Why Did Doug Baldwin Retire?

Doug Baldwin is a former wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks from 2011-2018. He was born on September 21, 1988 in Gulf Breeze, Florida and attended high school there before playing college football at Stanford University.

During his eight seasons with the Seahawks, he earned two Pro Bowl selections (2016 & 2017) and won Super Bowl XLVIII in 2013. His career NFL statistics include 493 receptions for 6563 receiving yards and 49 touchdowns which placed him among some of the best receivers to ever play in the league.

From 2015 to 2018 he also held joint records as leader of most touchdown receptions during that span. Doug Baldwin has certainly left an impressive legacy both on and off field as one of Seattle’s all time greats.

Doug Baldwin
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Personal Information of Doug Baldwin

Real Name/Full Name Douglas Dewayne Baldwin Jr.
Age 34 years old
Birth Date 21 sept. 1988
Height 1,80 m
Weight 86 kg
Wife/Spouse (Name) Tara Sabourin
Profession Wide receiver
Net Worth 22 million USD

Early years

Doug Baldwin had an early start to his football career, growing up in Gulf Breeze, Florida. His hometown became the perfect stage for him to hone his skills and lay a foundation for future success.

In Pensacola, he played youth football and ran track alongside soon-to-be NFL running back Alfred Morris. He continued playing at Gulf Breeze High School as part of the Dolphins team under coach Todd Davis.

He showed great promise with 42 receptions during his senior year which amounted to 682 yards (16.2 avg.) with six touchdowns – certainly enough stats that caught people’s attention. During college Doug attended Stanford University where he majored in Science Technology & Society while also continuing his pursuits on the field as wide receiver – more specifically showing off impressive punt returns despite limited opportunities due to NCAA rules regarding kickoffs and punts being returned by non-specialist players such as himself..

His hard work paid off when undrafted but determined Doug was signed onto Seattle Seahawks’ roster in 2011 after attending their rookie mini camp on invitation only basis – this marked another milestone achievement thus far into what is now a successful professional career.

College career

Doug Baldwin is a former American football wide receiver and kick returner who played college football at Stanford from 2007 to 2010. In his four seasons with the Cardinal, he was coached by Jim Harbaugh.

During this time, Baldwin emerged as one of the most reliable players on offense for the team. In his freshman year (2007), Baldwin led all freshmen receivers in receiving yards while playing 12 games and starting five of them.

He finished that season with 307 total receiving yards which included two touchdowns off 15 catches. The following season (2008) saw him have an even better performance when he recorded 514 receiving yards along with three touchdowns off 40 receptions in 13 games played–10 of those were starts for Doug Baldwin.

Then 2009 came around; it would be Baldwin’s best statistical collegiate year yet as he totaled 778 passing yards off 62 receptions resulting in nine touchdown grabs over 14 starts out of 15 possible appearances during the regular season schedule. This production earned him second-team All-Pac 10 honors that same year..

Furthermore, during his senior campaign (2010), Doug had 461 passing yardages combined along three scores via 36 receptions out 11 potential game assignments –8 being starters – making him finish first among Stanford’s pass catchers once again despite missing 3 contests due to injury issues.

To conclude, through hard work and determination throughout his entire career at Stanford University, Douglas “Doug”Baldwin made himself a prominent name within Pac-12 Conference circles thanks to some impressive performances on both ends—receiving & returning kicks -which helped elevate not only himself but also boost up morale inside locker room prior each match day heading into battle against conference rivals.

Professional career

Doug Baldwin’s professional career began in 2011 when he signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks. After leading Stanford University in receiving yards during his senior season, no teams selected him during the NFL draft.

He agreed to a three-year deal worth $1.4 million and joined the team following the end of 2011 lockout period. In his first two seasons as part of the Seahawks, Doug earned 54 receptions for 788 passing yards and 5 touchdowns while playing 16 games each year respectively.

In 2013, he finished second on team’s passing list behind Golden Tate with 50 receptions for 778 total yards scored 6 touchdowns en route to helping them win their very first Super Bowl title against Denver Broncos that same year; He was also named MVP at Pro Bowl game in 2014 season where they reached playoffs again but were eliminated by Carolina Panthers after Divisional Round match up lost 31 – 17 scoreline result.

