How Much Is George Kittle Worth? Contract, Salary, Investments & More

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How Much Is George Kittle Worth? Contract, Salary, Investments & More

George Kittle, celebrated as one of the premier tight ends in the NFL, commands both on-field prowess and off-field business acumen, shaping a remarkable financial profile. Kittle’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. 

A cornerstone of the San Francisco 49ers, Kittle’s wealth is anchored by his record-setting five-year, $75 million contract, establishing him as the highest-paid tight end in the league.

Beyond the gridiron, lucrative endorsement deals with global brands and entrepreneurial ventures, including real estate investments and co-ownership of a restaurant, contribute significantly.

Kittle’s multifaceted approach to wealth accumulation extends to cryptocurrency investments, showcasing a strategic and diversified financial portfolio.

How Much Is George Kittle Worth?

George Kittle’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of November 2023. This figure is based on his salary, endorsements, and investments.

Kittle’s main source of income is his contract with the 49ers, which he signed in 2020. The contract is worth $75 million over five years, with an $18 million signing bonus.

This makes Kittle the highest-paid tight end in the NFL, with an average annual salary of $14 million.

Here is the detail of George Kittle’s net worth and the sources of his income:

NFL Contract

NFL Contract

George Kittle inked a substantial five-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers in 2020, solidifying his status as one of the highest-paid tight ends in the NFL. 

Valued at an impressive $75 million, the deal includes a notable $18 million signing bonus. 

With an average annual salary of $14 million, this contract not only secures Kittle’s financial stability but also positions him as a key player in the league.

Endorsement Deals

Kittle has strategically aligned himself with major brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Bose, Visa, and Panini America. 

These partnerships extend beyond traditional endorsements, encompassing a variety of promotional activities. 

From appearing in commercials to engaging with fans on social media, Kittle’s endorsements contribute significantly to his overall income and further elevate his public profile.

Merchandise Line

Beyond the gridiron, Kittle has diversified its revenue streams by establishing a personalized merchandise line. 

This line includes a range of products, from clothing to accessories and memorabilia, all featuring his name and jersey number. 

This move not only capitalizes on his popularity among fans but also adds a creative entrepreneurial dimension to his financial portfolio.

Real Estate Investments

Kittle’s financial savvy extends to real estate, where he invested in a $2.1 million house in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2019. 

This not only serves as a tangible asset but also positions him in the real estate market, potentially providing a source of passive income in the long term.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In addition to his real estate endeavors, Kittle co-owns a restaurant, George’s Bar and Grill, located in Iowa City, Iowa—his college town. 

This entrepreneurial venture not only reflects his ties to the community but also diversifies his income streams, showcasing a keen business sense beyond the football field.

Interest in Cryptocurrency

In tune with evolving financial landscapes, Kittle has expressed an interest in cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. 

While specific details about his investments are undisclosed, this move aligns with a growing trend among athletes exploring the potential of digital assets as part of a well-rounded investment strategy.

What Is George Kittle’s Salary?

What Is George Kittle’s Salary?

George Kittle is one of the highest-paid tight ends in the NFL, with a salary that reflects his skills and achievements.

Here is a detailed breakdown of his salary:

Contract Extension

In a landmark move in 2020, George Kittle committed to a substantial five-year contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers. 

The magnitude of this extension was evident in its total valuation at an impressive $75 million, a testament to both Kittle’s exceptional skills on the field and his pivotal role within the team. 

This extension not only secured his future with the 49ers but also positioned him as the highest-paid tight end in the entire NFL. 

A significant portion of this contract came in the form of an $18 million signing bonus, underlining the team’s commitment to retaining one of its star players.

Average Annual Salary

Embedded within Kittle’s contract extension was an average annual salary of $15 million. 

This figure places him at the pinnacle of tight-end compensation in the league, highlighting the organization’s acknowledgment of his value and contributions to the team’s success.


The security and guarantees embedded in Kittle’s contract further illustrate the team’s confidence in his performance. 

With a total of $40 million guaranteed, including an impressive $30 million guaranteed at the time of signing, Kittle’s contract provides both financial stability and recognition of his pivotal role within the 49ers’ roster.

Additionally, a $2.25 million option bonus due in 2021 further solidifies the guaranteed aspects of his compensation.

