Is Donovan Mcnabb A Hall Of Famer?


Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb announced his retirement from the NFL on Thursday, after 14 seasons with the team. The 38-year-old was honored at a ceremony on Friday night in which he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and received a jersey retirement from the team.

McNabb is also a member of the 75th anniversary team, having been drafted by Philadelphia in 1999. In all, McNabb played for six different teams during his career and won two Super Bowls (XXXIX and L). He currently works as an analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football coverage.

Is Donovan Mcnabb A Hall Of Famer?

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has retired from the NFL after a 17-year career that included five Pro Bowl appearances and two Super Bowls. McNabb was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and had his jersey number retired by the Eagles earlier this year.

He is also a member of the 75th Anniversary Team, which honors players who have played 50 or more games for Philadelphia over its history. In an interview with ESPN following his retirement announcement, McNabb reflected on his time as an Eagle and thanked everyone involved in his career including fans, teammates and coaches alike.

The 37-year old plans to spend more time with family and focus on philanthropy going forward.

McNabb Retires as an Eagle

Donovan McNabb retired from the NFL as an Eagle after 11 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and led the team to its first Super Bowl win in 2004.

McNabb ranks third all-time in interceptions (203) and sixth in passing yards (21,241). In 2017 he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame alongside players such as Joe Montana and Barry Sanders.

The 38-year old will now focus on his role as analyst for Fox Sports 1’s pregame show “The OT”.

Eagles Honor McNabb with Hall of Fame and Jersey Retirement

Donovan McNabb was honored with a Hall of Fame induction and retirement ceremony by the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday. The former quarterback was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018, making him one of only eight players in history to be inducted as a player, coach and general manager.

McNabb is also one of only two quarterbacks (the other being Terry Bradshaw) to win four Super Bowls with three different teams. He finished his career with an NFL-record 30,445 passing yards and 215 touchdowns over 15 seasons with the Eagles and Washington Redskins. McNabb has been involved in numerous charitable endeavors throughout his career including serving as president for Operation Smile from 2006-2008 and donating $1 million dollars worth of autographed memorabilia to charity during auction season annually since 2010.

He is a Member of the 75th Anniversary Team

Donovan McNabb is a member of the 75th anniversary team and many people believe he should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago. He was one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history and his stats speak for themselves.

Donovan Mcnabb never had an off season and he always seemed to find a way to win games even when things were tough. Donovan Mcnabb has led teams to multiple Super Bowls and he deserves all the credit that’s going his way. His legacy will live on forever and fans everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude.

Do Eagles have a Hall of Fame quarterback?

Yes, the Eagles do have a Hall of Fame quarterback in Bernie Kosar. He backed up Norm Van Brocklin and was a 4th-round draft pick of the team in 1957. He played on the 1960 NFL Championship team and is now in the Eagles Hall of Fame.

His standout season came in 1969 when he led Philadelphia to an 11-3 record and their first playoff appearance since 1949. Kosar is still remembered for his “The Fumble” play that cost Cleveland the 1972 AFC Championship Game.

Is Randall Cunningham a Hall of Famer?

Randall Cunningham was a very successful player in the NFL for many years. He is considered one of the best wide receivers ever and is also considered to be one of the worst quarterbacks in history. Is Randall Cunningham a Hall of Famer?


Randall Cunningham retired from professional football in 2014 after playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. He is currently a minister and served as team chaplain for the Las Vegas Raiders from 2020 to 2022.

Became ordained Protestant minister

Randall became ordained as a Protestant minister in 2019. Prior to this, he had worked as an Evangelical Christian missionary for several years in Africa and Asia.

Served as team chapillar for the Las Vegas Raiders from 20 to 2022

From 2020 until his departure from the organization two years later, Randall served as team chaplain for the Las Vegas Raiders under head coach Jon Gruden. During his time with the club, they made it all the way to Super Bowl LIII before losing to The New England Patriots 34-31 on February 3rd, 2025.

Who was better Randall Cunningham or Donovan McNabb?

There is no clear answer when it comes to who was better Randall Cunningham or Donovan McNabb. Each player had their own strengths and weaknesses, which made them both very successful in the NFL.

If you are looking for someone to compare and contrast these two players, then we suggest reading our article on the top 10 things Randall Cunningham did better than Donovan McNabb.

Randall Cunningham was better as a quarterback

Randall Cunningham was the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 seasons, which is more than Donovan McNabb. During that time, he led his team to three Super Bowl appearances and two championships. Cunningham also had more statistically impressive seasons than McNabb, with top-10 finishes in passing yards and touchdowns on several occasions.

Donovan McNabb was a better athlete

Donovan McNabb is considered one of the greatest athletes in NFL history. He played running back, wide receiver and cornerback throughout his career before retiring after the 2006 season. His athleticism helped him become one of the most decorated players in league history with numerous awards and accolades including six Pro Bowl selections and four MVP Awards.

They both played seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles

Both Donovan McNabusn and Randall Cunningham spent their entire careers playing for the same team -the Philadelphia Eagles-. This gives them an advantage since they were able to develop chemistry together over a long period of time.

Will Eli Manning be in the Hall of Fame?

Eli Manning will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2020. This is based on how long he has been retired (10 years) and if he is voted in by the fans. At this point, it’s too early to say whether or not Manning will make it into the hall

  • It’s still too early to say for sure, but it looks like Eli Manning won’t be in the Hall of Fame until 2025. This conversation is still pending and won’t take place for another few years. At this point, it’s hard to say whether or not he’ll make the cut.
  • The decision on whether or not a player makes the hall of fame is often based off their individual performance record and how long they’ve been playing at a high level. Manning has had an illustrious career, but his contemporaries may have performed better over longer periods of time.
  • Even if Manning does end up being enshrined in Canton one day, there are other great quarterbacks who could potentially join him such as Tom Brady and Brett Favre . These players have both received plenty of accolades throughout their careers which will give them an edge when voting happens later on down the line.”
  • There are currently 104 players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame , so it will be interesting to see who gets voted into the hall next year – especially with regards to quarterbacks since there seems to be a greater emphasis placed on that position now than ever before.”

How many Eagles are in the HOF?

There are a total of 128 players in the Hall of Fame. This includes both modern and former players. The most recent player to be inducted was Cris Carter in 2015.

  • Jim Ringo
  • Ollie Matson
  • Richard Dent
  • Mike Ditka
  • Bill Hewitt

How many Eagles Hall of Famers are there?

As of 2018, 18 players have been enshrined in the Eagles Hall of Fame – including some of the team’s all-time greats such as Brian Dawkins and Reggie White.

The induction process is a bit complicated, but ultimately it comes down to fan voting. There are no specific requirements for being inducted into the hall, which means any player who has helped contribute to Philadelphia’s success can be considered for enshrinement.

Even though there are only 18 players enshrined so far, that number could continue to grow in future years thanks to continued success by the Eagles organization.

To Recap

Donovan McNabb has had a very successful career as an NFL quarterback, but many people still debate whether or not he is a Hall of Famer. While his statistics are impressive, it’s hard to say definitively whether or not he was one of the best quarterbacks in league history.

It will be interesting to see what McNabb does next after announcing his retirement from the NFL this year.

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