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Jamie Richard Vardy is an English professional footballer who currently plays as a striker for Leicester City. Vardy began his career as a youth player for Sheffield Wednesday, but he got his breakthrough with the Stocksbridge Park Steels where he made a total of 107 appearances and scored 66 goals.

After that, he played for FC Halifax Town and Fleetwood Town where he also enjoyed a successful run. Vardy joined Leicester City in 2012 and has since made 351 appearances and scored 154 goals. He is also an England international with 26 appearances and 7 goals between 2015 and 2018.

Jamie Vardy
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Personal Information of Jamie Vardy

Real Name/Full NameJamie Richard Vardy
Age35 years old
Birth DateJan 11, 1987
Birth PlaceSheffield, England
Height5′ 10″
Weight168 pounds
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse (Name)Rebekah Vardy
ChildrenFinley Jaiden
ProfessionSoccer Player
Net Worth$12 Million


2023-24 English League Championship
2013-14 English League Championship
2012-13 English League Championship

Early life

Jamie Vardy was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to Richard Gill and Lisa Crewes. His biological father left the family when he was a baby, and his mother later married Phil Vardy.

Vardy grew up in the Hillsborough area of inner-city Sheffield, where his stepfather worked as a crane operator and his mother worked in a solicitor’s office.

He was a Sheffield Wednesday fan and idolized David Hirst, who won the 1991 Football League Cup Final. Vardy witnessed the intense rivalry between the fans of Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United in the 1990s and 2000s, which culminated in memorable Steel City derbies.

He believes that people in Sheffield live for football and that matches between the two teams are massive, providing a chance for bragging rights.

Vardy has shown his loyalty to Sheffield Wednesday by performing memorable celebrations against Sheffield United fans, including celebrating in front of them at Bramall Lane after Leicester City’s 2-1 victory.

Club career

Jamie Vardy’s club career began at Stocksbridge Park Steels, where he played for the reserve team before moving up to the first team. He made his debut in 2007 under the guidance of manager Gary Marrow.

Although he earned just £30 a week at the club, Vardy’s performances quickly caught the attention of several Football League teams. In 2009, he had a trial with Crewe Alexandra, but the move did not materialize.

Later, Vardy was offered a short-term contract with Rotherham United, which he chose to decline. It was during this time that Vardy was scouted by the then Championship club, Leicester City. Vardy joined the club in 2012 for a reported fee of £1 million.

He quickly became an integral part of the team, scoring important goals and helping the club achieve promotion to the Premier League in 2014. In the 2015-2016 season, he made history by scoring in 11 consecutive Premier League matches, breaking the record previously held by Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Vardy played an important role in Leicester City’s historic Premier League title win in the same season. He continues to be a vital player for the club, with a reputation as a hardworking and tenacious striker.

International career

Jamie Vardy made his international debut for the English national team in June 2015. He played for the final 15 minutes in a friendly match against the Republic of Ireland. In August of the same year, he was named in England’s squad for the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying matches against San Marino and Switzerland.

He played in the starting lineup of England’s win against San Marino where they won 6-0. A few months later, Vardy scored his first international goal for England in a 3-2 win against Germany.

He scored his second international goal just three days later in a match against the Netherlands at Wembley Stadium.

These performances secured his place in England’s squad for the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, where he played a vital role in helping them to reach the quarter-finals.

Vardy’s impressive performances for England continued, as he scored seven goals in total during the team’s qualifying campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

He was named in Gareth Southgate’s squad for the tournament and played in several matches. Vardy remains one of the key players in England’s national team and continues to impress with his performances on the international stage.

Net Worth

Jamie Vardy is one of the most successful and popular football players in England. He plays as a striker for Leicester City and the England national team. He has won several awards and trophies, including the Premier League title in 2016 and the Golden Boot in 2020.

According to various sources, his net worth is estimated to be around £12 million as of 2021. He earns a weekly salary of £140,000 from Leicester City, as well as income from endorsements and sponsorships. He also owns a number of properties and cars, which add to his wealth.

Player profile

Jamie Vardy is a unique footballer due to his long spell in non-League football. His Premier league debut came at the age of 27, after playing at levels eight, seven, six, five, and two of the English football league system.

