Why Did the Panther Waive Greg Dortch?

Greg Dortch is an American football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, and attended Highland Springs High School there.

After high school, he went to Wake Forest University where he earned Second-team All-ACC honors in 2017. In 2019, he signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent but eventually landed on the Carolina Panthers practice squad before joining the Los Angeles Rams during their Super Bowl run that same year.

Since then, Dortch has been a part of three teams: Atlanta Falcons (2020–2021) and his current team -Arizona Cardinals (2021–present). During this time period his career stats have included 47 receptions for 437 yards receiving along with 53 rushing yards and 640 return yards which includes two total touchdowns so far.

Greg Dortch
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Personal Information of Greg Dortch

Age24 years
Birth PlaceRichmond, Virginia
Net Worth5,000,000 USD

Early years

Greg Dortch was born and raised in Highland Springs, Virginia. He attended the local high school of Highland Springs High School where he began to show off his athletic prowess.

While at HSHS, Greg became a two-time state champion in track and field as well as football – both of which earned him All-State honors while playing multiple positions on offense and defense.

His standout performance garnered attention from schools across the country but eventually, it was Wake Forest University that won out as his collegiate destination. He committed to Wake Forest due to its strong academic reputation along with an opportunity for early playing time given their wide receiver depth chart at the time.

That set up what turned out to be a very successful college career for Greg Dortch during which he broke numerous records including most receptions by a freshman (68) since 1995 when current NFL star Chris Chambers did so back then; most receiving yards by any player under 6 feet tall (1,078); caught nine touchdowns despite only starting five games; amassed over 1,000 all-purpose yards before suffering season-ending injury halfway through year one etcetera.

On top of these accomplishments, Dortch also managed to earn several awards such as being named Freshman All ACC Wide Receiver & Return Specialist 2017; First Team ACC Academic Honor Roll 2018 among many others throughout his four years at WFU thus cementing himself into Demon Deacon lore forever.

College career

Greg Dortch had an impressive college career at Wake Forest University. After redshirting his first year in 2016, he showed up ready to play as a freshman the following season.

In 2017, he played in eight games and recorded 53 receptions for 722 yards and nine touchdowns. This earned him some recognition from coaches around the country and set the stage for what was to come next.

In 2018, Dortch took it up a notch with 89 receptions for 1,078 yards and 8 touchdowns which ultimately led to him being named an All-American return specialist after recording two punt returns during this time period.

His performance did not go unnoticed by NFL scouts either who began looking into his talents more closely shortly afterward prompting him make the decision of foregoing his remaining two years of eligibility in order to pursue a professional career early on instead if given such opportunity presented itself then or later down the line.

Dortch’s college success also translated nicely onto paper where he was able to accumulate several awards including three straight ACC Receiver of Week honors as well as receiving honorable mention status twice throughout that same span while making numerous appearances on national watchlists (Maxwell Award Watchlist; Paul Hornung Award Watchlist) over those couple seasons showcasing just how talented.

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Professional career

Greg Dortch is an American football player who signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent following the conclusion of the 2019 NFL Draft. He was a wide receiver for Wake Forest University and before that, he played high school football in North Carolina.

Dortch began his professional career on September 1st when he signed with The New York Jets practice squad. During his college days at Wake Forest, Dortch earned ACC Wide Receiver of The Week honors twice during the 2018 season and was also selected to the All-ACC Honorable Mention team two times.

In addition to this, he became one of only four FBS players since 1996 to have seven receiving touchdowns while returning multiple punts for touchdowns in the same year (2018). His impressive performance caught the eye of several scouts which led to him getting drafted by the jets after NFL draft ended.

During training camp, Greg showed off his athleticism and speed which made him stand out among others but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it onto the final roster due to being released on September 1st again right before the regular season started. However, the Newyork jets re-signed him back into their practice squad where they hope they can develop a young talented athlete into a complete package ready to play against the highest level competition around the country.

Though it may take some time until we see dorth officially suiting up to play real competitive game under the lights, his future looks bright as long as he continues developing himself even further like most teams expect from highly rated talent such as himself.

Why Did the Panther Waive Greg Dortch?

It appears that the Carolina Panthers waived Greg Dortch due to a poor performance in his role as kick returner. During a game against the Atlanta Falcons, Dortch fumbled one of the three kickoffs he returned, resulting in a rare fumble recovery by the opposing team’s kicker.

This mistake likely cost Dortch his job with the Panthers, as it likely demonstrated a lack of trust in his ability to securely handle the ball in such an important role.

Additionally, the fumble occurred in the third quarter after a touchdown pass by the Falcons, making the error even more costly in terms of the game’s outcome. Overall, it seems that the Panthers made the decision to waive Dortch due to his inability to perform effectively in his designated role and the potential negative impact it could have had on the team’s success.

Is Greg Dortch still in the NFL?

Greg Dortch NFL Status

• Greg Dortch was a professional football player who entered the league in 2019 when he signed with the New York Jets.
• In 2021, Dortch moved on from the Jets and joined Arizona Cardinals.
• He is currently under contract with The Cardinals for this season and beyond.
• Dortch has not seen much playing time in his two years of NFL experience but is still an important part of The Cardinal’s roster as a wide receiver/return specialist.
• He will look to build off his limited success thus far and make more plays during upcoming games with Arizona.
• Overall, Greg Dortch is still actively involved in the National Football League (NFL) at the present day as he remains contracted by The Arizona Cardinals organization.

Where is Greg Dortch from?

Greg Dortch is an American football wide receiver from Richmond, Virginia. He attended Monacan High School in Chesterfield County and was a three-star recruit according to 247 Sports.

After high school, he committed to Wake Forest University where he played for the Demon Deacons for two seasons. In his freshman year, Dortch led all of college football with 14 receiving touchdowns which earned him Freshman All-American honors by ESPN & USA Today Sports.

During his sophomore season at Wake Forest, Greg had 79 receptions and 830 yards along with seven touchdown catches before suffering a season-ending abdominal injury that required surgery. This ultimately caused him to enter the 2019 NFL Draft but go undrafted due to medical concerns about his recovery time from the surgery.

Currently, Dortch is signed as an undrafted free agent by the New York Jets after attending their rookie minicamp earlier this summer.

To Recap

Greg Dortch is an American football wide receiver, currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Richmond, Virginia on May 29th 1998, and graduated from Highland Springs High School before attending Wake Forest University.

During his time at college, he received Second-team All-ACC honors in 2017. After going undrafted in 2019, Greg has had a journeyman NFL career so far; having played for the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Rams, and Atlanta Falcons prior to joining the Cardinals last year.

In just over two seasons worth of games, he has 47 receptions for 437 receiving yards as well as 53 rushing yards with 640 return yards and two touchdowns across all four teams combined.

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