Eagles take a risk with Jalen Carter pick in the 2023 NFL draft

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Eagles take a risk with Jalen Carter pick in the 2023 NFL draft

The Philadelphia Eagles made a surprising move in the second round of the 2023 NFL draft, selecting defensive tackle Jalen Carter from Georgia with the 42nd overall pick.

Carter was not widely projected to go that high, as some analysts had him ranked as a third or fourth round prospect. However, one NFL scout who spoke to Bleeding Green Nation on the condition of anonymity said that Carter “feels like a Howie Roseman pick” and explained why the Eagles general manager might have been intrigued by him.

“Carter is a very athletic and explosive interior defender who can disrupt the run and the pass,” the scout said. “He has a rare combination of size, speed and strength that you don’t see often at his position.

He can play anywhere along the defensive line and has the versatility to fit in any scheme. He reminds me a bit of Fletcher Cox when he was coming out of Mississippi State.”

The scout also acknowledged that Carter has some flaws in his game that might have caused him to slide down some draft boards. “He’s still raw and needs to refine his technique and his hand usage,” the scout said.

“He can be inconsistent and disappear at times. He also had some injury issues in college that might raise some red flags. He missed some games with a knee injury in 2021 and had surgery on his shoulder after the season.”

The scout said that Carter’s upside is too high to ignore and that he could develop into a dominant force in the NFL if he stays healthy and works hard.

“He has all the physical tools you want in a defensive tackle and he plays with a high motor and a nasty attitude,” the scout said. “He’s a Howie Roseman pick because he’s a boom-or-bust prospect who could be a steal or a bust depending on how he pans out. He’s a risk-reward player who could pay off big time for the Eagles.”

Final Thoughts: Eagles Take a Risk with Jalen Carter Pick

The Philadelphia Eagles’ selection of Jalen Carter in the second round of the 2023 NFL draft was a bit of a surprise, as many analysts had him projected as a mid-round pick. However, the Eagles’ decision to take Carter shows that they believe in his potential and upside as a defensive tackle.

Carter possesses a rare combination of size, speed, and strength that make him a versatile player who can fit into any defensive scheme. He has shown flashes of dominance during his college career at Georgia, but he is still a raw prospect who needs to refine his technique and consistency.

The fact that Carter had some injury issues in college might raise some red flags, but the Eagles are clearly willing to take a risk on his potential. If he can stay healthy and continue to develop, he could become a dominant force in the NFL and a steal for the Eagles.

On the other hand, if Carter fails to pan out, the Eagles could be left with a bust and a wasted draft pick. However, the risk-reward nature of this pick is precisely why it feels like a “Howie Roseman pick.”

Overall, the selection of Jalen Carter shows that the Eagles are willing to take risks and swing for the fences in the draft. Only time will tell if this pick pays off, but it’s an exciting move for Eagles fans who are looking for their team to add some impact players to the roster.

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