Rivals on the Diamond: The Chicago Cubs Vs. Milwaukee Brewers Showdown

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The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers is a captivating tale of competition and passion in Major League Baseball.

Spanning decades, this clash of two historic franchises has been fueled by their geographical proximity and frequent confrontations in the National League Central division.

While the Cubs boast a storied legacy and a fanbase that transcends generations, the Brewers’ devoted regional following adds a distinct flavor to the rivalry.

From iconic moments on the field to the unwavering loyalty of their fans, the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers rivalry remains a celebrated and exhilarating spectacle in the world of professional baseball.

History: Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers

The history of the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers is quite distinct due to the significant differences in the timelines and the leagues they were part of.

Let’s compare the histories of both teams

Founding and Early Years

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs were founded in 1876 as one of the charter members of the National League (NL).
    They have a long and storied history, making them one of the oldest and most iconic franchises in MLB. The team originally played under the name “Chicago White Stockings” and later became the Cubs in 1903.

  • Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers, originally established as the Seattle Pilots in 1969, moved to Milwaukee in 1970.
    They were initially part of the American League (AL) before switching to the National League in 1998. Compared to the Cubs, the Brewers have a relatively shorter history in MLB.

Championships and Successes

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs have had a history of both success and heartbreak. They won their first World Series title in 1907 and followed it up with another championship in 1908.
    However, they endured a prolonged championship drought, often referred to as the “Curse of the Billy Goat.”
    This curse was finally broken in 2016 when the Cubs won their third World Series title, ending a 108-year wait.

  • Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers have experienced periods of success in their history, but they have not captured a World Series title as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021.
    They won the American League Pennant in 1982, but they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.
    The Brewers have won multiple division titles and had several playoff appearances, showcasing their competitive spirit.


  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs have the iconic Wrigley Field as their home stadium, located in Chicago’s North Side.
    Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most beloved ballparks in MLB, known for its ivy-covered outfield walls and traditional atmosphere.

  • Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers played at County Stadium after moving to Milwaukee in 1970.
    Later, in 2001, they moved to Miller Park (now American Family Field) and have been playing there since. Miller Park was renowned for its retractable roof, allowing games to be played in all weather conditions.

Fanbase: Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs boast one of the most devoted and storied fanbases in sports history. Spanning over a century, their historic loyalty has been handed down through generations, creating a strong sense of tradition and continuity.

The iconic Wrigley Field adds to the unique experience, with its ivy-covered walls and day games, fostering a passionate and emotional atmosphere.

Known as “Cubs Nation,” their supporters extend far beyond Chicago, drawing fans from all corners of the country.

Through highs and lows, Cubs fans remain unwavering, making every game at Wrigley Field a spirited and lively affair, fueled by their undying love for the team.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers’ fanbase is characterized by their dedicated and enthusiastic support, despite their relatively shorter history compared to the Cubs.

Rooted in regional loyalty, fans in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin passionately rally behind the team.

The tradition of tailgating enhances the game-day experience, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration among supporters.

Fondly referring to the team as the “Brew Crew,” fans exude an infectious spirit that fuels their eagerness for success.

Embracing both highs and lows, the Brewers’ fanbase stands united in their pursuit of a World Series title, making them a vibrant and devoted force behind their beloved team.

Iconic Moments: Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers Rivalry

The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers has produced several iconic moments that have left a lasting impact on both teams’ histories and the fans’ memories.

Here are some of the most memorable moments

Game 163 – Tiebreaker (October 1, 2018)

In the 2018 regular season, the Cubs and the Brewers finished with identical records, leading to a tiebreaker game to determine the National League Central division winner.

The game was played at Wrigley Field, and the tension was palpable. The Brewers emerged victorious in a 3-1 thriller, securing the division title and advancing to the NLDS.

Cubs’ 13-12 Comeback Win (May 11, 2008)

In a high-scoring and back-and-forth game, the Cubs overcame a 10-run deficit to defeat the Brewers 13-12 at Wrigley Field. This remarkable comeback victory showcased the resilience and fighting spirit of the Cubs.

Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout Game (May 6, 1998)

While not a direct matchup between the Cubs and the Brewers, this historic game involving the Cubs left a significant impact on the rivalry. Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood recorded a remarkable 20 strikeouts in a single game against the Houston Astros.

The Brewers were part of the same division as the Astros at that time, and this outstanding performance by a Cubs player became a legendary moment in baseball history.

Prince Fielder’s Walk-off Home Run (September 6, 2009)

During the 2009 season, Prince Fielder, then playing for the Brewers, hit a walk-off home run against the Cubs, sparking celebration among Brewers fans and adding fuel to the rivalry.

