Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners Rivalry

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The world of Major League Baseball (MLB) is characterized by storied rivalries that have fueled passionate fan bases and iconic moments.

Amidst this backdrop, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Seattle Mariners stand as two distinct teams with a history that, while not traditionally recognized as a fierce rivalry, has its own compelling narrative.

Their encounters, marked by sporadic but impactful matchups, have given rise to unforgettable instances and intriguing dynamics.

While not steeped in historical animosity, the Dodgers-Mariners connection offers a fascinating exploration of how baseball’s threads of competition, talent, and unpredictability weave together to create a unique facet of the MLB tapestry.

History: Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners

Establishment and Location

  • The Dodgers: The Dodgers were established in 1883 and originated in Brooklyn, New York. They moved to Los Angeles in 1958 and have been a part of the city’s sports landscape since then.

  • The Mariners: The Mariners were established in 1977 as an expansion team based in Seattle, Washington. They have been representing the Pacific Northwest in MLB since their inception.


  • The Dodgers: The Dodgers have a storied history of success, including multiple World Series championships. As of September 2021, they had won a total of 6 World Series titles, with their most recent championship coming in 2020.

  • The Mariners: The Mariners have yet to secure a World Series championship in their history. They have made postseason appearances, but they haven’t reached the pinnacle of winning a championship.

Fanbase: Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers boast a fervent and passionate fanbase deeply embedded in the fabric of the city’s culture. From the sun-soaked bleachers of Dodger Stadium, fans of all ages unite in their unwavering support, creating an electric atmosphere that reverberates with every pitch.

Rooted in a storied history of triumphs and challenges, these loyal devotees proudly wear their blue and white, celebrating legendary figures like Jackie Robinson and relishing in the prowess of modern icons. Their unity transcends generations, making the Dodgers not just a team, but a cherished part of the city’s identity.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners fanbase represents a tight-knit community of supporters captivated by the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Gathering at T-Mobile Park, these dedicated fans exhibit a unique camaraderie, standing steadfast behind their team through victories and setbacks.

Despite the absence of a World Series title, Mariners fans remain enthusiastic, buoyed by memories of iconic players like Ken Griffey Jr. and the enduring hope for future success.

With an appreciation for the game and a sense of regional pride, they create a vibrant atmosphere, painting Seattle’s baseball landscape in shades of blue and teal.

Iconic Moments: Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners Rivalry

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Kirk Gibson’s Walk-Off Home Run (1988 World Series): In Game 1 of the 1988 World Series against the Oakland Athletics, injured Dodgers outfielder Kirk Gibson hobbled to the plate and hit a dramatic walk-off home run, providing one of the most memorable moments in baseball history.

  • Jackie Robinson’s Debut (1947): When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in MLB, he made his debut with the Dodgers. This moment was a pivotal event in not just Dodgers history but in the entire sports landscape, as it marked a significant step towards racial integration.

Seattle Mariners

  • Griffey’s Swing-Off Home Run (1995 ALDS): In Game 5 of the 1995 American League Division Series against the New York Yankees, Ken Griffey Jr. hit a walk-off home run in the 11th inning to send the Mariners to the AL Championship Series. It’s a moment often remembered as “The Double.”

  • Ichiro’s Single-Season Hits Record (2004): Ichiro Suzuki set a new single-season hits record with 262 hits in 2004, breaking George Sisler’s longstanding record. His speed, precision, and consistency became emblematic of his time with the Mariners.

Future Outlook: Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ future shines bright with a blend of established stars and rising talents. Their deep roster, bolstered by strong farm system investments, positions them as perennial contenders.

Building upon recent successes, including a 2020 World Series championship, the Dodgers continue to target titles. With stars like Mookie Betts and Walker Buehler, coupled with managerial excellence, they remain formidable.

Aiming for sustained excellence, they’re set to compete at the highest level, not only as a baseball powerhouse but also as a cultural icon in the City of Angels.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners’ future brims with potential as they nurture emerging stars and embrace a rebuilding phase. With exciting prospects like Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodríguez, their farm system bodes well for the long term.

