Who is Jamal Lewis?

Jamal Lewis is a former professional football running back who played in the NFL for nine seasons. He began his career with the Baltimore Ravens, where he was selected fifth overall in the 2000 NFL Draft and went on to win Super Bowl XXXV with them.

In 2003, Lewis set an NFL record by rushing for 2,066 yards and earned numerous awards including First-Team All-Pro honors as well as being named Offensive Player of the Year that season. After leaving Baltimore after seven years, he spent two more seasons playing with Cleveland Browns before retiring from professional football at age 30 due to injury concerns.

During his career Jamal rushed for 10,607 yards and 58 touchdowns while also catching 221 passes for 1,879 receiving yardds and four touchdowns total.

Jamal Lewis
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Personal Information of Jamal Lewis

Birth PlaceLuton, United Kingdom
Weight154 lbs
Net Worth$1 Million

Early years

Jamal Lewis is an American football running back who attended Douglass High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a talented letterman across various sports; he played both football and track during his high school career.

During this time, Super Prep rated him as the top running back prospect in the nation, while Prep Star gave him the No. 2 southern RB rating. As a senior at Douglass High School, Lewis rushed for 25 touchdowns which earned him AAAA All-State and All-City honors.

He also went on to be named MVP of the Georgia-Florida All-Star Game after gaining 137 yards on 11 carries with two touchdowns – giving him an average of 12.4 per carry. Impressive stats indeed.

His talent shone through even earlier on though; when he was just a junior he gained 1,923 yards and scored 28 touchdowns whilst his sophomore year saw 1,240 yards and 15 touchdown scores under his belt already.

In total over his three years as starter at Douglass High School Jamal managed 4 879 rushing yardage alongside 68 touchdown scores plus maintained 9 7 per carry average – quite remarkable figures by any standards. It’s clear that from early days Jamal had natural ability and immense potential but it wasn’t until later years that these skills were fully realised – something we can all admire looking back today.

College career

Jamal Lewis had an impressive college career at the University of Tennessee. As a freshman in 1997, he rushed for 1,364 yards and seven touchdowns which earned him first-team Freshman All-America honors from The Sporting News and second-team All-SEC recognition by the Associated Press.

During that same season, quarterback Peyton Manning caught a 10 yard pass thrown to him by Lewis against Arkansas. Unfortunately in 1998, Jamal suffered a torn lateral collateral ligament in his right knee which caused him to miss the rest of the season.

Despite this set back he still managed to end his three year stint with 2,677 rushing yards as well as 3161 all purpose yards while also majoring in arts and science at UT.

He is fifth on their list of all time rushers and fourth in terms of all purpose yards making it one very successful collegiate experience for Mr Lewis.

Professional career

Jamal Lewis’ professional career began when he was drafted in the first round with the fifth overall pick in 2000 NFL Draft by Baltimore Ravens. He had an impressive rookie season, rushing for over 1,300 yards and supplanting Priest Holmes as team’s starting running back.

On November 19th of that year,Lewis became youngest player since 1960 to record 200 yards from scrimmage (21 years).

This record was later broken by Kenny Britt in 2009 and JuJu Smith-Schuster 2017. In 2001 Jamal played a key role helping his team win their first Super Bowl title against New York Giants; becoming only second rookie ever to rush for 100+ yards on a Super Bowl game and also scoring a touchdown at 21 years old making him youngest player to score one in any Super Bowl history.

From then onwards Lewis continued being integral part of Ravens offense until 2006 when he signed with Cleveland Browns as free agent but due to injuries sustained during previous seasons this move didn’t turn out as expected despite some flashes of brilliance particularly during 2007 season where he managed gain nearly 1,000 total offensive yardage despite missing four games due excessive penalties issued following tackle related issues involving referees judgement calls which were widely criticized across league media outlets.

After 2008 season ended, Lewis decided retire after nine successful yet troubled campaigns within National Football League leaving behind legacy featuring several records including most touchdowns scored single quarter three achieved against Cincinnati Bengals 2003 campaign.

NFL career statistics

Jamal Lewis is a former American Football running back who played for the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns in the National Football League (NFL). In his 11-year career, he amassed 10,607 rushing yards on 2,542 carries with 58 touchdowns.

He also had 247 receptions for 1,879 receiving yards and four touchdown catches. In 2000, Jamal was drafted fifth overall by the Ravens in the NFL Draft. During his five seasons with them (2000–2006), he rushed for 6,669 yards on 1,567 attempts while scoring 35 touchdowns—all of which marks still stand as franchise records today.

His best season came during 2003 when he ran for 2 066 rushing yards to set an all-time single season record at that time; this earned him Offensive Player of The Year honors from both AP and PFWA along with being selected to first Pro Bowl appearance. After leaving Baltimore following 2006 season, Lewis signed three year deal ($14 million) with Cleveland Browns.

He ended up spending two total years there but failed make any significant impact due to injuries limiting him just 19 games over those two years combined. Nevertheless, he added another 838 rushings yard sand thirteen scores plus 404 receiving ones before retiring after 2011 campaign.

Unfortunately, in February 2004 it surfaced that Lewis been involved in talks about drug deal leading him charged conspiring possess intent distribute kilogram cocaine using cell phone commission count eventually sentenced federal prison resulting four month sentence ultimately served August 2005 upon release.


Personal life

Jamal Lewis is a former professional American football running back. He played 11 seasons in the NFL, primarily with the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons.

