Where is Ed Reed From?

Ed Reed is a former American football safety who had an impressive career in the NFL from 2002-2013. He was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens as 24th pick of the first round and went on to win Super Bowl XLVII with them.

During his time in Baltimore, he also won Defensive Player of the Year, five First-Team All Pro selections, three Second Team All Pros and nine Pro Bowls over 11 seasons. In college at Miami (FL), Ed earned Co Big East Defensive Player of the Year honors along with two consensuses All Americans titles during 1998–2001 tenure there.

His NFL records include most interception return yards (1,590) longest interception return (108 yards) most postseason interceptions (9 tied), etc., making him part of both NFL 100th Anniversary team and PFWA Rookie Team for 2002 season respectively. Recently he coached Buffalo Bills’ defensive backs for 2016 before becoming head coach for Bethune Cookman’s Wildcats since 2023

Ed Reed
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Personal Information of Ed Reed

Real Name/Full NameEdward Earl Reed Jr
Age44 years old
Height6 feet tall
Weight93 kg
Wife/Spouse (Name)Carcel Reed
Net Worth$12 Million

Early years

Ed Reed was born on September 11, 1978 in St. Rose, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana and attended Destrehan High School in the same state. As a part of the Fighting Wildcats football team at his high school, he made an all-state selection for the defensive back as well as kick returner positions; this earned him recognition from The New Orleans Times-Picayune which awarded him with District Most Valuable Defensive Player title.

His athleticism continued to show even when he entered college where he played for the University of Miami Hurricanes Football Team from 1997 to 2001 alongside future NFL stars like Andre Johnson and Clinton Portis among many others who went on to become successful professionals later in life.

While playing for them Ed combined over 8 interceptions along with total tackles making himself get noticed by scouts during his senior year leading to being drafted into National Football League (NFL).

In 2002 Reed was picked up by Baltimore Ravens under 24th pick in first-round draft selections; since then it has been a fairytale journey full of amazing records that only a few players have achieved or broken ever before such as interception returns yards records compiled throughout their entire career while also becoming one time.

Super Bowl Champion besides numerous other accolades won individually including All Pro Selection titles eight times consecutively etcetera. His early years were filled with potential which kept getting recognized more each passing day until finally, they culminated into something extraordinary eventually bringing out Hall Of Fame level performance every now and then through sheer hard work & dedication despite having started off small within limited circumstances locally initially

College career

Ed Reed had a successful college career at the University of Miami. He was given an athletic scholarship and became one of the standout defensive backs for coaches Butch Davis and Larry Coker’s teams from 1997 to 2001.

During that time, he showcased his impressive skills in defense which earned him many accolades including being named All-Big East First Team twice as well as Defensive Player of the Year by Collegefootballnews.com in 2000 and Sports Illustrated National Defensive Player of the Year in 1999.

Reed also set numerous records during his tenure with The Hurricanes such as most interceptions returned for touchdowns (9), longest interception return touchdown (100 yards) against Syracuse, most punt returns for touchdowns (3) among others. By virtue of these achievements, he was listed on ESPN’s Big East 25th Anniversary team; becoming only one out four players from this era to be included so far.

His efforts were instrumental in helping The Hurricane win their first-ever national title in 2001 where they beat Nebraska 37–14, making them 13th undefeated season champion since 1936 NCAA Division I football season began. At just 4 ft 11 inches tall when recruited by UM, Ed Reed would go on to become one of its greatest stars; setting several school records before leaving after graduating with Bachelor’s degree majoring in sociology.

Despite not getting selected until 24th pick overall in 2002 NFL Draft due to concerns about a shoulder injury sustained while playing college ball, Ed still went ahead and proved himself yet again proving why is indeed considered “one if best safeties all time” having been inducted Pro Football Hall Fame 2019

Professional career

Ed Reed’s professional career began in 2002 when he was selected by the Baltimore Ravens as a first-round pick (24th overall). He immediately made an impact on the team, becoming one of their most consistent players over his 11 seasons with them.

His time in Baltimore saw him win Super Bowl XLVII and be named to nine Pro Bowls while also being voted All-Pro eight times. Reed earned himself many awards throughout his pro career including NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award winner once, Walter Payton Man of The Year award nominee twice, AFC Special Teams Player Of The Month three times, and even set a then-record for interception return yards during the 2004 season.