2011 NLDS: Brewers Vs. Diamondbacks, Cubs Fans Rally

In the 2011 National League Division Series between the Brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Diamondbacks’ fans attempted to taunt the Brewers by chanting “Let’s Go D-Backs” during the game.

In response, Brewers fans at Miller Park retaliated by chanting “Let’s Go Cubs,” showcasing their competitive spirit and disdain for the Cubs’ divisional rival.

Future Outlook: Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs’ core of veteran players, including Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Willson Contreras, has been instrumental in their past successes.

However, these key players are approaching free agency after the 2021 season, raising questions about the team’s ability to retain them or secure competitive contracts.

The Cubs’ relatively weak farm system may also hinder their capacity to replenish talent or make impactful trades. Striking a balance between their win-now mentality and long-term sustainability will be crucial for the Cubs’ future success.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have embraced a more balanced approach to building their team, incorporating homegrown talent, trades, and strategic free agent signings.

Led by stars like Christian Yelich, Keston Hiura, Lorenzo Cain, and Avisail Garcia, the Brewers have shown a knack for finding value in the market.

Their strong pitching staff, featuring Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes, and Josh Hader, provides a competitive edge.

With a more flexible payroll and a better-ranked farm system, the Brewers have additional room to maneuver and bolster their roster as needed.

Recent Performance: Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers

August 26, 2022 – Cubs 4, Brewers 3

The Cubs snapped a seven-game losing streak against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Patrick Wisdom’s two-run double and Ian Happ’s RBI single gave the Cubs an early lead, but the Brewers tied the game with Christian Yelich’s solo homer and Omar Narváez’s two-run single.

Frank Schwindel’s go-ahead solo homer in the seventh secured the Cubs’ victory, with Rowan Wick earning his fifth save of the season.

September 17, 2021 – Brewers 8, Cubs 5

The Brewers extended their winning streak against the Cubs to 10 games at American Family Field. Eduardo Escobar’s three-run homer powered the Brewers to a four-run lead in the first inning.

The Cubs rallied with Rafael Ortega’s two-run homer and Willson Contreras’ solo shot, but Kolten Wong’s two-run homer in the sixth gave the Brewers the lead.

Josh Hader secured his 31st save of the season.

July 5, 2022 – Cubs 8, Brewers 3

The Cubs ended their 10-game losing streak against the Brewers at Miller Park. A six-run second inning, fueled by Seiya Suzuki’s two-run homer and Rafael Ortega’s two-run double, gave the Cubs a comfortable lead.

The Brewers responded with Willy Adames and Avisaíl García driving in two runs, but the Cubs added two more runs in the sixth.

Kyle Hendricks earned his ninth win, pitching six innings and allowing two runs on six hits.

Chicago Cubs Vs Milwaukee Brewers Rivalry

2018October 1Wrigley FieldMilwaukee3-1
2008May 11Wrigley FieldChicago Cubs13-12
1998May 6Wrigley FieldChicago Cubs2-0
2009September 6Miller ParkMilwaukee2-1
2011October 1Miller ParkMilwaukee9-7
2015September 22Wrigley FieldChicago Cubs4-0
2020September 12Wrigley FieldMilwaukee7-0
2021July 25American Family FieldMilwaukee6-0


When did the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers begin?

The rivalry between the Cubs and the Brewers intensified after the Brewers moved to the National League in 1998.

What is the significance of the rivalry between the Cubs and the Brewers?

The rivalry is fueled by their geographical proximity and frequent matchups in the National League Central division.

How do Cubs and Brewers fans view each other’s teams?

Cubs fans and Brewers fans have a competitive yet respectful relationship, often engaging in friendly banter during games.

Have the Cubs and Brewers faced each other in the playoffs?

The Cubs and Brewers have not met in the playoffs, but they have had intense regular-season battles.

Which stadium is known for its lively atmosphere during Cubs vs. Brewers games?

Both Wrigley Field (home of the Cubs) and American Family Field (home of the Brewers) are known for their passionate fans and energetic atmospheres during rivalry games.

To Recap

The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers is a captivating saga that intertwines history, geography, and passionate fanbases.

While the Cubs boast a longer and storied legacy, the Brewers’ dedicated regional following adds a unique charm to the competition.

Iconic moments, such as tiebreaker games and thrilling comebacks, have etched their names in baseball lore, leaving lasting memories for fans of both teams.

Despite the rivalry’s intensity, Cubs and Brewers fans maintain a competitive yet respectful relationship, fostering an electric atmosphere during matchups.

As the teams continue to face each other in the pursuit of victories and championships, the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers rivalry remains a cherished spectacle in the world of Major League Baseball.

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