In February 2004, it was revealed that Lewis had been involved in talks concerning an illegal drug deal. As a result of this incident, he was charged with conspiring to possess five kilograms of cocaine for distribution purposes and using a cell phone in furtherance of his criminal activity.

Lewis eventually entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors and was sentenced to four months imprisonment in January 2005. He served his sentence from April-August 2005 before being released on August 2nd of that same year upon completion of his term.

Since then, Jamal has moved away from these issues by focusing on bettering himself both personally and professionally through charitable works such as donating time at children’s hospitals or participating in community events like playground construction projects for disadvantaged youth within inner city neighborhoods around Atlanta where he resides today with his wife Tasha Smith-Lewis whom he married shortly after returning home following prison release date.

In addition to giving back through philanthropy efforts what little spare time Jamal has left over when not working out or training; since retiring officially from pro football several years ago now post career transition period also finds him dedicating considerable amounts effort towards investing heavily into real estate opportunities while simultaneously pursuing business-related interests among other things which include continued involvement role within sports industry via appearances made as special guest analyst during various televised broadcasts throughout season inside broadcast booth alongside some well-known commentators here there every now then whenever opportunity presents itself so forth thereby ensuring steady stream income derived thereof will be added additional revenue streams helping support family long run moving forward etcetera.

Who is Jamal Lewis?

Jamal Lewis is a former American football player who played as a running back in the National Football League NFL for the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. He was born on August 26, 1979, and began his professional football career in 2000 with the Baltimore Ravens.

During his time with the Ravens, Lewis established himself as one of the top running backs in the league, and set a single-game rushing record in 2003 with 295 yards. He also helped lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory in 2000.

After spending several years with the Ravens, Lewis joined the Cleveland Browns in 2007 and spent three seasons with the team. He retired from the NFL in 2009 after a successful career, during which he was named to the Pro Bowl twice and was a two-time All-Pro selection.

Lewis is considered one of the top running backs of his era and his name is often mentioned among the best in the NFL history.

In terms of the FIFA 23, there is a player Jamal Lewis, who is 24 years old from Northern Ireland and playing for Newcastle United in the England Premier League. He has 71 rating and 76 potential, He is a left-footed player with 3 skill moves and 3 weak foot and he has high/high work rates.

What happened to Jamal Lewis?

Jamal Lewis’ Retirement

Former NFL running back Jamal Lewis officially announced his retirement from the league in 2012. A two-time Pro Bowler, he spent most of his career with the Baltimore Ravens after being drafted fifth overall in 2000. During his 12 year professional football career, he racked up 10,607 rushing yards and 58 touchdowns on 2,542 carries. In 2003, he broke an impressive record by becoming only the fifth player to rush for over 2,000 yards that season – a feat which earned him All-Pro honors as well as AFC Player of The Year recognition.

Post Retirment Activities
Lewis has since taken part in various activities post retiring including working as an analyst for ESPN’s SportsCenter program during their Sunday morning edition titled “Sunday Countdown”. He was also named one of three finalists for selection into the 2021 class at Canton Hall Of Fame but did not get selected unfortunately due to other players having better stats than him across their careers within each ballot category. He currently resides near Atlanta Georgia where is heavily involved with youth charities and mentoring programs throughout local communities.

Is Jamal Lewis a Hall of Famer?

Is Jamal Lewis a Hall of Famer? Absolutely. As one of the most prolific running backs in NFL history, his career achievements have earned him a place among football’s elite.

On Thursday, he was presented with an official lifetime pass to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as recognition for his accomplishments. Additionally, during Week 2 this season he set a new single-game rushing record that cemented his legacy even further.

His jersey from that game is now being displayed at the hallowed halls of Canton along with other memorabilia honoring past legends like himself. There’s no doubt about it – Jamal Lewis belongs in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame and will be remembered forever by football fans across America as one of its greats

How many kids does Jamal Lewis have?

Jamal Lewis and His Children
Former NFL player Jamal Lewis has four children. He has two sons, Jaden and Jamel Jr., as well as two daughters from his first marriage, Ja’bria and Jazzmin. All of the kids are active in their communities, with each of them having successful careers or being enrolled in college programs.

Lewis is a very involved parent who also makes sure to give back to his community through work with local charities such as the YMCA Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation. Through this foundation he works closely with at-risk youth providing educational resources that will help them reach their goals for success later on in life. He believes that by helping one person it can lead to inspiring many more people down the right path.

In addition to working within his own community, Jamal Lewis also uses social media platforms like Instagram to share pictures of him spending quality time with all 4 of his kids participating activities they enjoy together ranging from attending sporting events or going out kayaking on weekends during summer months off school/work hours. It’s clear he loves every moment spent making memories alongside them which speaks volumes about how dedicated he is not only as an athlete but father too.

He proudly showcases everything they do together whether it be accomplishments academically, athletically or just simply enjoying family outings around town – proving no matter what age your child may be there’s always ways dads (or moms) can create lasting experiences & relationships with their little ones.

To Recap

Jamal Lewis is a former professional American football running back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for eleven seasons. He was drafted fifth overall by the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 and spent seven seasons with them, winning Super Bowl XXXV over the New York Giants.

In 2003, he led the NFL with 2,066 rushing yards and also earned Pro Bowl honors as well as being named First-Team All-Pro that season. During his career, he recorded 10,607 rushing yards and 58 touchdowns on 2,542 attempts along with 221 receptions for 1,879 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

After retiring from playing professionally in 2009 after three years at Cleveland Browns; Jamal’s accomplishments were honored when inducted into their Ring of Honor making him one of only five players to be so respected by the organization since its inception 1996.

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