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Football Quarterback Drills List

In the realm of American football, the quarterback holds a pivotal role as the leader and playmaker on the field. 

The quarterback’s ability to make split-second decisions, deliver accurate throws, and read the defense effectively can determine the outcome of a game. 

To excel in this crucial position, quarterbacks must undergo rigorous training, incorporating a well-structured and diverse set of quarterback drills. 

These drills focus on developing the necessary skills, techniques, and mental fortitude required to thrive in the high-pressure environment of a football game. 

From honing footwork and pocket presence to mastering reading defenses and executing plays under pressure, a comprehensive football quarterback drills list serves as the foundation for shaping exceptional quarterbacks and elevating their performance to championship levels.

Football Quarterback Drills List

Here is a list of some drills that I found on the web:

Knee Drills

Knee Drills

This drill helps you work on your throwing accuracy by having you kneel on both knees or one knee and throw the ball to a receiver who gives you a target. You can only use your arm and hips to generate power and precision. 

This drill forces you to focus on your throwing mechanics and release point.

Scan the Field

Scan the Field

This drill helps you work on your accuracy and vision by having you drop back from under the centre or shotgun and scan the field for open receivers. 

You have to throw the ball to a different receiver each time without looking at them before the throw. This drill trains you to read the defense and anticipate the routes of your receivers.

Sprint Out

Sprint Out

This drill helps you work on your accuracy and power while on the run by having you sprint out to either side of the field and throw the ball to a receiver who is running a parallel or crossing route. 

You have to maintain your balance and momentum while making a quick and accurate throw. This drill prepares you for situations where you have to escape pressure and make plays outside the pocket.

Escaping Pressure

Escaping Pressure

This drill helps you work on your agility and awareness by having you evade defenders who are trying to sack you. 

You have to use your footwork, speed, and vision to avoid being touched by the defenders while keeping your eyes downfield. You have to throw the ball away or to an open receiver before the whistle blows. This drill teaches you how to extend plays and protect the ball.

Hitting Routes

Hitting Routes


This drill helps you work on your timing and chemistry with your receivers by having you throw the ball to them as they run different routes. 

You have to know the route tree and the playbook and deliver the ball with the right trajectory, velocity, and placement. 

You have to adjust your throws according to the coverage and the situation. This drill simulates game scenarios and builds trust between you and your receivers.

What Are The Best Quarterback Drills?

Now let’s discuss what are the best quarterback drills-

Pocket Presence Drill

Pocket Presence Drill

The pocket presence drill focuses on enhancing a quarterback’s ability to navigate and maintain composure within the pocket. In this drill, the quarterback practices dropping back from the snap and scanning the field while simulating pressure from defenders. 

The coach or a defensive player may provide light pressure to simulate a pass rush, forcing the quarterback to make quick decisions and find open passing lanes. 

This drill helps quarterbacks develop the necessary instincts and awareness to move efficiently within the pocket and deliver accurate throws under pressure.

Footwork and Passing Accuracy Drill

This drill emphasizes proper footwork mechanics and passing accuracy. Quarterbacks work on their footwork while executing different passing routes, such as quick slants, out routes, and deep passes.

The goal is to align the footwork with the intended throw, ensuring optimal balance and timing. Coaches may also incorporate moving targets or receivers to challenge the quarterback’s accuracy and adaptability in a game-like scenario.

Reading Defenses Drill

Quarterbacks must possess strong decision-making skills and the ability to read defenses effectively. In this drill, quarterbacks study and recognize various defensive coverages, including man-to-man, zone, and blitz schemes. 

The quarterback then practices identifying these coverages pre-snap and adjusting their play accordingly. This drill helps quarterbacks improve their ability to recognize defensive patterns, make quick decisions, and exploit weaknesses in the defense.

Moving Pocket Drill

Moving Pocket Drill

In the moving pocket drill, the quarterback practices throwing on the run and outside the pocket. The coach or a teammate rolls out a movable pocket, forcing the quarterback to adjust their footwork and mechanics while delivering accurate throws on the move. 

This drill enhances a quarterback’s ability to extend plays and make throws under different scenarios, making them more versatile and effective in game situations.

Two-Minute Drill: 

The two-minute drill simulates the pressure-filled final moments of a game when the quarterback must lead the team on a scoring drive with limited time. 

In this drill, the quarterback starts with a specific time on the clock and a set number of downs. They must lead the offense down the field, managing the clock, calling plays, and making quick decisions under time constraints. 

This drill helps quarterbacks develop leadership skills, mental toughness, and the ability to perform under pressure during critical moments in real games.

