Has Scottie Scheffler Ever Won the FedEx Cup?

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Has Scottie Scheffler Ever Won The Fedex Cup

Scottie Scheffler, a rising star in the world of professional golf, has captivated fans and experts with his promising talent and consistent performance.

While Scheffler has showcased his skills on the PGA Tour, there’s one notable accolade that has eluded him: the FedEx Cup.

This prestigious trophy is awarded to the golfer who excels in the FedEx Cup Playoffs, a series of high-stakes tournaments that culminate the PGA Tour season. 

Despite his strong showings and notable achievements, Scheffler had not yet secured a FedEx Cup victory, leaving golf enthusiasts eagerly watching his career to see if he could claim this coveted title.

Has Scottie Scheffler Ever Won the FedEx Cup?

Scottie Scheffler, despite his remarkable achievements and consistent performance in the PGA Tour, has not won the FedEx Cup. 

In 2022, Scheffler entered the final round of the Tour Championship, which is the concluding event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, with a six-shot lead. 

However, Rory McIlroy managed to rally from behind with a closing 66 to win the title, making it his third FedEx Cup win, leaving Scheffler short of the victory.

In the same year, Scheffler had a strong season, winning the WM Phoenix Open, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the prestigious Masters Tournament, among others. 

His performance throughout the season positioned him as the leader in the FedEx Cup standings going into the Tour Championship. 

Despite starting in first place with a 2-stroke lead and extending it to 6 strokes after 54 holes, Scheffler shot a 3-over-par 73 in the final round, which resulted in a loss by one stroke to McIlroy. This result tied him for the PGA Tour record of the largest 54-hole lead blown​.

In the following season of 2022–2023, Scheffler continued his excellent form, defending his title at the WM Phoenix Open and winning The Players Championship, which contributed to his streak of 18 consecutive top-12 finishes, a feat only surpassed by Tiger Woods. 

He entered the Tour Championship once again as the leader in the FedEx Cup standings, starting with a 10 under par due to the starting strokes format. 

However, he finished in a tie for sixth place at 11 under par, 16 strokes behind the winner Viktor Hovland​.

Scheffler’s consistent top-tier performance, including being the only player to be the No. 1 seed going into the FedEx Cup finale in consecutive years, highlights his potential and the anticipation for his eventual win of the coveted FedEx Cup. 

While he has yet to secure the title, his track record suggests it’s not a question of if but when he will triumph in the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Who Can Win the FedEx Cup?

The FedEx Cup is an annual golf competition that is a part of the PGA Tour. It was introduced in 2007 as a way to add excitement and importance to the tour’s end-of-season events.

The FedEx Cup is a season-long points race, and the golfer who accumulates the most points over the course of the PGA Tour season is crowned the FedEx Cup champion. 

To win the FedEx Cup, a golfer needs to meet certain requirements and perform exceptionally well throughout the season and in the season-ending playoffs.

Here are the requirements for winning the FedEx Cup:

Accumulating FedEx Cup Points

Throughout the PGA Tour season, golfers earn FedEx Cup points based on their performance in tournaments. 

The more successful a golfer is in these events, the more points they accrue. Major tournaments, such as the Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship, typically offer more points. 

Additionally, there are bonus points for winning tournaments, which significantly boost a golfer’s FedEx Cup ranking.

Regular-Season Performance

To have a chance at winning the FedEx Cup, a golfer must consistently perform well during the regular season. 

This means making the cut in most tournaments, accumulating a substantial number of FedEx Cup points, and ideally winning at least one tournament.

Advancing to the FedEx Cup Playoffs

The FedEx Cup playoffs consist of three events – The Northern Trust, the BMW Championship, and the Tour Championship. 

The top golfers in the FedEx Cup standings qualify for these playoffs. Advancing to the playoffs is essential for a golfer’s chances of winning the FedEx Cup.

Strong Performance in the Playoffs

The playoffs are a crucial stage in the FedEx Cup race. A golfer needs to perform exceptionally well in these three events, as the points awarded in the playoffs are significantly higher than in regular-season events. 

Winning one or more of the playoff tournaments can give a golfer a significant advantage in the FedEx Cup standings.

Success at the Tour Championship

The Tour Championship is the ultimate event in the FedEx Cup playoffs, and the FedEx Cup champion is determined here. 

The golfer who enters the Tour Championship with the highest FedEx Cup points total will start the tournament with a significant advantage. 

However, any golfer in the field can win the FedEx Cup by winning the Tour Championship.

Consistency and Timing

Consistency throughout the season and peak performance during the playoffs are critical. A golfer who plays consistently well throughout the year and then delivers a strong performance in the playoffs will have the best chance to win the FedEx Cup.

Mathematical Possibility

In theory, any golfer who qualifies for the FedEx Cup playoffs has a mathematical chance of winning the FedEx Cup, but those at the top of the standings have a better chance due to their accumulated points and favorable starting positions in the Tour Championship.

Scottie Scheffler Major Wins

Scottie Scheffler, an American professional golfer, has secured his place in the golfing world with his remarkable achievements on the PGA Tour. 

Scheffler has won one major championship, which was the 2022 Masters Tournament. 

During this event, he demonstrated his skill and dominance by winning with a three-stroke lead, finishing 10-under par, and maintaining the lead from the second round all the way to the final round. 

His victory at the 2022 Masters not only marked his first major title but also came during an impressive period where he won four tournaments in his last six starts​.

In addition to his major win, Scheffler also claimed victory at the 2023 Players Championship, adding another prestigious title to his growing list of accomplishments.


Who won the FedEx Cup?

The winner of the FedEx Cup changes each year, as it is awarded to the golfer who accumulates the most FedEx Cup points during the PGA Tour season.

What is Scottie Scheffler’s nickname?

Scottie Scheffler is a professional golfer, and he is commonly referred to by his given name, Scottie, without a widely recognized nickname.

Has Scottie Scheffler won the FedEx Cup?

Scottie Scheffler had not won the FedEx Cup.

Is Scottie Scheffler considered a rising star in professional golf?

Yes, Scottie Scheffler is often considered a rising star in professional golf due to his consistent performance and strong showings in various tournaments.

To Recap

Scottie Scheffler had not won the FedEx Cup. However, his promising career trajectory and consistent performances on the PGA Tour make him a golfer to watch closely in future FedEx Cup seasons. 

While he had yet to secure this prestigious title, Scheffler’s notable achievements and ability to contend in various tournaments signify his potential as a future FedEx Cup champion. 

Golf fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his continued growth and successes, and it’s only a matter of time before he can add a FedEx Cup victory to his list of accomplishments in the world of professional golf.

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