Vardy’s late arrival in the Premier League is seen as a significant factor in his longevity in football. At present, he is playing with the same intensity even in his mid-30s. Vardy credits his ability to play at this level to his late arrival in the Premier League.

He says that his pace is not affected by age yet. He feels good, and his legs are still performing at a high level. Vardy mentions that due to his late arrival, he may have more years left to play at the highest level.

Being a late starter, he has had to work hard to get to where he is. Therefore, Vardy is known for his hard work, dedication, and consistency. He is a role model for aspiring young footballers.

Personal life

Jamie Vardy’s personal life is closely tied to Sheffield Wednesday, the football club of his hometown. He has been a lifelong fan of the team and has talked about his support for them in interviews.

Vardy is known for his humble beginnings – he grew up in a council house in Sheffield, and didn’t start playing football seriously until he was a teenager.

Despite this, he went on to have a successful career and is now a household name in English football. Off the pitch, Vardy has been equally successful in his personal life. He is married to Rebekah Vardy, a media personality and model.

The couple has children together and has been in the public eye for their relationship, including their appearance on the reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Vardy has also become known for his philanthropic work, including donations to local charities and the use of his foundation to support children’s welfare.

He has also used his platform to highlight issues around mental health, especially for athletes.

Despite his success, Vardy remains grounded and committed to his roots in Sheffield. He has stated in interviews that he never forgets where he came from and the support he received from his family and community growing up.

Why is Jamie Vardy not in FIFA?

Licensing Issues: Jamie Vardy belongs to an exclusive group of footballers who are not licensed by FIFA because his team Leicester City has an exclusive deal with Konami, the creators of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Exclusive Deal with PES: Konami has an exclusive agreement with Leicester City, preventing FIFA from including players like Jamie Vardy in their game.

Individual licensing: Players have individual licenses, which means that both the player and the team must agree with the terms of the game licence.

Special Exclusivity Terms: Leicester City is not the only team that has an exclusive agreement with PES, as some other clubs including Juventus and Bayern Munich are also exclusively licensed to PES.

FIFA and PES Rivalry: The relationship between FIFA and PES has always been tense and this rivalry could be the reason for Vardy’s absence in FIFA.

Image rights: Players’ image rights can sometimes be complicated and can prevent them from appearing in certain games.

Delayed Updates: FIFA updates its roster on a regular basis, but players who are not licensed by FIFA are not updated, which means that Jamie Vardy’s statistics are not being tracked in the game.

Unlicensed Premier League: FIFA has a non-exclusive license for the Premier League, which means that not all Premier League players can be featured in the game.

PES Focuses on Individual Clubs: PES’s marketing strategy is focused on individual clubs, which means that they invest more in exclusive deals with clubs rather than individual players.

Different Licensing Agreements: Different licensing agreements and limitations have made Vardy’s inclusion in FIFA difficult.

How many goals has Jamie Vardy scored in his career?

Jamie Vardy is one of the most prolific goalscorers in English football. He has been a consistent performer for Leicester City over the years, and has helped his team win many crucial matches. Vardy has scored an impressive number of goals throughout his career.

He is known for his speed, agility, and finishing skills, which have made him a nightmare for opposing defenders. However, despite his stature, he has proven to be a tough opponent for even the strongest of defenses.

Vardy has scored an impressive 170 goals since he first started playing for Leicester City. This has been over a period of 11 seasons. This means that he has been a regular feature for the club over the years, and has been instrumental in their success.

His goalscoring record is one of the best in the Premier League, and he has consistently been ranked among the top scorers in the country. Vardy’s ability to score under pressure and his excellent work ethic have made him a fan favorite.

It is clear that Jamie Vardy has a bright future ahead of him, and he will continue to break records and create history with his impressive performances on the pitch.

To Recap

Jamie Richard Vardy is a professional footballer from England who currently plays for Leicester City. He was born in Sheffield in 1987 and began his football career at Sheffield Wednesday. Vardy’s journey from non-league to Premier League football is one of the most remarkable success stories in football history.

In 2012, he joined Leicester City and has scored 154 goals for the club in 351 appearances so far. Vardy has also represented England in 26 matches, scoring 7 goals. He is a striker and wears the number 9 jersey for Leicester City.

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