While playoff contention may require patience, they’re fostering a foundation for sustained success. The Mariners aim to capture the magic of past iconic moments while striving for a competitive edge.

As the Pacific Northwest’s team, they’re primed to captivate fans with young talent, and though challenges exist, their journey looks to define a new era of Mariners baseball.

Recent Performance: Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners

March 8, 2023 – Dodger Stadium

  • Result: 2-2 Tie (10 innings)

  • The first encounter of the 2023 MLB season ended in a draw after 10 innings. Both teams showcased solid pitching performances, resulting in a low-scoring game.

March 22, 2023 – T-Mobile Park

  • Result: Seattle Mariners 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 1

  • The Mariners secured a victory with a convincing 5-1 win. A four-run rally by the Mariners in the eighth inning played a pivotal role in their triumph.

Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Seattle Mariners Rivalry

1997Jun 9-11Dodger StadiumMariners10-9
1998Jun 12-14Safeco FieldDodgers10-0
1999Jun 18-20Dodger StadiumDodgers3-2
2000Jun 16-18Safeco FieldMariners9-5
2001Jun 8-10Dodger StadiumDodgers8-4
2002Jun 14-16Safeco FieldDodgers5-2
2003Jun 13-15Dodger StadiumDodgers7-5
2004Jun 18-20Safeco FieldDodgers6-1
2005Jun 10-12Dodger StadiumDodgers6-5
2006Jun 9-11Safeco FieldDodgers8-6
2007Jun 8-10Dodger StadiumMariners8-1
2008Jun 13-15Safeco FieldMariners5-4
2009Jun 19-21Dodger StadiumDodgers1-0
2010Jun 18-20Safeco FieldMariners8-1
2011Jun 17-19Dodger StadiumMariners8-3
2012Jun 8-10Safeco FieldMariners2-1
2013Jun 17-19Dodger StadiumMariners5-4
2014Jun 6-8Safeco FieldMariners5-2
2015Jun 29-Jul 1Dodger StadiumDodgers7-0
2016Apr 11-13Safeco FieldDodgers5-2
2017May 5-7Dodger StadiumDodgers10-8
2018Aug 17-19Safeco FieldDodgers12-1
2019Jul 23-24Dodger StadiumDodgers11-2


Are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Seattle Mariners traditional rivals?

The Dodgers and Mariners haven’t had a historic rivalry. While they’ve played interleague games, their matchups haven’t developed into a major rivalry like some other MLB teams.

What’s the significance of the Dodgers vs. Mariners rivalry?

The rivalry doesn’t hold the same historical weight as some other matchups, but it’s marked by occasional competitive games and memorable moments, especially when standout players from both teams clash.

Have the Dodgers and Mariners faced off in any memorable games?

Yes, one standout game occurred on June 8, 2012, when the Mariners’ Félix Hernández pitched a perfect game against the Dodgers. It was the first perfect game in Mariners history.

How have recent seasons affected the rivalry’s dynamics?

Recent years have shown both teams striving for success. The Dodgers have been consistent contenders, winning the 2020 World Series, while the Mariners have been building around promising prospects, indicating potential shifts in the rivalry’s balance.

What’s the outlook for future Dodgers vs. Mariners matchups?

Both teams are on distinct trajectories. The Dodgers remain competitive with a deep roster and championship aspirations, while the Mariners are focusing on youth development. Future matchups could showcase a clash between established dominance and emerging talent.

To Recap

Their occasional matchups have produced memorable moments. From Félix Hernández’s perfect game to the emergence of promising talents, these interactions showcase the essence of baseball’s unpredictability.

As the Dodgers continue to chase titles and the Mariners nurture a new generation, the future of their encounters holds intrigue. Whether it’s the clash of seasoned champions or the rise of young stars, the dynamic between these two teams adds a unique dimension to the baseball landscape.

Ultimately, the Dodgers-Mariners interactions remind us that in baseball, even matchups without longstanding rivalries can deliver unforgettable and thrilling experiences.

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