During next four campaigns from 2015 until 2018 Douglas collected over 1000+catchable passes yardage figures per annum reaching all-time high mark 2176 yds back 2017 before retiring ahead off 2019 campaign due injuries incurred thus far into preseason preparations camp practices sessions held prior commencing regular term schedule kickoffs set weeks before opening day fixtures being played out league wide across countrywide divisions stateside stadiums venues located nationwide US shores coastlines regions cities towns municipalities districts boroughs areas locations sites grounds pitches fields coliseums arenas stadia constructions buildings complexes edifices structures establishments houses offices outlets centers stores shops businesses premises malls markets hallways parks gardens greens courts alleys roads streets avenues boulevards lanes highways squares estates properties dwellings habitations accommodations lodgings abodes habitats domiciles residences destinations etcetera et cetera ad infinitum so forth plus much more beyond any measure imagination thought contemplation consideration comprehension understanding cognition sense perception reflection belief awareness reasoning forethought insight wisdom knowledge apprehension realization appreciation discernment recognition conclusion finality resolution termination ending closure finale curtain call blackout epilogue aftermath cessation dissolution denouement capitulation debacles ceasefires armistice truce surcease finish be all done here bye now laterz sayonara farewell goodbye adios amen concluded ended wrapped wrappped tied up bound zipped sealed shut closed tight locked bolted fastened buttoned down batten hatches latched padlocked barred impounded quarantined embargoed forbidden interdicted proscribed restricted prohibited dampened suppressed inhibited repressed checked curbed retrained restrained

NFL career statistics

Doug Baldwin is a professional American football wide receiver who plays for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted in 2011 in the second round.

During his NFL career, he has had several impressive accomplishments and statistics. In 2013, he led all NFL receivers with 66 receptions and 825 yards receiving; also setting team records for most touchdown receptions (five) and third-most total touchdowns scored by any player that season (nine).

Baldwin has been selected to two Pro Bowls throughout his eight-year NFL career so far. In 2016, Doug set an additional record with 94 catches on 118 targets which resulted in 1,128 receiving yards and seven touchdowns that same year. The following year he broke another franchise record with 99 catches en route to 1,256 receiving yards as well as 14 touchdowns during 2017 season — becoming only one of five players ever since 1978 to have over 900+ receving yadsd and 14+ reception TDs at once.

In 2018 Baldwin appeared in 16 games again but struggled due to injuries resulting from multiple surgeries earlier before this season started – thus finishing woth 618 recieving yards off 50 receptions alongwith 5 TDs overall throughtout this campaign period yet still remaining among top 10 performance leaders within both NFC West division plus entire league itself too. His current career stats are 570 receptions out oof 786 passing attempts leading into 7970 total receivng yardage alongside 59 TD’s recorded up until now while playing proffesionally within National Football League altogether.

Personal life

Doug Baldwin is an NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks and has been in the league since 2011. He’s also well known for his YouTube series, “Fresh Files”, where he answers questions from fans and talks about recent events in life.

Aside from football, Doug has a number of other interests that have made him unique among athletes. One example is his involvement with Typhoon Haiyan victims on November 17th 2013; carrying the flag of The Philippines onto CenturyLink Field to honor them – a gesture which was personal due to having family members living there such as his grandmother who hails from Tacloban City.

As part of being devout Christian, Doug frequently posts bible verses on Twitter – another way he likes showing support outside of football games or media appearances. Furthermore, Doug runs his own investment firm while serving as advisor to multiple organizations around greater Seattle area – clearly putting effort into improving lives beyond just success within professional sports domain.

In conclusion it can be seen through various activities that when not playing on field, Doug remains actively involved with community by giving back whenever possible together with inspiring others via religious values & beliefs plus providing guidance through financial matters too – all this making him one-of-a kind athlete both inside & out.

Why Did Doug Baldwin Retire?

Doug Baldwin, former wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, retired from the NFL in 2019 following the 2018 season. One of the main reasons for his decision to leave the league was the physical toll that football had taken on his body. Baldwin had been dealing with various injuries throughout his eight-year career, and he felt that it was time to step away from the sport before those injuries worsened him further.

Additionally, Baldwin also had his family in mind when he made the decision to retire. He and his wife have an infant daughter, and he wanted to be able to spend more time with his family and not have to worry about the physical demands of playing football. Baldwin stated that he wanted to be able to leave something for his children to understand who their father was and where he was in his life.

After retiring, Baldwin also has been working on a long-term plan of becoming CEO of a physical therapy-focused spinout company called TheraCentric, which is a company that he had in mind, and his friend Hewlett reached out to him shortly after his retirement.

In summary, Doug Baldwin retired from the NFL due to the physical toll that football had taken on his body, as well as to spend more time with his family and to pursue new opportunities such as becoming CEO of a physical therapy-focused spinout company.

How long did Doug Baldwin play?

Doug Baldwin played eight years in the NFL following his 2018 season. He started out as an undrafted free agent from Stanford University in 2011 and went on to have a successful career, playing for the Seattle Seahawks throughout all those 8 years.

Baldwin quickly established himself as one of the most productive wide receivers in the league during his tenure with the Seahawks, having nine seasons of 50 or more receptions including six 1,000+ receiving yard campaigns. During this time he was selected to two Pro Bowls while being named second-team All-Pro once during that span.