During this period he showcased not just defensive prowess but also excellent ball skills which allowed him to lead or share league interceptions five different years during that span. In 2013 Ed joined forces with former teammate Ray Lewis at Houston Texans where he played until November 3rd due to injury troubles before deciding to retire from playing football after eleven successful seasons in 2014.

Even though Reed never won any individual championships since leaving Baltimore, he still managed two consecutive playoff berths under Bill O’brien regime both ending up losing against New England Patriots-led Tom Brady squad at Divisional Round games making it all way deep into playoffs despite having turmoil amongst coaching staff changing head coaches multiple times within 4 year span.

As far as post-retirement life goes, Ed has been inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame back In 2019 and is currently serving as assistant coach/defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills Under Sean McDermott tutelage helping out young minds develop themselves further toward greatness like what happened during his own illustrious playing days.

NFL career statistics

Ed Reed is an American former professional football player who enjoyed a successful NFL career. He was drafted in the first round of the 2002 NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens, with whom he went on to play 11 seasons before joining the Houston Texans for two years and then signing with his hometown team, New Orleans Saints, in 2013.

Throughout his NFL career, Ed Reed earned numerous accolades including nine Pro Bowl selections and being named Defensive Player of The Year once. Reed’s greatest success as a pro came from being part of one of history’s best defenses – The 2000s version of “The Baltmore Brick Wall” which included Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs among others.

During these eleven seasons (2002-2012) with Baltimore alone, he accumulated 945 tackles (756 solo), 64 interceptions that yielded 1540 return yards along with seven touchdowns; forced 21 fumbles; recovered 15 fumbles for 135 return yards and four touchdowns; defended 99 passes successfully; sacked 8 Quarterbacks times resulting into losses totaling 53 Yards.

In 2012 – His last season as Raven- He achieved yet another milestone when he overtook Rod Woodson to become the all-time leader in interception returns yardage at 1 519 Interception Return Yards while also becoming the seventh player ever to rack up over 200 total takeaways during regular Season games.

He ended this period having been selected All-Pro eight times starting 2003 until 2010; whereas earning six straight Pro Bowl Selections between 2004 till 2009.

Moreover, he managed to lead League twice regarding INTreturn Yardage & Touchdowns —in ’04 &’08–& won Superbowl XXXV MVP Award after beating Giants 34–7. Throughout their entire Career, His stats comprised :1 159 Combined Tackles(921 Solo);87 Interceptions returned for 2083 Yds +14 TD –which ranks him highest among active players since retirement.

while making 4 Forced Fumble /15 Recoveries/99 Pass Defenses/8 Sacks. .Additionally, on Jan 13th 2016, Reed signed Buffalo Bills Coaching Staff reuniting him With Rex Ryan after both worked together at Jets & Ravens.

Coaching career

Ed Reed’s coaching career began in 2016 when he was hired as an assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills. This reunited him with coach Rex Ryan, who had worked together during his playing career at both the Ravens and Jets.

During his one-season tenure with the Bills in 2016, Reed helped them reach a respectable 7-9 record but ultimately wasn’t retained by new head coach Sean McDermott after Ryan’s dismissal.

Reed then took up a role as consulting defensive back specialist to John Harbaugh at Baltimore Ravens prior to 2017 season where he provided mentorship and guidance to younger players on defense while also helping coaches prepare game plans according to the opposing team’s playbooks.

He continued this role until 2018 before being promoted into full-time position of Defensive Backs Coach for 2019 season which lasted only till mid-season due poor performance from the secondary unit leading Ed to resign shortly afterward. In 2020, Ed joined forces again with former colleague Rex Ryan taking over the newly created Senior Defensive Assistant job under Washington Football Team.

Head Coach Ron Rivera where he is currently serving now. As a senior defensive assistant, Reed helps analyze opponents’ tendencies & formulates strategies accordingly putting it all together on weekly basis throughout the regular NFL Season.

Overall, since entering the coaching ranks in 2016, Ed has quickly made name for himself utilizing vast knowledge acquired through years of experience and success achieved during his illustrious hall-of-fame caliber NFL Career making valuable contributions towards teams hiring him along way despite not having any formal professional football coaching education or background whatsoever.

Where is Ed Reed From?

Ed Reed, whose real name is Edward Earl Reed Jr., was born in St. Rose, Louisiana on September 11, 1978. He grew up in St. Charles Parish and attended Destrehan High School in Destrehan, Louisiana.

