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Much Is Jeffery Simmons Worth

In the realm of professional sports, financial valuation becomes a pivotal lens through which we gauge the impact and success of athletes. 

Jeffery Simmons, a standout in American football with the Tennessee Titans, recently inked a lucrative 4-year contract extension, propelling him into the upper echelons of the NFL’s financial hierarchy.

His estimated net worth, ranging between $4-5 million, reflects the culmination of earnings from contracts, endorsements, and strategic financial decisions. 

This exploration not only delves into the specifics of Simmons’ recent contract but also draws a compelling parallel with another notable figure, Jeffrey N Simmons, highlighting the diverse financial landscapes within professional sports and corporate leadership.

How Much Is Jeffery Simmons Worth?

In the dynamic intersection of professional sports and corporate leadership, individuals named Jeffery Simmons have carved distinct paths to financial success. 

This response navigates through the notable achievements of Jeffery Simmons, the Tennessee Titans’ standout football player, who recently secured a substantial contract extension. 

Additionally, we explore the intriguing parallel with Jeffrey N Simmons, the President, CEO, and Director of Elanco Animal Health Inc., shedding light on the diverse wealth landscapes these two individuals traverse. 

From lucrative football contracts to executive leadership in the corporate realm, this exploration unravels the multifaceted nature of financial success and net worth accumulation.

Jeffery Simmons’ Contract Extension with the Tennessee Titans

Jeffery Simmons' Contract Extension with the Tennessee Titans

In a significant move for both Jeffery Simmons and the Tennessee Titans, the professional American football player secured a noteworthy 4-year contract extension. 

This deal, valued at an impressive $94.0 million in new money, serves as a testament to Simmons’ skills and contributions on the field. 

It positions him as a pivotal player for the Titans, with the potential to make a lasting impact on the team’s success.

Contact Details

Delving into the specifics of the contract, it’s notable that nearly half of the total value, amounting to $47.83 million, is guaranteed at signing. 

This substantial guaranteed sum not only underscores the team’s confidence in Simmons but also provides him with financial security. 

Furthermore, the inclusion of $66 million in total guarantees emphasizes the comprehensive commitment the Titans have made to retain Simmons as a key asset.

Net Worth

Jeffery Simmons’ net worth is in the range of $4-5 million. This net worth calculation likely includes earnings from his football contracts, endorsements, and other financial ventures. It showcases the financial success Simmons has achieved in his burgeoning professional football career.

Jeffrey N Simmons, President, CEO, and Director of Elanco Animal Health Inc.

Drawing a contrast, it’s essential to acknowledge the separate professional identity of Jeffrey N Simmons, who serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Elanco Animal Health Inc. 

Notably, his estimated net worth surpasses that of the football player, standing at a substantial 19.7 million dollars. 

This serves as a reminder of the varied paths individuals can take to amass significant wealth.

Diversified Wealth Profiles

The comparison between the two Jeffery/rey N Simmons’ net worth underlines the diversity of wealth profiles across different industries. 

While Jeffery Simmons accumulates wealth through his athletic prowess and lucrative football contracts, Jeffrey N Simmons’ financial success is rooted in executive leadership within the corporate realm, particularly in the field of animal health.

Who Is Jeffery Simmons’s Agent?

Who Is Jeffery Simmons's Agent?

Jeffery Simmons is represented by Paul DeRousselle, the founder, and CEO of Walking Business Sports Group, a leading sports agency specializing in NFL player representation. 

Since Simmons enlisted DeRousselle’s services in June 2022, the partnership has yielded significant success. 

DeRousselle and his team negotiated an impressive four-year, $94 million extension for Simmons, securing $66 million in guarantees and a substantial $24 million signing bonus. 

Despite initial negotiations for a shorter deal, DeRousselle’s adept maneuvering solidified Simmons’ position as the NFL’s second-highest-paid interior defensive lineman. 

Beyond their professional relationship, DeRousselle is Simmons’ family member and friend, praising the player’s talent, work ethic, and character. 

Engaging in charitable initiatives, DeRousselle’s influence extends beyond contracts, reflecting a commitment to community impact and player success in the NFL.

What Position Does Jeffery Simmons Play?

Jeffery Simmons plays as a defensive lineman in the National Football League (NFL). 

More specifically, he is an interior defensive lineman, which means he typically lines up on the defensive line and works to disrupt offensive plays from the interior of the opposing team’s offensive line. 

As an interior defensive lineman, Simmons is often tasked with stopping the run, pressuring the quarterback, and creating disruptions in the middle of the field. 

His role involves a combination of strength, agility, and strategic play to contribute to the overall defensive efforts of his team. 

Since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2019, Simmons has showcased his versatility and effectiveness in this crucial defensive position.


What is Jeffery Simmons’ estimated net worth?

Jeffery Simmons’ net worth is estimated to be in the range of $4-5 million.

What contributed to Jeffery Simmons’ net worth?

Simmons’ net worth is influenced by earnings from his football contracts, lucrative endorsements, and potentially wise financial investments.

How does Jeffery Simmons’ recent contract extension impact his net worth?

The recent 4-year contract extension with the Tennessee Titans, valued at $94.0 million, significantly boosts Simmons’ net worth, with nearly half of it guaranteed at signing.

Who is Jeffrey N Simmons, and how does his net worth compare to Jeffery Simmons’?

Jeffrey N Simmons is the President, CEO, and Director of Elanco Animal Health Inc. His estimated net worth surpasses that of Jeffery Simmons, standing at least at 19.7 million dollars.

What factors influence the fluctuation of Jeffery Simmons’ net worth?

Simmons’ net worth is subject to factors such as continued success on the football field, endorsement deals, and strategic financial management, all of which can contribute to variations in his overall financial portfolio.

To Recap

In the tapestry of wealth and success, Jeffery Simmons’ journey stands as a testament to the nuanced pathways individuals navigate in the realms of professional sports and corporate leadership. 

His substantial contract extension with the Tennessee Titans symbolizes not only athletic prowess but also strategic financial planning. 

With an estimated net worth between $4-5 million. Simmons exemplifies the diverse financial landscapes traversed by modern athletes. 

The comparison with Jeffrey N Simmons, a corporate leader with a significantly higher net worth, underscores the varied trajectories to prosperity.

Ultimately, the financial narrative of Jeffery Simmons reflects the dynamic interplay between athletic achievements, strategic decisions, and corporate prominence.

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