Clashing Histories: The Chicago Cubs Vs. Minnesota Twins Rivalry

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The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins, though not as extensive as some legendary baseball matchups, holds a unique place in Major League Baseball history.

While the Cubs boast a storied past, dating back to 1876, and a passionate fanbase, the Twins’ journey began as the Washington Senators before relocating to Minnesota in 1961, captivating fans in the Upper Midwest.

Despite the lack of frequent matchups due to league affiliation, interleague play has provided opportunities for these teams to compete.

This introduction sets the stage for exploring the distinct histories, fanbases, and iconic moments that shape the Chicago Cubs vs. Minnesota Twins rivalry.

History: Chicago Cubs Vs Minnesota Twins

Establishment and League Affiliation

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs were established in 1876 and are one of the oldest and most iconic franchises in baseball history.
    They are based in Chicago, Illinois, and are a member of the National League (NL).
    The Cubs are one of the two remaining charter members of the NL still playing in their original city (the other being the Atlanta Braves).

  • Minnesota Twins: The Twins, originally known as the Washington Senators, were founded in 1901 as an American League (AL) franchise based in Washington, D.C.
    They moved to Minnesota in 1961 and became the Twins. The team’s relocation was due to struggling attendance and a desire for a fresh start in a new market.
    The Twins became one of the two AL teams (along with the Los Angeles Angels) added as part of the league’s westward expansion.

World Series Championships

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs have a storied history but faced a long championship drought that lasted from 1908 to 2016.
    This drought was one of the most famous storylines in baseball history. In 2016, the Cubs finally ended their 108-year championship drought by winning the World Series, which brought immense joy to their devoted fanbase.

  • Minnesota Twins: The Twins have experienced success in the World Series. They won their first championship in 1924 as the Washington Senators and later secured their first title in Minnesota in 1987. The Twins won again in 1991, solidifying their status as a successful franchise.

Fanbase: Chicago Cubs Vs Minnesota Twins

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs fanbase is among the most devoted in Major League Baseball, tracing back to their 1876 inception. Despite a century-long championship drought, loyal fans filled Wrigley Field with unwavering support.

The iconic ballpark became a pilgrimage site, adding to its allure. The infamous “Cubs Curse” heightened emotional investment. In 2016, when the Cubs won the World Series, ending the 108-year drought, jubilation and celebration echoed among Cubs fans worldwide.

Their passionate dedication and enduring loyalty make the Cubs’ fanbase an integral part of the team’s rich and storied history.

Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins’ fanbase, while comparably smaller than the Cubs’, exudes passion and support. Originating in 1901 as the Washington Senators before relocating to Minnesota in 1961, the team established a dedicated following in the Upper Midwest.

Twins fans are renowned for fostering a friendly atmosphere at Target Field, their home ballpark. The team’s success, particularly winning World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, solidified the loyalty of the fanbase.

Though lacking the Cubs’ extensive national recognition, Twins supporters remain fiercely passionate, displaying a profound connection to the franchise and contributing to the team’s enduring appeal.

Iconic Moments: Chicago Cubs Vs Minnesota Twins Rivalry

There have been a few notable and iconic moments when these two teams have faced off against each other

1991 World Series

The most iconic and memorable moment in the Cubs-Twins rivalry occurred during the 1991 World Series.
The Minnesota Twins faced the Atlanta Braves in an epic seven-game series that culminated in a thrilling Game 7.

The Twins won the series in a dramatic 1-0 victory in 10 innings, with Gene Larkin hitting the game-winning single.
This World Series victory was the Twins’ second championship and solidified their place in baseball history.

Interleague Play Clashes

During interleague play, the Cubs and Twins have faced each other in regular-season matchups. These games have provided memorable moments for fans from both teams.

Whether it’s a close extra-inning game, a game-winning home run, or a standout pitching performance, these interleague contests have added to the friendly competition between the teams.

Players’ Performances

Throughout the years, players from both the Cubs and Twins have delivered standout performances during their matchups. Home runs, clutch hits, diving catches, and dominant pitching displays have left lasting impressions on fans and contributed to the excitement of the rivalry.

Recent Performance: Chicago Cubs Vs Minnesota Twins

Game 1: Cubs 6, Twins 2

The Cubs opened the series with a convincing win, thanks to a strong pitching performance by Zach Davies and a balanced offense. Seiya Suzuki’s two-run homer was a highlight.

Game 2: Twins 11, Cubs 1

The Twins responded with a dominant outing from Louie Varland and an explosive seven-run third inning. Carlos Correa and Trevor Larnach powered the offense.

Game 3: Twins 16, Cubs 3

The Twins completed the series win with a commanding performance, hitting six homers and scoring nine runs in the eighth inning. Trevor Larnach and Joey Gallo stood out with multiple home runs.

Series Statistics

The Twins outscored the Cubs 29-10 in the series and showcased an impressive .362 batting average with a 1.092 OPS. The Cubs struggled with a .206 batting average and a .721 OPS.

The Twins pitching staff was dominant with a 3.00 ERA, while the Cubs struggled with a 9.67 ERA. The Twins improved to 23-18, while the Cubs fell to 19-21.

Chicago Cubs Vs Minnesota Twins Rivalry

Season Date Venue Winner Score
2023 May 15-17 Target Field Chicago Cubs 2-1 (Series)
2022 June 7-9 Wrigley Field Minnesota Twins 2-1 (Series)
2021 August 31 Target Field Chicago Cubs 5-3
2020 September 18 Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs 4-2
2019 July 9-11 Target Field Minnesota Twins 2-1 (Series)
2018 June 29-July 1 Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs 2-1 (Series)
2017 May 12-14 Target Field Minnesota Twins 2-1 (Series)
2016 April 24 Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs 6-1
2015 June 19-21 Target Field Chicago Cubs 3-0 (Series)
2014 May 20-21 Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs 2-0 (Series)


When did the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins first face each other in a game?

The Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins first faced each other in a regular-season game during interleague play after the Twins moved to Minnesota in 1961.

Do the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins have a long-standing historical rivalry?

No, the Cubs-Twins rivalry is not as historically significant as some other baseball rivalries, but occasional matchups have produced memorable moments between the two teams.

Have the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins ever met in the World Series?

No, the Cubs and Twins have not faced each other in the World Series. The Twins won World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, while the Cubs ended their long championship drought in 2016.

How often do the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins play against each other?

The Cubs and Twins are both members of different leagues (National League and American League), so they only face each other during interleague play, which typically occurs a few times a year.

What are some memorable moments in the Cubs-Twins rivalry?

Memorable moments include the 1991 World Series when the Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves, iconic player performances, and exciting interleague matchups that have added to the friendly competition between the teams.

To Recap

While the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins may not be as deeply rooted as some other historical baseball rivalries, it has still produced memorable moments and friendly competition.

The Cubs’ fanbase, known for its unwavering loyalty, celebrated the end of a century-long championship drought in 2016, while the Twins’ supporters remain passionate about their team’s success.

Interleague play allows fans from both sides to witness occasional matchups, adding to the excitement.

As the teams continue to face each other on the field, new iconic moments may arise, solidifying the unique history of the Cubs-Twins rivalry.

Despite its relatively short history, this rivalry remains an important part of the baseball landscape.

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