alone.

His efforts towards maintaining physical fitness make him an ideal choice for his current position while playing at professional levels where every bit counts towards success.

Who are the 2023 Dolphins Pro Bowlers?

2023 Dolphins Pro Bowlers

  • Tackle Terron Armstead
  • Wide receiver Tyreek Hill
  • Cornerback Xavien Howard

Additional information

The National Football League made the announcement. Three Miami Dolphins players have been selected. Armstead and Hill were named starters for the AFC team. They will participate in the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.
Armstead is a vital member of the Dolphin’s offensive line. Hill is known for his speed and agility as a wide receiver. Howard has proven himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the league. These three players are recognized for their exceptional skills and talent. It’s an honor to be selected for this prestigious event.

Where did Jevon Holland go?

Jevon Holland was a Canadian football player who ranked #3 in the country. Despite his eligibility, he was not selected in the 2021 CFL Draft. However, he signed a four-year rookie contract with Miami on July 23, 2021.

As a newbie for Miami Dolphins in NFL, Holland managed to appear in 16 games and started 13 of them successfully. Though it seemed disappointing at first when he wasn’t chosen during the collegiate draft process, everything worked out better beyond expectations after joining Miami’s team.

There were probably other opportunities available for him earlier that summer at the CFL level since he has been recognized as one of Canada’s most promising players. But signing with an NFL team is definitely more desirable from an athlete’s perspective since it offers lucrative contracts and global visibility.

It looks like Holland made the right choice by pursuing his dreams and landing himself in such a respected organization despite initial setbacks along the way. It proves how dedication towards something can ultimately lead you to success even when things don’t seem straightforward or easy at first glance.

To Recap

Jevon Holland is a Canadian professional football player. He was born on March 3, 2000, in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Holland played for Bishop O’Dowd high school and later joined the Oregon college team between the years 2018 and 2020.

In the NFL draft of 2021, he was chosen by Miami Dolphins as their No. 8 free safety. He currently holds stats such as a total of four sacks, and one forced fumble which lead to three fumble recoveries. Also holding four interceptions and fifteen pass deflections making him an excellent rookie for the Dolphins who even got named into the PFWA All-Rookie Team in his first year playing it professionally with amazing skills all around.

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