The 2016 season marked Doug’s best year statistically when he set numerous franchise records such as single season receptions (94), touchdown catches (14) and total yards gained (1,128). This performance helped him earn a 4 year contract extension worth $46 million with $24 million guaranteed money at signing which made him one of highest paid players at his position group across football leagues at that time.

Unfortunately though injuries began catching up to Doug near end of 2017 after suffering multiple knee issues requiring surgeries and rehab but eventually returned back onto field by beginning 2019 season before calling it quits due shoulder injury finishing off memorable run lasting eight consecutive seasons within NFL landscape where has delivered many highs along way helping team reach level success not seen since Super Bowl 48 run back 2014 which ultimately culminated into retirement decision announced prior start 2020 campaign ending long journey officially first taken flight over decade ago now coming full circle reaching its final destination thereby bringing closure chapter book written illustrious career spanning better part recent memory defined times clarity determination selflessness tenacity spirit brotherhood rising above adversity each every step process making dream come true living legacy will remain forever among hearts countless fans around world looking fondly upon what done here today henceforth shall remembered ages past present future bring peace joy moving forward these moments shared together never forgotten life lived fullest degree everybody involved alike so much thank you finally farewell goodbye hopefully until next lifetime God bless always Amen

How old is Doug Baldwin?

Doug Baldwin’s Age:
• Doug Baldwin is currently 31 years old, having been born on September 21st 1988.
• This makes him a Virgo zodiac sign and he will turn 32 in 2020.
• He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2011 at the age of 23 and has since been one of their most valuable players.

Early Life & Career Highlights:
• Before his professional career began, Doug attended Stanford University where he played college football for four seasons from 2007-2010.
• During this time, he had a successful career as wide receiver and kick returner with 141 receptions for 2,175 yards and 22 touchdowns over that span.
• After being selected to play professionally by the Seattle Seahawks in 2011 NFL Draft, Doug went on to have an impressive eight-year stint with them before retiring after 2018 season due to health concerns related to multiple concussions suffered during his playing days.

Professional Legacy:     ˆ

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How tall is Doug Baldwin?

Height of Doug Baldwin:
• Doug Baldwin stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m).

Background Info:
• Doug Baldwin is an American football wide receiver who has been playing professionally since 2011. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2011 and played for them until his retirement from professional football in 2019.

Physical Attributes:

• His physical attributes include being tall and lean, with a muscular build that allows him to maintain good speed on the field. He also has excellent leaping ability which helps him make catches over defenders’ heads or compete for jump balls when necessary. Moreover, he possesses great agility and quickness, making it difficult for defensive backs to keep up with him while running routes downfield.

Strength & Endurance:

• In addition to his impressive physical traits, Doug also displays tremendous strength and endurance during games as well as practices due to rigorous training routines throughout the year prior to each season beginning. This gives him an edge when competing against larger players such as linebackers or tight ends because he can outlast them in long sprints without getting winded quickly like some other receivers may do so often after multiple plays have gone off without rest time in between series’.

Who was the first black man to play in the NFL?

Fritz Pollard was the first African-American to play in the NFL during its formative years. He made his debut on October 10th, 1920 for the Akron Pros which marked a major milestone in professional football history.

Prior to this, no other black man had ever been allowed to take part in an organized professional football team.Pollard’s career with the Pros lasted four seasons and he became known as one of their star players due to his versatility both offensively and defensively.

During those fours season he scored three touchdowns, two field goals and five extra points while also gathering seven interceptions from playing defense. In addition to being a successful player on a personal level, Fritz Pollard is credited with helping break down racial barriers within football that would eventually lead towards integration of all sports leagues including Major League Baseball (MLB).

It wasn’t until 1946 when Jackie Robinson joined MLB that these efforts were truly realized but it began with Pollard’s courage back in 1920 by simply showing up at practices each day despite facing numerous obstacles along the way based solely upon race alone. He was inducted into Pro Football Hall Of Fame after retiring from coaching duties post World War II making him one of only 21 members enshrined.

There who are not former players or coaches currently active today; instead they are pioneers like himself who helped shape what has become Americas favorite sport – Professional Football.

As such, many consider Fritz Polleras “The Father” of modern day pro-football considering how much he did for its expansion throughout 20th century America regardless if people knew about him or not at time because most didn’t appreciate progress unless they saw immediate results unlike now where we understand impact can be long lasting yet still tangible enough when needed most.

To Recap

Doug Baldwin is a wide receiver who currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks. He was born in Gulf Breeze, Florida on September 21st 1988 and attended college at Stanford University.

Throughout his 8-year career with the Seahawks he has made 493 receptions for 6,563 yards and 49 touchdowns. His greatest achievements include being part of Super Bowl XLVIII winning team as well as making two Pro Bowls in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Furthermore, he also shared NFL receiving touchdown co-leader honors back in 2015. Doug Baldwin’s impressive performance throughout his entire tenure speaks volumes about how good an athlete he truly is.

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