Performance and Workout Bonuses

Beyond the base contract, Kittle’s compensation package includes performance and workout bonuses, totaling $600,000 per year. 

These additional incentives serve as a recognition of his commitment to maintaining peak physical condition and delivering stellar performances on game day.

Restructure Bonuses

Restructure Bonuses

The inclusion of restructuring bonuses in Kittle’s contract demonstrates a strategic financial approach. 

With bonuses amounting to $8.96 million in 2022 and $10.57 million in 2023, Kittle’s contract allows for flexibility in managing the team’s salary cap.

These bonuses involve converting portions of his base salary into signing bonuses, creating essential cap space for the organization.

Cap Hit Variations

The impact on the team’s salary cap is a dynamic aspect of Kittle’s contract. Starting with a cap hit of $5.8 million in 2020 and a marginal decrease to $5.5 million in 2021, the cap hit is projected to reach its zenith at $19.8 million in 2024. 

Subsequently, it is expected to decrease to $17.5 million in 2025. This nuanced approach to cap management allows the team to balance financial considerations with the continued presence of a star player.

Total Earnings

Kittle’s estimated total salary earnings through the 2022 season are an impressive $37.7 million. This comprehensive figure encompasses not only his base salary but also considers the signing bonus and various other performance-related bonuses. 

Looking ahead, the projection for total salary earnings through the culmination of his contract in 2025 stands at an estimated $79 million. 

This not only reflects the magnitude of his contract but also emphasizes the long-term financial commitment between Kittle and the San Francisco 49ers.

How Much Does George Kittle Make a Year?

George Kittle’s annual earnings are derived from a combination of his base salary, signing bonus, performance incentives, and other bonuses embedded in his contract.

Here’s a breakdown of how much George Kittle makes in a year:

Base Salary

Kittle’s base salary, as part of his lucrative contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers, contributes significantly to his annual income. 

The specifics of the base salary may vary from year to year within the duration of his contract.

Signing Bonus

A substantial portion of Kittle’s earnings comes from the signing bonus he received as part of his contract extension. 

The $18 million signing bonus, received at the outset of the extension in 2020, serves as a significant upfront payment that enhances his annual earnings.

Performance and Workout Bonuses

Kittle’s contract includes performance and workout bonuses, totaling $600,000 per year. These bonuses are often tied to specific benchmarks, such as games played, receptions, or other on-field achievements. They serve as additional incentives for maintaining peak performance and conditioning.

Restructure Bonuses

The contract also involves restructuring bonuses, offering Kittle and the team flexibility in managing the salary cap. 

These bonuses, such as the $8.96 million in 2022 and $10.57 million in 2023, involve converting portions of his base salary into signing bonuses to create additional cap space for the team.

Total Annual Earnings

The total amount George Kittle makes in a year is a sum of his base salary, signing bonus, performance and workout bonuses, and any other incentives specified in his contract. 

The specific figures for each year can be calculated by combining these elements, providing a comprehensive view of his annual income.


What is George Kittle’s Salary?

George Kittle’s salary is a substantial part of his five-year, $75 million contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers, making him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL.

When Does George Kittle’s Contract End?

George Kittle’s contract extension with the 49ers is for five years, signed in 2020. This implies that, as of now, his contract is expected to conclude after the 2024 NFL season.

What is George Kittle’s Net Worth?

George Kittle’s estimated net worth is around $5 million. This figure encompasses earnings from his NFL contract, endorsements, investments, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Has George Kittle Restructured His Contract?

Yes, George Kittle’s contract includes restructuring bonuses, and a strategic financial move to manage the team’s salary cap. 

Notable restructuring bonuses include $8.96 million in 2022 and $10.57 million in 2023, involving conversions of base salary into signing bonuses.

To Recap

George Kittle’s financial landscape epitomizes the intersection of gridiron excellence and savvy entrepreneurship. 

With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Kittle’s wealth derives from a record-breaking NFL contract, lucrative endorsements, and astute investments in real estate. 

His entrepreneurial ventures, including the co-ownership of a restaurant, showcase a diversified income strategy. 

Kittle’s financial playbook extends to cryptocurrency investments, reflecting a forward-thinking approach. 

As the highest-paid tight end in the NFL, Kittle’s wealth not only mirrors his on-field prowess but underscores his adept navigation of diverse revenue streams, solidifying his status as a standout both in football and financial acumen.

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