Reed had a successful high school career, playing both football and track. He was heavily recruited by colleges and ultimately chose to attend the University of Miami, where he played for the Miami Hurricanes. Reed played an important role in the team’s 2001 national championship win and was twice named a consensus All-American.

After college, Reed was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played for the Ravens for 11 seasons, earning numerous accolades, including being named to the Pro Bowl nine times and being named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2004.

After retiring from the NFL, Reed joined the Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff as an assistant defensive backs coach. However, his stint with the franchise didn’t last very long.

Reed is currently the Chief of Staff for the Miami Hurricanes’ football team and also the head coach of the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. He continues to stay connected to the game and there is a potential for his return to the NFL in the future.

Is Ed Reed a Hall of Famer?

Yes, Ed Reed is a Hall of Famer. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019 as part of its first-ballot class, making him one of only seven safeties to achieve this honor.

His career accomplishments include being named nine times to the NFL’s All-Pro team and eight times to the Pro Bowl. During his 11 seasons with Baltimore Ravens, he set franchise records for interceptions (61) and interception return yards (1,590).

In addition, he holds an NFL record for the longest interception returned for a touchdown at 107 yards. These achievements demonstrate that Reed is unquestionably worthy of his induction into pro football’s most prestigious hallowed hall.

Is Ed Reed the best safety ever?

It’s a question that has been debated for decades – which safety is the best of all time? According to legendary NBA player LeBron James, it’s Baltimore Ravens legend Ed Reed. Here are some facts about why he might be the greatest.


Throughout his career, Ed Reed achieved numerous accolades including nine Pro Bowl selections and eight All-Pro nods. He was also named NFL Defensive Player of The Year in 2004 and Super Bowl XLVII MVP in 2013 – further cementing him as one of football’s greats.


One area where Reed stands out from other safeties is interceptions – with 64 during his professional career he holds an impressive record among active players. His knack for playmaking helped lead to success at every level throughout his career, showing off tremendous instincts on defense and excellent ball skills when snatching away passes intended for opponents’ receivers or tight ends.


Looking beyond just raw numbers, stats show that over 12 seasons (2002-2013) playing primarily as a free safety – no matter what team or system employed by head coach Rex Ryan or defensive coordinator Dean Pees –Reed racked up 783 tackles (634 solo), 14 forced fumbles 25 fumble recoveries & 9 sacks while starting 167 games across 11 years with Baltimore before finishing 2014 season with New York Jets after being released by Texans following preseason injury issues.


Lastly comes leadership; something very important in any sport but especially so within American Football teams who have intricate systems both offensively & defensively requiring seamless cooperation between teammates to succeed week in/week out. Under pressure situations, Ed showcased fearlessness commanding respect from everyone around whilst leading them through adversity.


It seems clear then that according to multiple sources such as those mentioned above plus fans alike there really can be only one answer when discussing who is arguably considered the greatest ever Safety. And That Is ED REED.

How many years did Ed Reed play in the NFL?

Ed Reed’s NFL Career:
Number of Years:
Ed Reed played in the NFL for 12 years. He began his career with the Baltimore Ravens, where he spent 11 seasons before signing a one-year contract with the Houston Texans and then ending his career with a brief stint on the New York Jets.

During these 12 years, Ed Reed achieved great success both individually and as part of teams. As an individual player, he was selected to play in 9 Pro Bowls while recording 64 interceptions, 534 solo tackles and 112 assists over those same twelve years. In addition to this impressive list of stats, Ed also scored 13 touchdowns during his time in the league.

Team Successes:
In terms of team successes, Ed helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory back in 2013 when they beat out San Francisco 49ers 34-31 at Super Bowl XLVII; a game that is remembered for its power outage midway through the third quarter which caused about half-hour delay between plays. Additionally, throughout his tenure, there were several AFC North Division titles won by The Ravens due primarily because of either defense or special teams led by him.

To Recap

Ed Reed is a former American football safety who played for Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans and New York Jets during his career. He was born in St Rose, Louisiana on September 11th 1978 and currently serves as the head coach of Bethune–Cookman Wildcats.

Throughout his professional career he has achieved multiple accolades such as being named NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2004), 5× First-team All Pro (2004, 2006–2008, 2010) among many others. Ed holds several records including most interception return yards with 1,590 and longest interception return at 108 yards which earned him a spot in both NFL 2000s All-Decade Team and NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

In 2020 he began serving as Miami Dolphins’ Chief Of Staff before taking the Senior Football Advisor role the following year until the present day when he became Head Coach at Bethune Cookman University.

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