These quarterback drills are essential components of training for any aspiring signal-caller. 

By mastering pocket presence, footwork, reading defenses, throwing on the run, and performing in pressure situations, quarterbacks can elevate their game and become effective leaders on the field.

How Do I Become A Better Quarterback Drill In Football? 

Here are some descriptions of how to become a better quarterback drill in football-

Practice Consistently

Practice Consistently

Becoming a better quarterback requires consistent practice. Set aside regular training sessions to work on specific quarterback drills that target different aspects of your game, such as footwork, accuracy, reading defenses, and pocket presence. 

Regular practice will help you build muscle memory and develop essential skills to excel as a quarterback.

Seek Coaching and Feedback

Enlist the help of a knowledgeable quarterback coach or mentor who can provide valuable guidance and feedback. A coach can identify areas for improvement, offer technical advice, and design personalized drills to address your specific needs. 

Constructive criticism and guidance from experienced coaches can significantly accelerate your growth as a quarterback.

Film Study

Study game footage of both your own performances and successful quarterbacks at the college or professional level. Analyze their mechanics, decision-making, and reading of defenses.

Identify areas where you can emulate their techniques and strategies and learn from their mistakes. Film study is an invaluable tool for honing your football IQ and understanding the complexities of the game.

Develop Mental Toughness

Quarterbacking requires mental toughness and composure. Practice visualization techniques to see yourself executing plays successfully and handling pressure situations with confidence. 

Develop a positive mindset that embraces challenges and views mistakes as opportunities for growth. Strengthening your mental resilience will help you perform at your best, even under high-pressure circumstances.

Game Simulation Drills

Incorporate game simulation drills into your training regimen. Work with your teammates to create scenarios that mimic actual game situations, such as two-minute drills, red-zone situations, and third-down conversions. 

Practicing under game-like conditions will improve your ability to perform under pressure and make split-second decisions.


Don’t limit your training to quarterback-specific drills. Cross-train in other positions, such as a wide receiver or defensive back, to gain a broader understanding of the game. 

Understanding the responsibilities and perspectives of other positions will enhance your field vision, communication skills, and overall football intelligence.

Physical Conditioning

As a quarterback, physical conditioning is crucial. Focus on building strength, speed, and agility to enhance your on-field performance. Engage in cardiovascular exercises to improve your endurance, ensuring you can maintain peak performance throughout the game.

By following these steps and dedicating yourself to continuous improvement, you can become a better quarterback in football. Embrace the process, remain committed to your goals, and stay open to learning and growing as a player. 

With hard work and determination, you can develop the skills and attributes needed to excel as a successful quarterback on the football field.


What is a Football Quarterback Drills List?

A Football Quarterback Drills List is a compilation of specific exercises and training routines designed to enhance a quarterback’s skills and performance on the field. These drills focus on developing footwork, accuracy, reading defenses, pocket presence, and decision-making abilities.

Why are Quarterback Drills important?

Quarterback drills are crucial as they help quarterbacks refine their techniques and mental acumen. They enable quarterbacks to improve their throwing mechanics, decision-making under pressure, and ability to read defenses, resulting in enhanced performance during games.

How can I use the Quarterback Drills List effectively?

To use the Quarterback Drills List effectively, set aside regular practice sessions to work on each drill with focus and dedication. Seek feedback from coaches or experienced mentors to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.

What are some common Quarterback Drills on the list?

Common quarterback drills in the list include pocket presence drills, footwork and passing accuracy exercises, reading defenses simulations, moving pocket drills, and game simulation scenarios like two-minute drills.

Can these drills benefit quarterbacks of all skill levels?

Yes, the Quarterback Drills List caters to quarterbacks of all skill levels. 

Beginners can use the drills to build a strong foundation, while experienced quarterbacks can refine their techniques and elevate their performance to higher levels of proficiency.


In the complex and strategic world of football, the quarterback’s role remains central to a team’s success. 

The football quarterback drills list serves as a treasure trove of invaluable exercises tailored to groom quarterbacks into exceptional playmakers. 

From mastering footwork and passing accuracy to navigating the pocket with finesse, these drills enhance a quarterback’s skills and decision-making abilities. Moreover, the emphasis on mental toughness and game simulation drills helps quarterbacks flourish in pressure situations. 

By dedicating themselves to consistent practice, seeking expert coaching, and embracing the challenges of the position, quarterbacks can elevate their game and lead their teams to triumph. 

The football quarterback drills list stands as a testament to the art and science of quarterbacking, empowering aspiring quarterbacks to reach new heights and etch their names in the annals of football history.

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